[win10][java 1.8.0_171][westeroscraft launcher][OPEN] net.minecract.launchwrapper.Launch

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    I think my last post was removed because I cannot find it any longer and when I go to it from cache, its not there. I am guessing it is because I did not follow the correct format, sorry.

    I am trying to launch the client and I get a net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch error that it has failed to load. I am not quite sure why... I should note that I installed the latest minecraft client, I also created a profile for 1.11.2 and ran the client just to be sure. I also made sure that I had the correct java installed and that my path actually did exist.

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    Bummer... no ideas?
  3. Hi Darth, I'm not really sure why your previous post didn't go through. It could have been caught in the automatic spam filter, but I didn't see it there so...

    Anyways, try going to AppData/roaming and moving the "WesterosCraft" folder to the trash, then redownloading the launcher and Updating again?
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    Thanks for the response! I did try that and it didn't seem to help. Though I did not re-download the launcher, just restarted it.
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    Ugh, no dice. It has to be something I am doing I guess... :-/
  6. Hmm... I'm afraid to say I don't know what the issue is based on what you've posted so far. @Dan_Prime might be able to help you more, though, so I'm pinging him here.
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    Thank you, and thanks for the tip and trying!