Hey guys,
please stop adding solid materials to flags and sails. It may have negative effects on certain gameplay aspects in the RPG later on. In general, whenever you are using a block in an ambiguous manner it makes things for the development a bit more complicated. So please stick to the intended use of the blocks (expressed through the label)!

The mods are going to discuss the issue with clay/plaster blocks used in wool. Until then, stick to wool blocks only!

On a sidenote, when you are using Teamspeak make sure to read the Teamspeak Rules! Cutting into each other or talking over each other is extremely annoying especially during hectic server builds.

Thank you,
ertylink00 @ WesterosCraft
Guess I have a few edits to do then.
ItsPabs @ WesterosCraft
Good, I never really liked seeing the colored wood in a flag. I do think we could use some more wool colors, but I'm rea ...

Casterly Rock

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Apr 8, 14
Its that time again!  The date for the Casterly Rock build will be Saturday, April 19th at 12:15pm CST.   
Thats 5:15pm GMT

This may be subject to change.  This one will be led by thecoddfish and our very own TXI.  Be there!  As always, be sure to /warp casterlyrock and read and relevant information to the build.  See ya then!

BlazeMcNight I stopped by to take a peak and you guys are doing great work. I wish I could have gotten my build application done in t ...
MrHambone Just to be clear this is 12:15 AM Central Standard Time not 12:15 PM. Correct?
skull2236242 Huzzar!

New Probation Period

Galivis Mod
Galivis @ WesterosCraft
posted Apr 2, 14
Hey everyone, we have a rather large announcement to make! Starting today, a "probation" period for all newly approved builders will be instated. Before anyone gets worried, this policy only applies to new builders who are approved from this point forward. Keep in mind, probationary builders are to be considered builders and should be treated as such. Now, a quick summary of how the probation period will work.

The probation period will last 4 weeks during which the new builders will:
  1. Be required to build at least 5 houses.
  2. Not be able to lead a project or holdfast.
  3. Not get their own test plot.
At the end of the four week period the builder will be evaluated and either A) taken off probation, B) given another month of probation, or C) demoted and asked to reapply.

The goal of this is to ensure that new builders are quickly woven into our community. Hopefully, the lime green [N] in their names will encourage our older builders to welcome and congratulate them, as well as provide feedback and pointers.

If you would like to know more about this new policy, check out the New Builders Guide found here: (http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide ).

davinator4O1 Modo
davinator4O1 @ WesterosCraft
Those concerned with the test plots, this is what galv said on the news subforum: "At the moment we don't want the ...
victhree First of all: I would like to say hello, I recently registered after some weeks exploring the map and I'm sure I'll have ...
Wordsmith92 Wondering what sparked this. Was the person who created that one terribad Lannisport plot from a while ago found?

Trivia contest

pizzainacup ADMIN posted Mar 28, 14
Alright dudes, tomorrows another Lannisport build day!  We are also having a trivia contest at 1pm.  Heres da rulez.

1)  You must be in Teamspeak to participate.

2)  When the contest starts,  I will ask a question.  First person to answer correctly in the chat wins a point.  First person to three points wins!

3)  Trivia questions will contain spoilers for all five books and all three seasons of the show.  If you don't want to be spoiled, don't participate.  There may also be some Minecraft questions thrown in.

4)  If no one answers within 10 seconds, the question is forfeit and its on to the next one.  This is to prevent googling for answers.  Dont be a cheater >:(

5) Remember, all answers must be typed IN CHAT ON TEAMSPEAK.  If you say it out loud over your mic, the question is forfeit and you will be disqualified from the contest.  Sound good?  Good!

See ya tomorrow!

dieRike Lol, Kesin. I belive, it won't take the whole day to get one person to give three correct answers. Some people type quic ...
kesin13 @ WesterosCraft
If people are required to type their answers in on teamspeak, won't this distract us from building.

Hey everyone!  Lannisport is going great, but its in a bit of a lull right now...so lets have a coordinated build day where we can jumpstart some life back into the project!  This Saturday, starting 11pm CST lets all give an effort to put Lannisport back on track to completion!

To make it interesting, lets have a giveaway contest!  I'm thinking trivia.  The winner will receive a t-shirt of their choosing from  http://fencingandarchery.com/!  You MUST be in Teamspeak for a chance to win the t-shirt.  Trivia will start at 1PM CST.  More details soon!

Oh, and I'll be filming more Lannisport footage that day.  No pressure.

See ya then!

Emoticone11 Mod Also how will we prevent people from using google?
Emoticone11 Mod Shit let's hope Ze_Ramen_Guy isn't around for the trivia contest
illblew ADMIN Whoo, good luck everyone!
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