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Discussion in 'Approved Applications' started by Desmera Redwyne, Oct 15, 2018.

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  1. Desmera Redwyne

    Desmera Redwyne Nobuild


    the Czech republic

    I saw videos on Youtube 4 years ago and i said: "Wow its fantastic!" but my computer said "U will have lags hahaha!". My computer is smarter now.

    Witcher, Glass Throne,... (i don't remember all)

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    My grandmother, lady Olenna Tyrell, she's amazing and perfect. I love her from beginning to end and i really cried when she died. I think she could escape from Highgarden. She did a lot of things for her family and i admire her for it. I also like Margaery, Ellaria Sand and her Snakes (2nd and 3rd parts of 7 season were really hard for me).

    I love minecraft, building and GoT so why not to try it? I study interior design, read books, play computer games, have pets, drawing and play the piano. I want to learn a new abilities and be part of this. I know I'm not a master builder or that my English is not perfect but a little voice in me screams "u should try it". So i'm here (nervous all day).

    I like Reach and Dorne but a lot of castles and towns are done. I would like to participate in everything what i can do (perhaps Arbor??).

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  2. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hey Desmera,

    Thanks for the Application; but you have missed one of piece of the criteria. Please can you post a screenshot of yourself infant of your builds? Once you've added it please let me know, and then I'll move on to reviewing your first challenge build.

    I’ve taken a look and have a little feedback:

    The House is great and you’ve definitely paid close attention to some of our building styles. But maybe spend a bit of time practicing the building stone palette. There’s a lot of blocks in it, and in some instances the juxtaposition of two very different colored blocks is quite jarring.

    Your floor should be a mix of gravel and dirt but doesn’t need stone in it; it’s a little outdated a practice.

    Make sure that your bench blocks only have one side visible. The one by the stove has two visible and would look very strange.

    The stone on the floor by the smaller hearth is quite strange looking. This would look better with rushes or gravel on the floor.

    Try to avoid using fence blocks in windows, We have lots of arrow-slit blocks which make more realistic windows, or using slabs and carpet blocks works also.

    All in all, a decent house!

    For your first challenge, please build a middle class house in the style of /warp whiteharbour. When you get to the warp, walk through the market and most of the houses on the Main Street extending to the north and south are mid-class.

    When you’re done, please paste a link to your album in this thread.

    Good Luck!
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  3. Desmera Redwyne

    Desmera Redwyne Nobuild

    Hey Ark,

    i hope this is one of middle class house of White Harbor. There is me before my buildings.

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  4. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hey Desmera,

    Thanks for adding the screenshots I asked for. Here's my feedback of your WH house:

    - The palette is okay, but as a standard, try not to let full bricks touch plaster; you should be surrounding the bricks with the cobble.

    - When doing rafters, make sure that they span the shortest distance between two walls, so usually left to right, rather than the length of the whole room.

    - Your stairs could do with containing. Using half doors as supports is a little more realistic than creating a wooden spiral staircase that looks chunky and unrealistic.

    Overall this is a lovely house, which just needs some minor tweaks. For your next challenge, please build a low-class house in the style of /warp fmhf1

    Good luck!
  5. Desmera Redwyne

    Desmera Redwyne Nobuild

    Hey Ark,

    do u think this second stairs? Yes, they are odd. :D

    Thank u!
  6. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hi Desme,

    Lovely build, no qualms!

    For your final challenge, please build a middle class merchant's house in the style of /warp fairmarket.

  7. Desmera Redwyne

    Desmera Redwyne Nobuild

    Hey Ark,

    so i hope u will like it.

    Thank you for your time!
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  8. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hey Des,

    Beautiful house, with only a small amount of feedback:

    - Build the furnaces into the wall, and make sure there’s not a pile of thatch infant of it, so the house doesn’t go up in flames.

    - Maybe a little more variation in the red brick palette. Particularly in the kitchen, it looks a little too uniform.

    - The store space is nice, but make sure you appropriately use the height of the room. Cabinets/shelves etc. 2 tables and a chair isn’t in keeping with the display of wealth that’s suggested by the painted facade.

    - Again, upstairs, make better use of the wall space, it looks a little bland, and you can easily embed things to make it look like chairs/beds etc are pressed right up against the wall.

    - On the contrary, I think the painting in the bedroom is a little too ostentatious. The bed should also be against one of the side walls, and not infant of the window. The Riverlands is damp, and the further from the window the bed is, the better!

    Overall, a lovely house! It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the build team!

    Please start a probation thread over in the appropriate subforum and a Probie leader will reach out to you. :)

    Welcome aboard!
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