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Kingslanding Progress - Docks OPEN / Red Keep Coming Soon!

Demodocus ModWiki
Demodocus @ WesterosCraft
posted Apr 5, 17

Hello WesterosCraft Builders and Honored Guests!

As you know, progress on Kingslanding had stalled, but no longer -- we want to finish this big, beautiful, city in style and are calling all builders to the capital!

There has been a lot of progress with Kingslanding planning and we are happy to announce that the dockyards have been opened offiicially including a few mini-builds! Please read the forum post and dock-u-ment before building! 

King's Landing Dock Thread

Official Dock-u-ment

Also, the Red Keep layout is currently being modelled onsite for a future server build!

More details about the status of this server project here!

Coders Wanted!

Thamus_Knoward ModCODER posted Mar 12, 17

Dear Visitor, dear WesterosCraft community,

We are experiencing a dire lack of Coders/ Developers! We need experienced, team-oriented individuals to help both with our ambitious goals in transforming this map into an exciting open-world MMO experience and with finding solutions to everyday routine tasks, such as terraforming, project management and user-base maintenance.

If this piques your interest or you have a friend who might fit this description, please consider checking out these links!

Dev of the new launcher in Java/ JavaFX.

Unreal Engine Client in C++.

Mixed to-do-list, common request for the extension of WE, VoxelSniper, etc.

miguelemosreverte CODER Hi, I am a student of 5th year of college, informatic engineering. I have been working on top of this project: https://g...
davidbrainlittle@gmail.com What is that UE4 client about? I've been playing around with UE4 and c++ for approximately a year, wonder if I can ...
matanrak I would love to, contact me on Skype please @matanrak, I have 4 years of java experience and I can code C++ (Not as good...

Forum reorganisation

Thamus_Knoward ModCODER posted Jan 18, 17

Dear community,

As you may have noticed already, we have reorganised the forum a little. This happened for two reasons:

  1. We wanted to make the years of content and discussions easily accessible to newcomers
  2. We wanted to clearly organise the content by theme and not by how it organically grew and clustered over time.

In brief, the forum was and still is (to a certain extend) a bit of a chaotic mess.

Let me explain the changes:

The forum's superstructure now consists of the following categories:

  • Administration
    • This includes any announcements or discussions related to all the aspects of the server that aren't directly related to building or pre-building preparations on our server.
      • News: Contains announcements with global importance which affect every member of the community.
      • Music & Sound: Contains discussions/ plans for our music and ambient/ game sound production.
      • PR & Merchandise: This is only visible to members of rank builder or higher. Focuses on the creation/ distribution of content based on our builds, i.e. post-building.
      • PvP: Ideas for a PvP spin-out server, should we ever get that set up.
      • Textures & Models: Contains any discussions on our blocks and textures.
      • Wiki, Guides and Guidelines: The new core subforum for anything related to regulation. Builder application, editor application, e-lite, tipps & tricks, conventions, any aspect that governs our behaviour can be discussed and announced here. Ideally, we'd like all guides and all established rules to be unified here, but they may be discussed in this subforum.
  • Construction
    • Everything related directly to our builds. We haven't changed much here. I'll outline the changes below:
      • Inspiration & Worldbuilding: Repository for information (physics, history, sociology, anything relevant) from which our guidlines can be derived.
      • Overview: Contains discussions, requests, announcements and resources related to the total build progress.
      • Server Builds: No changes.
      • Solo Projects: No changes. Reminder, tag your project app when you make a new one.
      • Editor Projects: No changes
      • Side Projects: To be removed by Pizza. The contents of this have been distributed across the new admin section.
  • Community
    • Matters that concern the community can be discussed here.
      • Ban/Mute/Demotion Appeals: Name says it all. If you got in trouble by breaking our rules, this is where you humbly beg forgiveness.
      • Builders Only Zone: This is now a place to safely discuss matters within the inner circle of the community: Meetups, events, anything related to the people of WC.
      • Cannon Fodder: Anything goes here. Currently its flooded with stuff that would be more relevant to the builders only zone, so perhaps these two will just be merged in the future.
      • Feedback: Allows any member of the forum to leave or recieve comments, criticism or suggestions. 
      • GoT Book and Show Discussions: No changes.
      • Introductions: No changes.
      • Probation: No changes.
      • Support: This is now here, because supporting concerns the whole community. If you can help your fellow builder, guest, mod, mum, dad, dog, cat, you're invited to do so!
  • Development 
    • This could probably all be moved into the admin section. We will discuss that in the future.
      • Code: No changes. Coders go here to make magic. All other users go here to help make magic happen.
      • Map: No changes.
      • MMO: No changes. Greatest place on earth for anyone interested in building the MMO :D
  • Staff
    • Secret lair of the mods. No changes.
  • Applications
    • Currently only contains the Coder applications, which should definitely be designed as an enjin application module, like the builder and the MMO applications are.

Please be aware that over the coming days we may be moving individual threads to fit into these categories! If you think a thread should be somewhere else than it is currently, please leave a message in this thread:   http://www.westeroscraft.com/forum/m/12700545/viewthread/29437985-forum-reorganisation/post/last#last

Thank you,


Micm_ Awesome, thanks for this!
TheKraken7 CODER Nice job
wazgamer E
wazgamer @ WesterosCraft
Sounds cools, i get lost a lot on the fourms :'D come across posts from 3 years ago like ehhh? what?