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    The Netherlands

    Well.. an early concept of King's Landing was used in the video of a Dutch Youtuber a 'long' time ago.. so I got interested and downloaded the map and flew around KL not knowing what it was. Later on I read the information on the page and started watching the series and reading the books.. to sum it up.. I 'heard' about it on YT

    LOTR, Hobbit, Percy Jackson (books), Vikings

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings

    All of the above

    Sansa Stark (Oh boy, having a hard time not to spoil..). She went through a lot of stuff and she managed to stay 'positive' and find the happy moments in her live. As the show goes on you see her grow up and see her get traits from the people around her, her character development is amazing and later on.. you even see a little Baelish

    My stubborn attitude.. I don't quit till the job is done, and I won't give up on things so easily (you can put that in a bad and good way now I think about it). I am also quick to solutions and I plan things out till the littlest detail (only if I did that in school). I may be an introvert but somehow I am also sociable, I am able to make a network in no time what could be useful..

    I'm also autistic, which gives me a great eye for detail (hence why my previous application build was so overly detailed).

    I would like to build here to learn from the others and get more experienced with the styles that are shown on the server. From the Sept to The Wall, everything is unique in a way and thus a good lesson. I am a reasonable builder myself, but you will learn new things everyday and I think this server will provide the lessons 'we' all need

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  2. Alright Myr, finally got a little bit of time on my hands to take a look... very sorry for the delay.

    Your house seems like a good start, I think you've got the general sense of our style. There are a few main issues that need addressing before it's up to server standards though, which I think should become more clear after some feedback and a few example styles to build in.

    - The main issue overall is messiness. Our current building style tends to value simplicity in terms of palette and detailing, and instead we make builds interesting through creating nuanced and realistic layouts. Most of the feedback I give, you'll notice, is mostly related to this point.

    - It looks like you're (accidentally?) using some plaster in your stone gradient. Make sure you choose the non-plaster version of the smooth small stone bricks. Some other aspects of the gradient seem too messy also. I'd recommend you check out /warp gradient on our server before continuing your app, it's a super helpful resource for seeing how to do palettes & gradients properly.

    - The roof is too messy as well. Rooves (especially structured materials like slate and wood) should be neat, using a linear slope with blocks/stairs/walls/slabs.

    - Make sure to avoid log blocks in houses too - these are generally considered outdated.

    - Avoid doing what we call a "bubble yard" on the server- that is, having a yard where the shape looks like a blob. Instead, try to give your yard an organized shape, with straight linear walls (these can be diagonal lines, however).

    - They realistically wouldn't grow wheat in a small house yard, because wheat is only really useful when grown in large amounts. Instead, house yards should be used for vegetables and herbs.

    - The interiors aren't too bad, but make sure you (a) have rafters instead of flat ceilings (i.e. using upside-down stairs and/or slabs), and (b) always cover up slate & thatch rooves from the inside, so you don't have unsupported slate tile showing. Also, /warp furnish is a really helpful resource on our server, if you haven't already seen it.

    Other than these things, you're on the right track! Before moving on, I would also recommend taking some time to study the houses around /warp klsprawl in more detail. Those are fairly representative of our current style. Once you're ready to move on, for a challenge build please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp sweetport (middle-class are the ones with white daub&wattle and bedrock rooves). Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and good luck!

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    It's alright mate. Anyways thanks for the feedback, I'll certainly do my best to improve and make the challenge build look great!

    Thanks again!
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    Hello Emote,

    I probably didn't take enough time for it but here's the build (I hope the link works)

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    Oh my, I just noticed I used the style of KLsprawl.. probs because it was highlighted.. give me another day o’ 2 and I’ll deliver a build in sweetport style. (God I’m an idiot sometimes)

  6. Hey Myr,

    Don't worry about it, I can give feedback on this one. It seems close enough to Sweetport style anyways.
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    If you could do that too, that would be great!

    Have a nice day,

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    I could always make a sweetport build. But I checked and it is indeed rather identical. I have nothing to do most of the time after school anyways.


  9. Yeah, the primary difference with sweetport is that it uses bedrock roof tiles instead of black slate. Anyways, finally had some time to take a look. You did a great job overall, it's a huge improvement from your first house! I'll jump right into some of the feedback:

    - While you have the right general idea behind the daub&wattle, it seems a bit too sparse in some parts. The trick is finding the right pattern that's not too sparse, but also not too busy. It definitely takes practice, so just keep studying houses on our server and working on it.

    - 1x3 windows are generally too big for normal houses, stick with 1x2 and 1x1 windows.

    - A number of points about the roof: 1. try to avoid a "bell" shaped roof, where it gets shallower on the top. Keep the slope of the roof linear instead. 2. As a pickier point, when you have mini overhangs on a larger facade (such as on the right side here), I would avoid also having a "mini-roof" with a gable. It just looks weird most of the time. Instead, have more of a shed-type roof on the overhang part, going perpendicular to the main facade. See the roof on the overhang of the leftmost facade in this image for an example of what I mean. 3. Finally, the same also applies to this side of the house. It would look better if you had dormers rather than trying to make two mini-gables on the length-wise side of the house.

    - The interiors are a bit too empty in general. It is harder to make good ints with very large houses, but in general I would advise you to try to think of nuanced ways to decorate rooms rather than placing furniture along the walls or placing furniture just to fill up empty space. Also, you want to plan for interiors as soon as possible- that is, try to plot your rooms and staircases well before you actually start decorating the rooms. If you do this right, it should make the furnishing process a lot higher quality.

    - The red carpet here is a bit weird for a few reasons: 1. We rarely use the that version of the red carpet since it's on a vanilla activator rail block and has some undesirable properties (e.g. floats a little bit, activated by redstone, etc.). Instead, use red wool and red wool carpet blocks for that. 2. Try to avoid "patchy" carpets, where you place spots of it randomly. Instead, place carpets in "blobs" or rectangular areas. Think of what an actual rug would look like. 3. You might want to consider using thatch instead of wool, unless the house is higher class.

    - Make sure to cover all sides of cabinets/workbenches except for one - such as the one in back here. You can usually use half door blocks to do this. The table layout is also a bit strange there (and also the carpet issue again).

    - Remember what I said about slate earlier. Whenever you have it on the inside, like here, it needs to be fully covered up, since otherwise you have unsupported slate tiles. You can do this using wood half doors & wood stair blocks.

    - Be very careful with bookshelves. Literacy rate in medieval times (and presumably Westeros too) was extremely low, to the point where many nobles were not even literate. As a result, we pretty much never use bookshelves except for in the very wealthiest of households, or in scenarios where it makes sense (e.g. maesters, septries, etc.). Ditto with the scroll block.

    Sorry if this seems like a lot! Most of it's pickier feedback than the previous one, overall it was a big improvement. Make sure to read through it all; if you have any questions on anything I can explain further. For the next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp woodwright. Good luck!
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    I made the house, and before you're going to look at the pictures. I have some things to say

    1. Since there was no floor, I made one myself that's a bit too messy too be honest.

    2. Regarding 'the extended storage unit', I'm not sure if I can get away with what I did. It was hard to not make it seem like I directly copied the build from /warp woodwright. I did my best to build everything myself, but it's so.. hard to make it look like it isn't copied when you try to get a general idea of how to start when you look at the build. So I hope you won't take the similarities the bad way.

    3. There was no interior in the 'example build' so I added some myself.

    You read that? Nice.. cool, cool.


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    to come back to the 'copy' part of: 2. . This one was harder for some reason.. and there isn't a lot of other houses to work with and look at, and that really gets you to think on how to look it as original but also close to the style as possible. Which was hard with this one because I was mostly afraid to cross the line in such a way it wouldn't fit at all. So yes, it looks like the other build at the warp... but that's just because I wanted to play it safe.. but, I think I could have taken a bigger step out of my comfort zone
  12. Hey Myr,

    Thanks for the update!

    Your house seems pretty good overall, though based on what you told me in your post, I think you might be misunderstanding a bit what I mean when I say "build a house in the style of ...". Although there are usually example houses floating above (such as Woodwright), you're not supposed to just reproduce the patterns & details on the example house. Instead, we're looking for you to use the example house(s) to get a general "image" of what a style is supposed to look like in your head, and then use that image to make a fully unique house. There's also an entire village at Woodwright below the warp area that has many more examples you can learn from, which I encourage you to spend more time at.

    This isn't a huge issue (i.e. I know you weren't trying to copy), but before I give feedback, I would like you to spend some more time restructuring the house into something unique based on the style at Woodwright. Also, when you do this, I think you should also work on the interiors a little bit more as well. The current ones are a bit too empty & wide open, so I would recommend working on the room layout a bit beforehand. While you do this, feel free to ask if you have any questions or clarifications you need.
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    I’m just happy to know that I’m not denied because of the resemblance. I didn’t know there was a whole damn village at the warp. I’ll take my time this time!


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    Okay.. so.. you remember when I said I would take my time about.. 2 hours ago? well.. that didn't work out because I was high on creativity! (My secret? licorice)

    the first/base floor interior is still not completely to my own liking but I say it has improved!


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  15. Hey Myr,

    This is looking much, much better! Good work. Here's some of the feedback I have this time:

    - Exteriors look pretty nice, I don't really have any major feedback there except that I'd work on the stone gradient a bit more. You probably don't need 4 types of stone in the mix for a small house, 3 at the very most. Then, don't mix them randomly, instead have a smooth transition between them. For example, reach cobble -> reach light stone -> light stone. Again, /warp gradient on our server is a huge help for this.

    - Very minor detail, but on the outside of the roof you have some of the wood from the inside showing. You can fix this by just turning the stair blocks in front of the exposed wood to corner stair blocks, covering it up.

    - You're getting better with the interiors, but they still need a little bit of work. I'm not sure exactly how you're approaching the ints currently, but I would highly recommend planning rooms and stairs out (like, in wool or some other placeholder block) before you even start placing furniture. Then try to think about where the kitchen would be, where the table would be, etc.

    - Three pointers about thatch carpets: 1. Decrease the amount of thatch overall, you don't need it strewn across the whole floor. Only in areas where there might be empty space. 2. Don't do "patchy" or random thatch, instead make it using one continuous blob. 3. Never mix light thatch and dark thatch next to each other, they contrast way too much.

    You're getting better overall! For the next challenge build, let's head up north: please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, good luck!
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    Evenin' / Mornin'

    Damn I'm on a streak this evening..

    The build I made is meant to be huddled up with houses on the left and right (that's why the sides are so plain and boring, and why the gradient is so plain there)

    I probably messed up the gradient since it was a little unclear for me with W-H Style

    I hope it's alright!


  17. Hey Myr,

    Thanks for the update! This house seems mostly fine, but I agree with you about the gradient (I'll elaborate more in the feedback):

    - The house seems a little bit too tall compared to the middle-class average, just by two or three blocks probably. Not a huge issue but throws of proportions a little bit.

    - The gradient at White Harbor is one of the tricker ones. I agree you didn't quite nail it, so before moving on to the next challenge I would spend some more time at White Harbor until it makes sense.

    Some things that seem odd in your gradient: (1) how the facade has a half-rectangle of smooth white brick framing it. In this case, the houses are basically just whitewashed stone that is fading/damaged in some places, so there wouldn't really be any distinct pattern in the stone like there is with daub&wattle. (2) How you have smooth white brick blocks right next to the plaster blocks, which kind of creates hard edges. Try to use the white harbor cobble as a transition block between the two at all times.

    How to do it right: Although I said to avoid patterns, you want to take care to not make it messy/noisy either. Think in terms of "blobs" (like the tutorial on the right-hand side of /warp gradient). Start by making your house only out of the primary block (in this case, smooth white brick). Then, in continuous "blobs", add some corrosion using a secondary block (white harbor cobble). Finally, if the gradient still looks too plain, add a third block (white plaster) inside of the secondary block (cobble), making sure it's always bordered by the cobble (i.e. not touching the primary block).

    - The slate on the bottom of the chimney doesn't really make sense.

    - The interiors are better than your previous house; you're starting to get the rooms down. However, the layout of the bottom floor is slightly awkward. I think that, in this case, it's because the ceiling is so high up that the room looks out of proportion (i.e. too thin and long given how tall it is). Always try to be mindful of proportions.

    - Try to be consistent with your wood use for a given interior item - what I mean by this is, if your staircase is made from spruce wood, then the railings should be made from spruce wood half doors. You can have a secondary wood type for furniture, though I would recommend trying to stick with pairings which don't contrast badly: (oak, jungle), (oak, birch), (jungle, spruce), (spruce, northern), (jungle, northern). Oak and spruce tend to contrast too harshly.

    - Similarly, I would recommend using dark thatch instead of light thatch carpets when you have a spruce wood heavy build, it contrasts less badly imo.

    - Make the thatch carpets less patchy - again, try to think in terms of "blobs" (noticing a pattern here? ;) )rather than placing individual blocks here and there.

    Again, sorry for throwing a wall of text at you, most of this is pretty picky :) I think you're getting pretty close, should just be 1 or 2 more builds. Just make sure to take your time on them though!

    For the next style, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp hgtown. Good luck!
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    Good evening,

    Yes, yes, it's my again (Now I think about it.. who else?). Thanks for the feedback, the more to support your feedback the best.. well that's what I learned so far in politics and it seems to work anywhere else too.

    I did my best, and I hope it passes!


  19. Hey Myr,

    Most aspects of this house seem pretty good! You got the gradient and all this time. I'm only really noticing one issue on this house, though it's a pretty noticable one: The roof looks really strange and "zig-zaggy". Rooves on our server should pretty much only be made using straight lines. The most common angles are 45 degrees (stair blocks), 60 degrees (full block, stair block, full block, stair block, etc.), and sometimes 30 degrees with slabs for shed-type rooves.

    For the next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp wickenden. This will be similar to the previous one in some ways, but also different (since it's Vale and not Reach). Good luck!
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    Glad to see that the walls of text are shrinking, that means I'm doing well, and that motivates me!
    And then I made this house.. I'm not sure what to think about it.. but it seems to fit in.

    Like I said, I'm not sure what to think about it myself, but as I tried to fix it.. it wouldn't improve that much