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    This is my application for stackspear.

    hope you like it!



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  2. God Damnit >_<
    Stackspear was one of the several projects that I was interested in ;-;
    Cewl app though, lovely looking castle <3
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  3. EStoop

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    Nice app endy,

    A quick question and it's something I see a lot on the server. What's up with the tall single storey houses? Lots of styles on the server have low class houses that are slightly out of proportion by making them higher than they should be, resulting in tall interiors (and exteriors) in which sometimes a loft is jammed inbetween. I mean, tall groundfloor houses are fine and all but I don't think they work well with 5x7 plots or similar sizes.

    Again, this is not targeted against you specifically since there are lots of projects with this issue.
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  4. Yea really nice first app! If you need help with terraforming and stuff I'd be happy to teach you some things.
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  5. endymion21

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    I’d love that.
  6. endymion21

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    I would like to make a new proposal for my borders. these are my borders at the moment.

    This ensures that house Spicer has a very small territory and would be a less interesting project. For their location I based myself on this map.

    I thought it might be more interesting to move Spicer to the other side of crag. My reasoning for this is that spicer is a recent house, that comes from a wealthy trader and the recently impoverishing of house Westerling. they may have sold a piece of land to that trader, whom than started his own house. Another argument is that after the war of the 5 kings the spicers get the lands of castamere for their war efforts.

    I hope you will be able to follow my reasoning.

    - endy
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  7. EStoop

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    I can't see the second map.

    Regarding the house Spicer, canon hints that they are from the area around Lannisport, since half of Lannisport used to go to Maggy the Frog, the grandmother of the current Spicers. Although they married house Westerling, there doesn't seem to be any other affiliation with them other than the marriage. They are regarded as petty lords, with a very low social status among nobility. Their lands probably aren't much more than a holdfast or manor, granted to them by the Lannisters.
  8. endymion21

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    Thanks for the feedback stoop!

    On the map that isn’t visible. I know that’s why I added the source below. You can find the map in this textblock:
    A long time ago, I made a map of potential locations for these houses (see this map), but it will need to be updated with current builds, etc.

    For the Spicers I see two possible ways to move forward.
    1. Remain in my lands. Then it will be a manor and i will make it a miniproject.
    2. Or the more logical one. The Spicers are move somewhere closer to Lannisport.

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  9. Wazgamer

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    Hio Endy, I’ve not fully reviewed your tests yet but one thing is cropping up, you mention making a walled town, which to me sounds like what I call town fever, which all builders are guilty of at some point it’s where a builder wants to build a town not because it makes much sense but because towns are cool, which they are if done well. I’m completely cool with the number of houses however you’re squashing this into a walled area in a confined place on the coast. Why would such a town form? It’s far more likely that it’d be a sprawling fishing trade village that exports fish throughout stackspear with some extra more skilled professions thrown in.

    I’d like to take a look at the area you’re proposing more in game so don’t take this as a final say, however I’d like to hear your opinions.

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  10. endymion21

    endymion21 Builder

    Hey Waz

    I would like to clarify a few points. The reason that the village would be there is because it would be the most logical place. Because there’s a cliff coast and the river next to the village would have eroded the landscape through time (so a steeper slope would have been formed on that side). Villagers would have seen the strategic benefits of this and would have started to live there, so over time it would become more densely populated.

    Most walls are simply glorified garden walls in the sense that most sides are naturally protected and therefore do not really need a strong wall. Only the front should be protected and the front is already made in test.

    This is all to protect the village from the ironborn, who regularly come plunder tour along the coast.
    There is also no fortress like the Banefort to protect the village.
    There will also be a number of houses for fishermen along the coast next to the village. The rock on the mini seems to be much larger than it should be. From the land the town should be on a light hill.

    I hope that this will clarify it a little. I want to be very flexible, but would be sad if the town on the cliff disappeared.

    - Endy
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  11. Enah

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    Have you seen those nifty Italian cliffside towns and villages? All of the are actually focused around their harbours andsprawl as much as they can up the cliffs, I think it’s be cool if you were able to do that as well!
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  12. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    Alternatively you could make a holdfast to which the local populace flees to in times of raids and/or war, instead of a village wall. It's location on the coast gives the people enough time to sight approaching raiders and move themselves and their valuables to a defendible location. This sort of defence practice was very common in early medieval Europe, because building a small fortification is a lot cheaper, and a lot easier to defend, than a walled village or town.
  13. endymion21

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    The fishers side would be like that. I’ll be on tonight and maybe make a test for this aswell.
    My main issue is the positioning of my castle. Do i place it along the coast or in the back inbetween mountains so it would protect the mines? Also after i have some comments from mods on what to do with spicer i’ll redraw the map.
    Finaly, could the forest be cleared. It makes it hard for me to see the already established landscape.

    - Endy
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  14. Howy

    Howy Thanos Maester

    Hey endy, sorry to hit the breaks on this project as quickly as Im about to do.

    Due to not meeting the required criteria for project applications, I am going to have to temporarily reject this application. Nothing is wrong with the application itself, the tests are nice and I like a lot of the ideas. However this application cannot continue any further until the following is done:

    - Complete at least one (1) holdfast, or two (2) hamlets.

    As indicated by your resume, you have met this criteria generally - having 'completed' 4-5 minis. However, probation builders ("probies") are not allowed to apply for holdfasts and hamlets.

    Generally probies have done so beforehand, however in all cases where this has occurred it has been without either the knowledge or the approval of the mod team, or as a co-op with another already full builder. On review, I've found this is the same for the minis on your resume. I realise this isn't ofc done with malcontent, and was likely just oversight due to your awesome enthusiasm for building (which is ofc more than welcome on this server!).

    The probie process is itself a lesson in building and preparing new builders for the standards of the server. Once becoming a full builder, we then encourage said builders to apply for at least one holdfast or two hamlets in order to ensure that they go through an application process and do so under the supervision of the project lead. After that, they are more than welcome to apply for a project solo. While I do think you have the ability to handle a project by yourself, to ensure consistency and fairness, I am going to have to ask you to complete at least one holdfast OR two hamlets now that you are a full builder. The mini/s must be done by you only.

    I should emphasise to all builders and project leads reading this that minis (or subprojects as theyre sometimes called) require the approval of the project lead AND at least one moderator. Unfortunately none of your minis endy fulfill this criteria, hence my above request that you complete a mini now in order to continue this Stackspear application.

    Theres no requirements besides the above-mentioned specifically for where or what mini you do, only that you do it. After that, you may continue this application.

    A note from me as a mod: There have been inconsistencies in our rules due to the transfer from the old website to the new website. As a result oversight such as the above is currently not uncommon and I realise the fault is not on the builders alone. The mod team will be looking to rectify this over the coming weeks with a clear set of rules and procedures, drawing from general server rules both written down, originally written down, and some unspoken. The No-Redo Rule and its clauses was an example of this rulemaking and hopefully stricter creation and maintenance of these rules going forward will avoid oversight on the part of mods and builders alike.
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  15. endymion21

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    Dear Howy
    This came as a pretty big blow and has disappointed me quite a bit.
    I will try to do that hf and hamlets asap. ( btw ball was all by myself). I know you are busy, but it would have been nice if you had communicated this a little earlier. Especially since I've invested a lot of time in it. I have almost no time next month, but my goal remains to start this project at the start of the summer. I would therefore appreciate it if no one would start this project during the period I will not be online.
  16. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Hey endy, you seem to have taken that rather hard. Sorry to hear that, but had we known the rules hadn't come over with the new website we wouldn't be here. We are very sorry about that, however, some builders should've also known the rule and informed you of it. This is not an attack by howy on you or your project, and everyone has invested a lot of time on here, you are not the only one in that. In the event that someone does apply for the project, we will keep yours in mind, however it is not first come first serve, it is the best application that gets it.
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  17. endymion21

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    I wanted to say a last word about this in order to clarify some things. When I made my first HF (at the invitation of a builder) I asked several builders if I could do this. Because it is indeed stated in the wiki that this was not allowed. None of them said i was not allowed to do so. So I thought this was an outdated rule. When I showed my HF to mods, none of them said i was doing something i shouldn't do.
    Having said that, I would rather leave this whole debacle behind me and move on.
    I will make sure that I meet the set conditions and will then open this app again.

    I don't blame anyone and wouldn't want anyone to think I am holding a grudge against him/her.

    To be continued... :p

    Ps:I might have over reacted a bit, but i was just really disapointed at that moment.
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  18. endymion21

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    I have completed 2 hamlet and both are approved. I hope i can restart my app now.
    I'll change the main village from a defensive village to a italian village going down the cliff.
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  19. Howy

    Howy Thanos Maester

    Consider my temporary rejection of this application permanently undone. Thanks for taking the time and effort to go through the application processes for not one but two hamlets. Good luck with your application!
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  20. Wazgamer

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    Yeah I would also like to say, thanks for working with us endy! You've did some neat work with your mini projects :D
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