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    On google pictures, searching for a map or picture of Deepwood Motte. And i saw a build from this server, and cheeked it out.

    A Song Of Ice And Fire is my favorite, but i like the Lord of Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter books, and of course the Hobbit, and The Witcher both game and books.

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings
    Storm of Swords
    Feast for Crows
    Dance of Dragons

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    Jon Snow, it might be a little common or to say Jon Snow, but he is straight up guy with Honour who does the right thing. He fights for the side that fights for the living, and in the end thats the most important thing. With all the characters that fight in the shadows, what is needed is one who don't, because you cant build a nation with every body stabbing each other in the back.

    And i like Jamie to, being raised to become one of the snakes, but he will not.

    I am not the best builder in the world. I have played a lot in the past, and i am sure i can become better.
    I know a lot about the world of ASOIAF, and a lot of canon, and will of course use that knowledge if i can.
    I like terraforming and landscaping, though i am not an ekspert.

    I like Minecraft and i LOVE ASOIAF, those together is a good mix. And it is this particular server because it is structured and organized. It has a wonderful community with dedicated people. And this is taken seriously and not done half hearted.


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    hey there, this is a pretty decent northern style house, though it's hard to tell the interior is too dark. can you take some with the ints illuminated? thanks
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    JohanKR850 Builder

    Should be illuminated now :)
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    JohanKR850 Builder

    Hey, so im having alot of time on my hands. And i kind of wanna use that time on this app. Should i just do another build or wait? :) Cant wait to get started, but no stress. I get that not every one has the time of a fifteen year kid :)
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    Sorry, I’ve been busy. I’ll try to get to it tonight
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    JohanKR850 Builder

    Should i just do some build and post the pics, Whiteharbour or something?
  7. Hey Johan, Enah has currently been busy so I'm gonna give you some feedback in his stead.

    Currently your build is not up to server standards. There is still a lot for you to work on, both in choice of blocks and gradient on the outside, and with the interior design and layout. This is why the first thing you should do, is to have a closer look at out Building Guide for Applicants, where you can find pictures of good and bad exteriors and interiors.

    After you have done that, please go to /warp bandallontown and have a close look around. Once you think that you got an idea of the style, build a low clase farmhouse (The smaller, Thach Roof ones to the outskirts of the town). Just post the pictures here once you are done. I will be able to give you a more in-detail feedback then.

    Good luck!
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    JohanKR850 Builder

    Here is the house. I noted what you said about the layout but couldn't do much about in this build cause all the rural houses were rectangular, so as is this. Hope the build is acceptable :)

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  9. Awesome! I have to be honest with you, at first I had to check if you just copied a house, beacause you did such a good job here.

    The gradient is well done, the roof is fine, the interiors are like you can find them on the server. You used a bit much storage blocks, sometimes less is more. For example all the breads and baskets on your very high shelf are not needed here. Also it's better to not put crates in places that are only reached by ladder - it is very hard to get them there!

    Let's jump to your next challenge and see how you adopt to another style. For the next build, please go to /warp whiteharbour and build a middle class townhouse! Have a close look around various of them and choose a profession that fits the middle class. Remember that middle class still has no luxuries.

    Good luck!
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    JohanKR850 Builder

    Done with the build. Had some trouble with the roof, but i think it worked out in the end. Hope its up to standards :D

  11. Hey Johan! Sorry it took me some time to return to you, be aware that you can bump this thread if no reply is given within five days.
    • Due to easier construction, medieval people usually built gable roofs (front of your house) instead of hip roofs (annex on the side of your house). Also these roofs do not translate well into Minecraft, which is why your annex looks odd.
    • The overhang of the roof is usually supported by dark wooden stairs from below at the front and back of the house, not just by the same roof material.
    • It is an unusal decision to have a two meter wide stair leading to the first floor, even in modern houses. Here it is probably wasting a lot of space and looks odd.
    • There is an easier design for the bunkbeds that does not require them to be 3 whole blocks high - as in reality, they would usually be a maximum of two meters high as well. Just place a bed ontop of two placeholder blocks (like dirt), remove the dirt and set a new bed below the first. Once you placed the halfdoors in front of the bed, you have a good looking bunkbed!
    • Do not place candles along walls! The wax would drop down, they have to be level. Also candles were expensive, so while you can place a few unlit ones, usually you would not expect many to be burning in middle class at the same time.
    • The ceilings of your rooms needs some variation, it is way too plain right now. Consider adding wooden beams by placing slabs as the ceiling and replacing every second with stairs. There is an example of a good ceiling in the Basic Application Guide I linked you earlier.
    For your next challenge, head over to /warp Bitterbridge and again build a middle class townhouse with a profession!

    Good luck.
  12. JohanKR850

    JohanKR850 Builder

    Done! It was ok with the wait, i had some school tests coming to take care of anyway. This build is home of five people (three kids) and is a baker.

  13. JohanKR850

    JohanKR850 Builder

    Can we move on. Im doing the bumping thing you told me about.
  14. Hey Johan, apologies again for the delay in getting back to you. It's been a busy time of year for the mod team with a lot of the group being occupied with college exams. I'll make sure your application is fully reviewed before the end of the week and we get you started on the server as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience
  15. Hey Johan,
    I've taken a proper look at your Bitterbridge Baker, on the whole I think you've done a really good job. Here's a few notes that might help with your next project:
    - You're on the right track with the first roof style. Generally, if the building has a thatch roof, any overhang would be supported by wooden stairs/half doors, but it will vary project to project. Here's an example of a thatch roof with wooden support:

    - In this case of Bitterbridge, since it's a middle class house you would've been fine to use jungle wood or oak for the roof, and I didn't see many houses with an overhang, most seemed flat with the wall beneath.

    Mirroring the style of the surrounding houses in the project's area is a skill you'll develop as you spend time on the server. In most cases the project leader will have a style guide available to give you clear instructions on the variations of roofs/stone palettes and other important elements of each project.

    - The interior layout of the kitchen/baking area is great, you've done a good job of showing restraint with the item blocks and the often overlooked things like covering up all the edges of bench blocks.

    - In keeping with the Bitterbridge block palette I would've used the classic orange Brick blocks for the oven and chimney instead of the basalt, and 9 times out of 10 a house's ground floor will usually be a mix of gravel and dirt.

    - You've also done well with the daub, which is often quite tricky to use correctly. My only note would be to try and have the daub frames surrounding the base level of each floor, that's a tricky thing to explain so I've just marked on your pic where I would put them next time.

    - Also be careful with the size of windows, they rarely need to be more than 1 x 2

    For your last challenge, visit /warp hawthornetown and have a go at building a low class house. You'll find a style guide at /warp hawthorne
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  16. JohanKR850

    JohanKR850 Builder

    No problem with the wait. Here is the Hawthrone house.

  17. Great stuff, and thanks for the quick turnaround.
    Overall I think you nailed it, perhaps you could add little more variation in the stone palette, such as including Lannisport Light bricks in the garden wall, and just be wary of adding chests to low class houses, they're often seen as an item that might be too expensive for low class families. I would also link up the furnace directly to the chimney.

    But otherwise, it's clear you paid close attention to the particular style of Hawthorne and this would certainly fit right in with the existing houses in the the Hawthorne lands so well done.

    You've shown yourself to be a quick learner, and given you've already shown such an enthusiasm for getting started, I'm happy to approve your application. The next step is to start a probation thread over in the appropriate subforum and a Probie leader will reach out to you.

    Thanks again and welcome to Westeros.
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    Just a heads up, a chest is the only absolute piece of furniture people of all classes would own. It keeps clothes and blankets dry and free of dirt and keeps valuables (yes peasants sometimes had those) safe and out of sight. In fact, even amongst the most fetid peasantry the cheat would even be used to be given as a dowry for marriage. The girl would store all the things she had produced (quilts, baby blankets and even any income) in preparation for her future family.
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    Thanks for your time cant wait to get started :)