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Hello folks!

It's been a long wait, but it is finally coming: The next WesterosCraft Contest!

In fact, we want to introduce you to the brand new WesterosCraft Seasonal Contests, trimestrial build-offs of varying topics: every spring, summer, autumn and winter we will challenge your imagination and skills with a new topic!

The first ever WesterosCraft Autumn Contest will start next sunday, 11.09. and last for one week. Building will cease on sunday, 18.09.

This time around the topic will be decay. Ancient ruins? Burnt villages or forests sinking in a swamp and rotting away? Let your imagination roam freely and surprise us!

Are you ready to face the toughest competition in Minecraft? Be the one to come to fame and fortune: The winner will receive a 25$ Amazon Gift Card!

The best: we are currently looking into opening the contest up for everyone! Yes, that means that in future NoBuilds will be allowed to enter the contest and compete with our builders!

Yours truly,

Edit: For NOBUILDS ONLY: If you want to take part in the contest, please enter your username below! You need to have been on the server before in order to be able to take part.

Mances Camp Server Build!

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Jun 15, 16

Ladies and gentlemen,

The second moment you have all been waiting for... The server build date! Dav finally found a Saturday off, and on that day we will build the biggest settlement of tents the north has ever seen.

The server build will be on June 25th (11 days from now) at the following times:
1pm EST
10am PST
6pm BST
3am ACT

It will be a great time of building and banter, so be sure to download discord if you haven't already!

Mance's Camp tent count spreadsheet:

Happy New Year!

IwanDeLarch Mod posted Jan 1, 16

Dear community!

Thank you all for such a productive 2015! Many exciting projects were seen to completion in the past year, many promising ones started.

Pinkmaiden and Parchments, Storm's End, Stonehelm and Blackhaven were finished; we've watched Yronwood and Inchfield taking shape, and in the North, we've completed a brand new Wall and Winterfell. Countless more places, big and small, are now welcoming explorers and those looking for inspiration.

Many promising projects were started, and we're all very excited to see how Fairmarket, and Bitterbridge, Honeyholt and Yarwyck and all the other projects will turn out. Best of luck to all project leaders!

King's Landing has progressed well (and still is! - come grab a plot if you'd like!) It's been over a year and the pace never really slowed down much. We're now seemingly going faster than ever.

That is, of course, partially due to the many new faces that have joined our community in 2015. Welcome, again, to everyone who joined us this past year. We're happy you are around!

Sadly, we also had to say our farewells to a number of people. All the best to all those who are headed towards new things. Come visit some day!

Our staff team has seen a few changes aswell, and we'd like to once again extend our thank-yous to DutchGuard and Contra, who both stepped down in 2015, who were part of WesterosCraft from the very start. Thank you two for making this project what it is today!

Welcome again to 2015's new staff members, namely Bafflement, Dyvim, discs (who was promoted today one year ago - happy anniversary!) and carcinogenius!

You've all made 2015 a fantastic year for WesterosCraft. Here's to 2016 becoming just as good, if not better.

Happy new year to all of you,