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    Well I was looking for cool maps online and I just thought, wouldn't it be great if someone has recreated something from game of thrones. I didn't expect something this huge but after a little research I knew I had to explore the world.

    I love a lot of books and shows, this small box is way to stressful. Is that okay?

    Game of Thrones

    All of the above

    Wow thats difficult, during different points of the story I like different characters, for example I liked Daenerys in the beginning but grew to love her more when her storyline became more interesting (from my perspective). My favourite houses would be the Starks and Targaryens though I also love several characters outside of those houses like Tyrion, Tommen and Margaery. Where I am up to I suppose Jon, Arya or Sansa would be my favourite because of how much they have grown up and I love the Stark family bond. It's only them because I can't think about Ygritte anymore without being sad though.

    I would say I am creative, if I don't like how something looks I will keep looking for better ways to do it. I am stubborn and hate to give up on anything but I am still open to suggestion. If someone tells me a better way to make a building or that I should completely change the blocks used for the roof I will find anyway to make it better, I'm not often disagreeable I want to make others happy. Once I start something I cannot leave it unfinished. I like to think I am respectful, even with strangers I understand the time and effort put into making something and the pride you can feel over completed work. I could never bring myself to destroy something and when giving feedback if I have criticism I share it as gently and constructively as possible.

    After finding this server and exploring it for a while I really wanted to see if I could contribute something no matter how small to this world that I love.

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  2. Hey Winter Crow,
    Thanks for your interest in Westeroscraft and for taking the time to put together an application. We happily welcome anyone with some creative energy and a passion for Game of Thrones, so you're in good company. (And it's great to see another Aussie on the team)

    I've taken a look at your house and on the whole, it's a great start. You've clearly got some skill with design and thinking through what that kind of house would logically need. As you become acquainted with the server and our building styles you'll become more familiar with the kinds of blocks we would typically use on the average build.

    I've just made a few notes on where the house can be improved which should be helpful on your next challenge.

    - Stone bricks are generally reserved for cities, a mix of the cobblestone variants would be more suitable for this kind of house in a remote area, (e.g. a mix of cobblestone, dark cobblestone, northern cobble or bedrock)

    - I think there might be a slab missing from the front roof awning

    - Icicles are a nice touch for snowy areas and good job with showing restraint with how many you've used too.

    - The chimney is a bit larger than a house this size would probably needs, you would be fine to use a smaller 1 x 2 base that tapers into 1 x 1 capped with a cobble wall like this:

    - square blocks or slabs would be more suitable for the porches you've added than the upside down stairs.

    - Every town/project has it's own unique style which will often affect where window shutters are placed, but most commonly they're placed on the outside wall next to, or in front of the window (which also lets you place blocks on the window shelf)

    - Furnishing housing interiors can be one of the trickiest parts of completing a project. It's a pity but many of the more interesting blocks we have are generally reserved for houses in a high class wealthy area. So objects like glass bottles, paper, stools and tables typically aren't used in low class houses.

    Washing lines/hares/fish/fowls/herbs/mugs/plates/candles/baskets/barrels/crates and sacs are a good place to start when building a low class house, and then add some objects particular to the occupants profession (e.g. an anvil block for a blacksmith etc).

    - Showing "signs of life" are a great way to add some character to each build, so the small touches you've added like the axe in the log are very nice.

    - Make sure that whenever you use a bench block, you add a half wall block to any extra side that's exposed, or put it next to another block to conceal it (there should only be one face with items on it visible). They also probably wouldn't need two sets of masons tools, one could be swapped to a kitchen bench.

    You're definitely off to a good start, if you haven't already, take a look at as well as /warp furnish for more tips.

    For your first challenge build please visit /warp hawthornetown and build a low class house in Singleplayer and share screenshots of it in this thread. Low class houses are the ones with thatch rooves.

    Thanks again
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    There it is! I know there is a bit of empty space at the front but it was hard to imagine it crowded in with other houses and gardens. I'm having an interesting time getting used to the blocks some are very hard to find. Thanks for your feedback.

    ps: the candle on the floor was not supposed to stay there.
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  4. Looking good! and a quick turnaround too. Could I grab a pic of the interior roof as well? Thanks
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    Have a goodnight!
  6. Thanks for those extra pics, interior roofs are often a detail that gets overlooked, the only thing I would change would be to add half wall blocks beneath the stair rafters in that top section to cover up the exposed thatch. General rule of thumb is that you shouldn't be able to see the exterior roofing material from the inside.

    Those top loft areas are also quite commonly used for sleeping areas (maybe the teenage kid sleeps up there etc).

    Otherwise, the gradient is well done and the interiors are more or less what you find on the server. We're also sometimes discouraged from putting heavy storage items like crates and chests up on places that could only reached by ladder (since it might be hard to lug them up)

    Let's jump to your next challenge and see how you adapt to another style. For the next build, please go to /warp whiteharbour and have a go at a middle class townhouse. Have a close look around various of them and choose a profession that fits the middle class, you should be able to spot quite a few on the east side of the city. Remember that middle class still has no luxuries, just a more specialist profession.
  7. Hey, just checking in, let me know if you have any questions or need some more direction on the challenge.