Project Application: House Westbrook by Ubeka & Simbaa

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  1. Hello,
    Here is our application for adopting my abandoned project of Westbrook:
    First of all, the link to the pics with the tests.

    99% of the houses in the lands will be low class(tests are in the link above), except for few exceptions such as industrial buildings manors etcs... that will be marked with the special tag.

    For the castle we will stick to the old design, however with few minor changes, such as the color of the slate, and other details.

    Land layout:
    Te land layout is pretty much the same as the original app, however we will not have any town. Fields and pastures have not been marked on the map due to the hilly nature of the landscape and will require on spot planning, however I can guarantee that they will be mostly around the hamlets/holdfasts on the map

    Red dots - hamlets
    Blue dots - holdfasts

    The terraforming I will be able to manage now. (improved in it)

    To conclude it, we will be aiming for basically the same conditions under which the previous app got approved, with the bonus of removing the town, and getting a village instead of it.
    The region it self will be very decentralized and self sufficient. I apologize for not being able to link the original app here, since it has been lost along with the old forums to me. however if someone is willing to provide me a link to the old forums (if they are still up) ill gladly link it to this app.

    thats it,
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  2. Oh thanks zoso love you :D btw we will be neighbors right?
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  3. no problem! yea i hope just one more mod !(hehe)
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  4. Hey Sim, Ubeka
    Glad to see you coming back on Westbrook Sim!
    I still like your castle. For house style, as I told you in game, I think you could include here and there some LP slates houses, not necessary richer, just to make the style consistent with uffering and maybe stackhouse (and your castle).

    I also would like to make a few modifications on your map:
    First, with the Uffering border: as I've told you on your 1st app, I'd rather like the river to be the actual border between both Houses, as it would be much more realistic to use a physical border.
    2nd, don't forget that the Rose Road goes through Westbrook lands, and joins Stackhouse at /warp stackhousevillage. You could add an inn and a few houses at that holdfast you've planned along the RR.
    3rd, I think there are a few other roads you could plan to connect to the neighbouring projects. I've put one on the northern border, to stackhouse carry, but I think you can add more to the East, especially with Redlake.

    What do you two plan for the "lake" on westbrook river?

    Finally, would you like to help me on the terraform of the marshes area, which should be very similar to the Camargue?

    If all these modifications are fine with you, I approve this app! :)
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  5. I agree with all these modifications, with the "lake" i plan to have there small wetlands/meadow and a conflux of small tribute stream with the main stream

    and thanks
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  6. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

    The new map Eld posted looks good. Approved from me!
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  7. Thanks waz! and i assume i dont need pizzaproval anymore?
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    not while he's away
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    @_Simbaa Noticed you were working on this a lot lately, is progress still moving smoothly?
  10. the progress has been halted since pretty much since the first of may, due to my exams and will probably stay that way until at-least the 18th, afterwards I plan on finishing the project hopefully by the end of June.
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    Alright mate, hope you're doing well!
  12. After what seemed like an eternity I am finally "Done" with this project! The only thing left to do is to run a script for the forest floor! However since the person in possession of the script is our beloved mod Elduwin who is currently away. I will be asking for either putting the project on a halt or a post approval (atleast from Wazgamer) with the promise finishing Westbrook (asking Elduwin to run the script) once I gain either the access to the script or Elduwin.

    P.S (I dont not have the permissions to edit the wiki as I lack a wiki account and I would like to avoid creating one, I'll gladly provide all the text for the wiki page)

  13. Great news!! Congrats Sim, I'm glad I pushed you to finish this project :)
    I'll be back on Monday, so you'll have your forest ground and post-approval in the week
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  14. Sweet! and Thanks Eld.
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    Yeah I'll be on soon to go over post approval. Mind giving me a list of all the warps?
  16. I think the only warps are: Westbrook, Wbknight, Wbold
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  17. Just a fyi but that's not the Rose Road it's the Ocean Road. The Rose Road starts at Oldtown goes through the Reach past Highgarden and ends shortly before Kings Landing, joining the Kings Road.

    The Ocean Road runs from Lannisport to Highgarden.
  18. Yeah yeah i know lol, i've just mixed up :p half of the time, i say Rose road while thinking ocean road
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