The first full-length Westeroscraft conference talk

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  1. Hi guys,

    As you may have seen from some of the new images uploaded to our media section, I was at a conference this week--CreateWorld, an event about art & technology--speaking about Westeroscraft! Where I have done short talks at two other conferences on different aspects (LinuxConf 2017 about the project goals, /dev/world 2017 about real-world lessons gained from a passion project), this took a community management focus to an audience of primarily artists and designers who care about community and open source projects.

    The video is here => YouTube Link <= if you would like to see. It was organised pretty last minute and I had been sick all week but I aim to submit a slightly longer version to a US conference for next year. Hope you enjoy!

    <3 Mars

    PS: question time was cut off because it was quite long and kind of devolved into general GoT quizzing.
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  2. Brilliant talk Mars! Somehow you've made me even more impressed with ourselves than I was already. Thank you so much for giving the presentation and repping us at all these conferences!
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    that was dope mars, thank you for making my hobby of the past six years seem Real and Legit and most importantly, Adult.

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    Am I a nerd?
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  5. Sorry yes, it has been decreed.

    No backsies.
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  6. Where is the heart/hug button? I wanna click that.
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    This is amazing mars, we need like some inspirational music over this and it'll give us inspiration to keep going ^_^
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  8. Listened to it today. It was awesome.
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    Mars, this is awesome! Maybe we could upload to the official youtube channel? If you want that ofcourse.
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  10. You can do whatever you like with it on WesterosCraft platforms, that's what it's for :)
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