Probation: Knights_of_Ikke

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  1. This is my probation thread
  2. House #1 /warp keathhamlet1 (look right immediately after spawning and it will be there) XYZ (-927/50/4271)-poor farmer
  3. House #2 /warp ambroseham2 (turn left, follow the road and take the next immediate right and my house is the last one on the left) XYZ(-3213/72/16811)- in debt farmer
  4. House #3 /warp manderside (Go to the town, it is on the far right) XYZ (-5193/18681/49)-Cooper with 2 daughters
  5. Hey Ikke, i will be your probation leader!
  6. Awesome, I look forward to working with you
  7. House #4-6 /warp manderside (right across from house 3) XYZ (-5024/18692/45) Tavern complex= Kitchen, house, Biergarten, tavern
  8. House #7 /warp manderside (on the river) XYZ (-5200/18772/51) Distillery with ornamental garden in the back
  9. House #8 /warp ss (turn right, go a little bit up the road and it is on the right) XYZ(-1464/11075/61) Chandler with a large family
  10. House #9 /warp mancescamp1 (follow the road till you get to a square with a chopping block, take the middle road to the end and then turn right. It should be the 3rd house of the right [might be the second depending on how you count houses]) XYZ(-1663/-20396/49) Wildling family
  11. House #10 /warp keathhamlet1 (right next to the first one) XYZ (-925/4277/50)-worker
  12. House #11 /warp whsprawl ( turn right and go straight, it is in the first housing cluster). XYZ(2102/-2977/59)- Farmer
  13. House #12 /warp redlake (No idea, seriously. Just skip this one and focus on my other houses). XYZ (-5195/15853/59)- Farmer
  14. House #13/14 /warp whsprawl ( very close to the other house and the two houses are right next to each other). XYZ(2077/-2996/54)- Hunters, one has a basket weaver in the family
  15. House #15 /warp whsprawl (right next to the other ones). XYZ(2059/-2977/59)- widow
  16. House #16 /warp whiteharbor (turn around, go right, go through the gate and its the first house on the left). XYZ(1976/-2503/59)- grainery worker