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  1. firstly this app is finally here after 9 months of thinking/testing about

    yeah as the title says I am now doing this project solo as olaf and jakey will be unable todo this project alongside me because of that thing called school/uni.

    so heres the document(i will add more to)

    I am open to anyone who is interested in doing this project, for the castle/terrain at the wall as there is plenty of work and lots of ideas todo.

    hope everything is okey and good feedback comes back as theres things I'm still unsure on.

    also its my birthday today :p lol so thought to put this out now.
  2. Looks cool maj! Happy birthday!
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  3. Happy Birthday Majic! Good luck with your application from my side. Your test really mirror, how much effort you put into them in the last months.
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  4. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Hey majic just letting you know you haven’t been forgotten, just we’ve been a tad busy. Give me a lil and I’ll overlook and give some critiques
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  5. ahh cool, thanks enah

    I've been kinda busy aswell, have just moved house this weekend and won't be on until probably 15th so yeah.. like 12 days so not that long i guess.

    if you do check out the tests whilst I'm off,

    2 places to check below -

    * (/warp majic) on my 1st floor majic plot - theres some tests for the shadow tower castle.

    * (/warp playground) Playground in the south (its hard to miss) - this is the overall layout for
    the castle. I would like to maybe change this again depending
    on feedback as-well.
    sent from mac using shitti phone internet(gps) :eek: ... whaa

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  6. I'm hoping to continue this app and have internet again, so wanted to bump this.
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  7. Arkilstorm

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    The new tower test is awesome Maj. Much more realistic than the initial one.

    The windows on the two smaller structures are a little big, and a bit outdated. There's no need for windows that large in buildings such as these, and would cause problems trying to keep warm, and keeping the fire lit.

    Nicely done so far!
  8. i can't seem to change the project post to maj and endy but as endymion is about to get to post approval for stackspear i thought to send this new app.

    not much has changed for the app, the castle has a few changes, endymion did some things so you can go see it on playground or ask/endy me and i can show you where it is.

  9. Hey Maj and Endy,
    I've taken another look at your playground test and really like the design of the castle and the overall layout, so I'm happy to jump on as an approving mod.

    My only notes that we can think about as you're working on it:
    - Wet northern pebbles can be added to the ruins of the collapsed towers
    - The roof of the main keep is something I'd like to revisit, my gut tells me that given how snowy the area would be, there would be significant snow buildup on the flat floor which would compromise the structure. I see that you've swapped between flat vs steeped roofs through the tests, so I think with Ark's input we'll be able to find a compromise between the styles.
    - Stormland floors are a nice touch to add some variety to the palette, I wonder though if it would be more realistic to mix in some of the northern cobble so it's not such a sharp contrast. Perhaps the stormlands bricks could be just used on the main thoroughfares.
    - I'm curious about how occupied the castle is, if we're to believe GRRM there's apparently 200 Nightswatch stationed there right? so there might be scope to extend things a bit.
    - Muddy snow ftw

    Crows before hoes
  10. wow thank you so much cash !! :)

    concerning the ruined towers i thought instead of pebbles would it be covered with snow tho, also on the ruined walls of the tower I like the idea of pebbles being used if you were talking about the walls.

    yeah the roof i am so undecided about i do agree with you about the strong winds up in the mountains, so blizzards could do a lot of damage to the tower as well, but then again i think a flat roof does look better and they can clear the snow off the roof as they would do with paths/roads as its a manned tower. if it is a flat roof there will be snow/shovels ect up there.

    also i don't know if you saw but most of the castle is connected with there basements, there are tunnel hallways connecting it all. I wanted to make them dark/partially collapsed in bits so it was once all connected and people could get around quickly especially in the winter also this gives more space for the castle which I felt was needed.
    (its a work in progress down there still)

    also cash I love the banner <3
    cough emot please add lol
    so who are the approving mods again cash and .... lol

    thanks tho
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  11. As someone who lives in a top 3 snowiest city in the US, the flat roof isn't a problem if it's made out of arched stone. It'd have sufficient support for the snow and they'd shovel it off frequently. It is problematic to have flat wood/slate rooves though.

    Anyways, I'll throw my approval on this too. Go for it!
  12. Someone should set the warps. The current shadowtower warp takes you to the old build. Need to change the old to /warp shadowtowerold and set shadowtower to the new.
  13. endymion21

    endymion21 Builder

    /warp shadowtower1 takes you to the new one.
  14. update1 here:

    The castle is complete with the surrounding mountains and wall complete, thanks to endymion who did a lot of work to push the castle to completion.

    I have been doing mainly terra work in last 2 weeks, endymion has been working on connecting place to place and has led the first hamlet. I have done a lot of the mountains and hills in the north western area, heres a map to show what I'm explaining, ill address further things below.

    Yellow- castle and surrounding area -complete

    Cyan - frozen hills/path connections to west watch. -complete

    red - paths/watchtower/mountains -complete

    Green - frozen lake and stream/surrounding mountains. -in progress

    blue - south mountains and path connection to house Norrey. -in progress

    magenta - carrying on the stream/pond/caves. - not started

    concerning the frozen lake and stream I was hoping to have it something similer to wull, which I think I may need cash to help me with hehe.
    I haven't a clue how he did some of the things he's done so would love some help and feedback from you cash and same with you Emot. :)

    Also there is cannon that states there are abandoned hamlets north of the wall so we have found two probable locations for the hamlets to go if it's fine for the mods. we won't do any paths and I'm thinking they would be mostly ruined -covered with a lot of snow. maybe 1 of the houses could be occupied for moving wilding that are moving south with a tent outside with supplies.

    hope this is all okey and hope to have some ideas and feedback

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    1. CashBanksMaester
      Hey guys, I've made some progress with the frozen lake hamlet and the stream flowing down the mountain from it. I think I've done most of the big big changes to the snow covering on the surrounding mountains, but there's still a bit more of the stream to do, feel free to finish it off though if I'm distracted by other projects.

      ahh cool yeah we can work on it this week. I've seen it, looks really nice I guess with that part its sorta done by hand,(the stream)I went around changing a couple things, noticed you changed bits of the caves (I really like)

    2. also with the other sort of end lake -I was looking at it today -,ehh will that be similar to the lake at the top I'm sort of confused how it should end, but if whats there in game is fine. is it ok if you could do what you did at the top.

      and thanks you so much for the terra work cash, (yeah sorta fucked up shouldn't have covered the mountains fully hehe)

      apart from that i don't know if there is anything else left ?

      thanks again

      Yeah I'm happy to have a go at the bottom lake, it'd probably look pretty similar to the one at the top, but I'll work with whatever you do in the meantime. I'll touch base with Emote and confirm post approvals for everything.

    3. Thanks for the help cash!:)

    4. oOIOoMajicBuilder
      yeah me / endy spoke yesterday, we will do the stream following what you have done already so far- all looks really nice,
      thank you for everything cash tho :)

    5. endymion21Builder
      New -Hey

      I just wanted to say that now with the ice lake and mountain terra done, the Shadowtower is ready for post-approval.

      Because everything is a bit spread out, I’ll make a quick list of what we made:
      • Shadowtower castle
      • Hamlet with ice lake
      • Old barrow for burying the old lord commanders of the shadow tower
      • 3 watch towers
      • 2 hamlets north of the wall
      • paths connecting Sentinel, Shadowtower, Westwatch, barrow and hamlet
      • small caves/ updated forest/ updated mountains
      • swell as caves (small bear caves to medium caves carved by water.)
      If you need help finding any of these just ask us. We're online most evenings during the week.

      PS: We still need to make the wiki article. We didn't forget. :p

      Also @Contra can you take pictures of the project?
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  15. endymion21

    endymion21 Builder

    FYI This comes from a private discussion. I posted on the wrong forum. :)
  16. Hey guys, when you have a chance, to help with the final approvals could you do a quick list of all the finished elements of the project now ready for feedback, e.g:
    Shadow Tower
    Watch tower 1
    Watch tower 2
    (updating the map with the final locations of everything would be helpful too).

    Will just help us know where to look for everything and know what's yours vs an old build.

  17. endymion21

    endymion21 Builder

    Ok, we’ll do that
  18. Hi Cash/Emot, heres a map for the lands so you can find most of the stuff from this, hope this helps.
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  19. Hey Maj/endy,

    Everything looks pretty good to me! I'm happy you managed to make the snowy mountains around that area look better and less noisy. The abandoned hamlet and lake is very cool too, the best part of the project imo.

    I left one melon near westwatch by the bridge where the the terra is still a bit off. Also, I would clean up the underground parts under the castle a bit, i.e. changing some of the placeholder blocks to stone and filling in the empty air pockets below. Mostly because I'm a perfectionist, but it also can cause a bit of lag because of the extra lighting calculations that need to be done.

    If you fix those issues you have my post approval :)