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    On the channel of a Youtuber: Aurelien_Sama. He make a presentation video on this servor:

    The Witcher

    All of the above

    Tyrion Lannister, because he have big heart, but at the opposite of the other characters, he doesn't limit this goodness to his family. He's ready to do anything for the thing he believe in.

    I'm good for doing tiny, but effective build. I know a lot about the nordic environment, because I live in the north of the Qu├ębec.

    I just finish Game of Thrones and I would like to stay in this universe while helping poeple with a really nice and ambitious project.

    I have no time now for that...... ;)


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  2. Hi Zatheg,

    Thank you for the application! However, unfortunately building a house in the style of our server and linking pictures of it is a required part of our builder application. Your application also appears to be missing other important parts of the application guidelines and requirements. So because of these issues, I have to reject your application. Please feel free to reapply once you've re-read the guidelines and fixed these issues.