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  1. geeberry

    geeberry Kingthlayer Admin

    Hey my dudes! With the new forum we have a plugin that allows you to earn and show off achievements you have made on the forums or by contributing to the server. The purpose of this topic is to maybe spitball some ideas with you guys to come up with a really cool rewards system. I want at least a few of them to be maester links icon as the reward to match the books, IE gold link would be rewarded if you donate to the server, brass link if someone liked one of your messages etc. Any suggestions welcome!

    Heres what we have so far. They are subject to change and once we get it finalized I will probably wipe all trophie awards so we can start fresh :)

    Brass Link - Have at least one person like your messages
    Copper Link - Post at least 30 messages
    Bronze Link - post at least 100 messages
    Gold Link - rewarded upon donating to the server

    And here are available links:

    black iron, signifying ravenry
    iron, signifying warcraft
    red gold
    silver, signyfiyng medicine
    valyrian steel (should be hard to earn!)

    We are not limited to just using links, though those should be filled up first!

    Any ideas or improvements, please share!
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  2. Howy

    Howy Thanos Maester

    I recommend:

    Black Iron: Post at least 1000 messages. Its about Ravenry, and thats the exchange of messages. Seriously an impressive feat.

    Iron: Maybe save this one for when/if our server attains any PvP aspects? I can't think of anything else 'war' related.

    Tin -> Lead -> Steel -> Platinum -> Red Gold: Each is attained after number of years of service as a builder on WesterosCraft. Tin = 1 year, Lead = 2 Years, Steel = 3 Years, Platinum = 4 Years, and finally Red Gold = 5 years+. The links would be attained over time, so at three years you would have Tin, Lead, and Steel links.

    Regarding what counts as 'service' time, if someone is demoted at one and a half years of time as a builder (already have Tin link), then return a few months later, they will receive the Lead (2 years) link after a further 6 months as a builder after rejoining. 'Months' count as 30 days average for non-consecutive calculations.

    Pewter: Participate in at least one server build (starting from now, doesn't count previous server builds. Also won't count cities).

    Silver: Maybe give this to (full) Editors (E's) for at least one year of service? Editors help out other projects that aren't their own and do what's really in the interest of the server, rather than personal gain. There is to some degree a 'medicinal' element in the sense they help terraform and 'fix' the terrain of other people's projects. Generally I think of medicine (as an irl profession at least) as selfless, and imo our full Editors are fairly selfless in helping out. This would be another link that I think should only apply starting from now (current Editors can include the time they've been editor so far).

    Valyrian Steel: I think this one should be purely given at mod/admin discretion for extreme/honorable service to the server, rather than any one specific thing. For example, where Capt still around I think it would have been appropriate to give him a Valyrian Steel link for all the houses he made in KL (over 400/500 iirc?). Mods could nominate and other mods discuss? I'm thinking kind of a 'Medal of Honor' deal. Rather than pinning it to one achievement, I think there are various achievements that builders, etc can do which help the server beyond what is asked/required.

    That's just my two cents. I realise the Tin->Red Gold time as builder idea occupies a lot of links, maybe it could be reduced to 1 year -> 2 years - > 5 years? (Tin-> Steel -> Red Gold).
  3. I really like what you propose Howy,
    then it would need new purposes for brass, copper, bronze and gold right? (as black iron is for message posted)
  4. Howy

    Howy Thanos Maester

    Re Eldu: Gold would still be for donating. As for Brass, Copper, and Bronze, I think we could still keep those for lower amounts of messages. Although I'm sure we could free one of those up. Maybe Copper = 100 messages, Bronze = 500 messages. Brass could be used for something else? 50 messages if we really want to be particular, but I'm sure there's other achievements.

    Outside of links, I'd actually like to also recommend providing trophies of another sort for number of projects completed to builders. I think it'd be cool if we used pixelated icons of:

    A house = 1 project completed
    A town = 5 projects completed
    A holdfast = 10 projects completed
    A castle = 30+ projects completed

    The fourth one (castle) is actually a crazy amount - instead we could make a castle = 10 projects and then anything over thirty, fifty, etc (at the mod's discretion) a valyrian steel link is awarded. I think contributing over fifty full projects especially (so not just hamlets/holdfasts) is not easily achievable at all, but worth being awarded a Valyrian Steel link for major service to the server.

    These could be made by our texture team, or by some of our more artsy contributors.
  5. Would some of these trophies be retroactive? Like projects completed or years active?
  6. Howy

    Howy Thanos Maester

    The editor rank would only be retroactive for current editors (i.e. old editors can't claim that time unless they become editors again).

    Projects completed would be retroactive. A good rule of thumb is, ignoring hamlets/holdfasts and old map builds (I'm talking pre-sp1), anything you might include on your resume counts as a 'project' for the purposes of the trophies I've proposed in my earlier post.

    Years active as a builder would also be retroactive (so if you've spent 6 months back in 2014, another 5 months in 2015, then a further 14 months from 2016-2017 - with demotions inbetween - then that would total to 25 months of service and thus you would have the 1 AND 2 Years links for builder service).
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  7. Love all these ideas :D
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  8. For the "house-town-HF-castle" trophies, we could also add/specialize with the different regions, aka westerlands, riverlands, etc
    Some of our builders put a lot into 1 specific region, like Waz and Estoop for the Riverlands, Emot and Inf for the Vale.
    Maybe the icons of the trophies could be region-specific, like a classic riverlandish house, a riverland town, etc.
    Or other trophies, for the investment in one specific region.
  9. geeberry

    geeberry Kingthlayer Admin

    Howy these are some great ideas. I like them all
  10. geeberry

    geeberry Kingthlayer Admin

    Ok - made some trophies based on Howys ideas. No icons yet. Take a look

    Brass Link - At least ten person liked one of your messages. Keep it up.
    Copper Link - 100 messages posted.
    Bronze Link - You've posted 300 messages.
    Black Iron Link - Posted 1000 messages.
    Gold Link - Rewarded upon donating to the community
    Steel Link - You've been registered for a full year.
    tin Link - Registers for 6 months
    Lead Link - registered for 1 year
    Platinum Link - Registered for 2 years.
    Red Gold Link - Registered for 3 years.
    Pewter Link - Awarded upon participating in a server build.
    Silver Link - Awarded to editors upon 6 months of service.
    Valyrian Steel Link - Awarded to members of the community that have uniquely contributed to the server.
    Iron Link - To be determined - PvP related?
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  11. I guess Steel link was for a month?
  12. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

    Maybe a link for probation leaders? They're maybe not as fully fledged a rank as editors but I think a link would be a nice way of honouring their work!
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  13. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

    Also pizza should get a valaryian steel link for creating the server :D
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  14. I guess creation of the server do enters in the "Awarded to members of the community that have uniquely contributed to the server" :D
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  15. With all these great mods leaving us/stepping down, could we have a link as a reward for their awesome work on the server?
    Same idea as for the editors and probation leaders, but for mods :)
    That'd be the least we can do to thank them!
  16. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    I have a suggestion regarding trophies for serverbuilds.

    We could have various serverbuild related trophies, which are rewarded for participation and build quality. For the current Highgarden serverbuild (both town and castle), this could have the following buildup:
    • A grey Tyrell Rose, for building at least one serverbuild related building or mini on a serverbuild event.
    • A green Tyrell Rose, for building at least 10 serverbuild related buildings or mini's that require no feedback (because rewarding quantity is a bad idea, and quality is cool).
    • A golden Tyrell Rose, for doing something amazing, like leading the project or contributing to the serverbuild in an extraordinary way.
    This can be done for most if not all serverbuilds, like a lil' Hightower for Oldtown, a trident for Whiteharbor etc., with various colour buildups appropriate for the project (a green hightower would be odd) and effort (10 buildings in Oldtown would be peanuts, not even sure if it's enough for Highgarden).

    Also this:
    And some others mentioned in this thread:
    • Region specific trophies. I think it's best to try and not use active house sigils since most of them would be used for serverbuilds, but maybe a Hand of the King logo could work, in various colours appropriate for the region: Green for the Reach, orange for Dorne, yellow for the Stormlands, red for the Westerlands, black for the Iron Islands, blue for the Riverlands, light blue for the Vale, light grey for the North and dark grey for the Crownlands (was kind of out of appropriate colours by now).
    • Trophies for editors and probation leaders. For example, editors that make a large contribution to our tree collection could be rewarded with a tree trophy, terraform magicians with a sandbox or wand or whatever. Probation leaders can have a book or something. Or something else people can come up with, I only made this post for the serverbuild suggestion.
  17. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    Just want to point out that the lead and steel links are both awarded for being registered for "a full year/one year!". Also the post above I guess.
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