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  2. I approve! Be sure not to touch Spearwatch, which is a part of the New Barrel lands. I also need you to be mindful of the ratio of fields to pastures. In terms of the castle, I think the turrets on the guard tower look unsupported, and I'm not too sure about the layout of the bottom floor of the original manor building. But these are things you can work on when building is underway.
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  3. Certainly, I will make sure the fields and pastures work once I get in game and can get a better sense for the scale of the lands. And yeah I’ll address those things for the manor. Thanks!
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  4. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    You know, I was reading the app and found the “lesser Tyrell girl” bit hilarious. Like who isn’t married into the Thrells XD
  5. Haha I just meant she’s not part of the central familial branch, not like Margaery or anything.
  6. Hey Duck, I've taken a look at your app/tests, and so far have more or less liked everything I've seen (agree with Lem about the tower turrets though).

    It would be great to chat a bit more in-game about your plan of attack, but for now: Approved!
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  7. Cool, thanks cash! I will probably start clearing stuff tonight in preparation for the terraform so would anybody like anything saved before its all gone?
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    Yea save it all until the pizzaproval. D:<
  9. He gone i thought :(
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    No lol
  11. Don't. Forget. The. Fucking. Flowers.
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  12. Hello,
    So after speaking with Eld yesterday, it is apparent my current river plans are not good enough. So here are my new plans for the river:

    This way it is more realistic and will look better, however there is one problem. To do this river, I would need to extend it into the valley just east of Redding. I have a few reasons for why I think this would be ok.

    Redding is abandoned right now, mostly incomplete, and it is also very very outdated. I doubt even an update would be feasible in its case. Most likely, it will be redone like what's happening at Ambrose. Extending the river into Redding lands would not infringe on any current project or mess with plans as new plans would have to be made anyways when it's redone. It would also add a nice river to the lands and would open Redding up to the Rose Road.

    Hope these plans are okay,
  13. Those plans look like a much better length for the width you're after. Wasnt quite sure how far your project area went when I was looking the other night. Ive got a couple of suggestions for feeders for you that Ill draw up at work tonight.

    Looking good :)
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  14. Thank saj. Looking over it now, I realize that I missed another little valley between the two branches in my map. I definitely could add some more feeder streams there.
  15. Ignore the widths and lack of sinuosity as my iPads none to accurate, but these additions should work (other project lands allowing).



    I didnt draw all the small 1m feeders in that could come out of the lille gulleys in the hill as art wise I guess they need to work around your field plans, but you get the idea :)
  16. Looks good guys, my first instinct is that that's quite a few small tributaries, but will defer to the expert opinion, feel free to start plotting them out in game and we'll see how it looks.

    Also let me know if you need any new warps added.
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  17. Yea I’ll make sure it makes sense once I can get an idea for how spaced out they will be. And I’ll keep in touch with eld to make sute everything looks good. Thanks!
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  18. Quick update:
    -Town is mostly all built. I still need to replot and work on some stuff on the east and south sides, such as adding houses and building allotments for homes without a garden. Interiors also need to be done for some middle class homes as well.

    -Hamlets 1 and 2 are also mostly built. Still some plots in ambroseham2. I am starting to fill in the areas around the hamlets with fields, forests, pastures, etc. I am really unsure about this right now, and while I like the road layout and the intricacy of it, I’m not sure if I have too many fields, or where forests should go. Any feedback on the surrounding lands is greatly appreciated.

    -New castle is being constructed based off sarzay in France. It’s in playground near my old longtable test.

    -Some miniprojects have been done/are in progress. 7JG7’s manse and Endy’s septry are both done, nice work guys. Soup is starting to work on a holdfast.

    Work is going quite slow right now, as I am super busy in school with exams coming up. However, it’s going well and i’m pretty happy with everything so far except the surrounding lands perhaps. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks,
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  19. Glad it's coming together!

    Just for the records, can you have @Soup post his holdfast app/plans in this thread so they can be formally approved? The full purpose of the mini-projects is to get experience with the planning & feedback cycle (i.e. from the community in general).

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