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Summer Contest 2017

EStoop Mod posted Jul 14, 17

Dear people of WesterosCraft,

It’s been a while, but I am excited to announce the next seasonal contest!

The contest will start this saturday, 15th of July, and will end on monday the 28th of August. Building time will start and end at GMT 8:00.

The theme of the 3rd edition of the seasonal contest will be The Stepstones. Are pirates and slavers just your kind of thing? Let your imagination go wild and surprise us!

As usual, Guests are allowed to compete as well! Please follow this link and leave us your username. Your submission will only count if you have been on our server before under that username. Builders do not need to fill in this form.

Contest entries will be judged during a 2 week period after the end of contest, in which members of staff will award points to their top 3 favourite builds. The spoils for this contest:

  • 1st place wins you a booty worth $30.
  • 2nd place wins you treasure worth $15.
  • 3rd place wins you spoils worth $10.

The contest can be found at /warp contest and /warp summer17.

Good luck and have fun!

Hello WesterosCraft Builders and Honored Guests!

As you know, progress on Kingslanding had stalled, but no longer -- we want to finish this big, beautiful, city in style and are calling all builders to the capital!

There has been a lot of progress with Kingslanding planning and we are happy to announce that the dockyards have been opened offiicially including a few mini-builds! Please read the forum post and dock-u-ment before building! 

King's Landing Dock Thread

Official Dock-u-ment

Also, the Red Keep layout is currently being modelled onsite for a future server build!

More details about the status of this server project here!

Coders Wanted!

Thamus_Knoward ModCODER posted Mar 12, 17

Dear Visitor, dear WesterosCraft community,

We are experiencing a dire lack of Coders/ Developers! We need experienced, team-oriented individuals to help both with our ambitious goals in transforming this map into an exciting open-world MMO experience and with finding solutions to everyday routine tasks, such as terraforming, project management and user-base maintenance.

If this piques your interest or you have a friend who might fit this description, please consider checking out these links!

Dev of the new launcher in Java/ JavaFX.

Unreal Engine Client in C++.

Mixed to-do-list, common request for the extension of WE, VoxelSniper, etc.

miguelemosreverte CODER Hi, I am a student of 5th year of college, informatic engineering. I have been working on top of this project: https://g... What is that UE4 client about? I've been playing around with UE4 and c++ for approximately a year, wonder if I can ...
matanrak I would love to, contact me on Skype please @matanrak, I have 4 years of java experience and I can code C++ (Not as good...