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    From Youtube i think, i dont remember

    Lord of The rings

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings
    Storm of Swords

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    Hard question, but i thinks its Oberyn ,when i read about him in the book i felt so interested about him and i wanted to know more about him and his adventures, and to me , thats not happens to much with other characters.

    Well i love Minecraft creative mode, i been building for 5 years now, and always in the medieval style, and i think im very detalist and i love making purposes to everything i build, and i love ASOIAF ;D

    Well i love building in Minecraft, and i love ASOIAF so building in this server couldn't be this much perfect to me.

    nothing you know, jon snow
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  2. Arkilstorm

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    Hi Vox, thanks for your application! I've had a look and have some feedback:

    - The use of sign blocks as part of the structure is a bit outdated, and detracts from the more subtle details, so I’d advise leaving them off entirely in future.

    - Your stone foundation seems to be made up of two types of uncut stone, suggesting a very rural-set house. Make sure that the house’s height, length, and building materials properly reflect the region and location of the house. This style would be unrealistic in a more urban house, but few rural/ forest/ hillside houses are large in size.

    - Considering the style of the house and it’s likely wealth, I’d avoid using chests, glass flagons or the carved table blocks. These were expensive to produce, and would unlikely be affordable in a small medieval countryside home.

    - Two storey buildings require rafters beneath the floor above in order to support it. This can be achieved by alternating upside down stair and slab blocks, creating an effectively supported floor. Check out a few buildings in Fairmarket for this!

    - Try not to use shutters as doors within the house. We have oak-wood doors that match the shutters. Also, please don’t use trapdoors as shelves; people click them and don’t put them back.

    - The upper floor is a little bit messy, and I can’t really work out where the shots are taken from; there’s also some exposed thatch from the roof showing through without underneath support. Make sure that the layout of attics is realistic and that there is ample support for all blocks which make up the roof.

    - Try not to mix dark and light thatch carpet in the same space, as they contrast each other too much, and it doesn’t really look that great.

    - Make sure that all bench and drawer blocks only ever have one side visible. Cover up any other sides with another block or a half door. Drawer units can’t feasibly function from two sides (unless opposite).

    - I’m not sure why there’s garlic in the attic?

    - You’ve put a lot of effort into the surrounding land, and it’s really well done! A nice addition.

    Overall this is a decent house, which with a few alterations would be a great one.

    For your first challenge build, can you please build me a low-class house in the style of King’s Landing Docks. (/warp KLDocks) These houses can be found at the western-most part of the dock, where the large seagoing ships give way to smaller riverboats.

    If you could build your house in single player and link an album of screenshots in this thread for further feedback, that’d be appreciated! Good Luck!
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    Hi Arkil, how you doing ?
    Thanks for the the feedback, it was really positive(for myself), interiors are hard for me xD.
    I fixed what you pointed out:

    And here is the King’s Landing Docks House:

    Thanks !
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    ohh .... sorry, i just realized that was not the type of house you asked me to build xD LOL !,
    i really dint realize,totally my fault, oh well, maybe tomorrow i build another, sorry for that :S
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    Hey, sorry for the delay, i was on a trip since my last post.
    So, here is the low class type, now i think i got it right xD,
    thanks !

  6. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hey Vox,

    This looks great! And awesome use of the new blocks too!

    My only piece of advice for the house is that with the stone chimney, make sure the fireplace isn't too ornate. Sometimes a simple hole in the brickwork with a brazier or ash is more realistic. Make sure you have a decent brick/stone palette for the fireplace/chimney stack too. Remember that cobble stones aren't really cut stone, and mixing in some actual bricks will make it look a little more realistic.

    For your final challenge, I'd like you to build a high class house in the style of /warp woodwright. These are the taller houses with the slate roofs. Some of these houses are diagonal, but I'm not expecting you to do a diagonal house yet! You can choose a profession for it.

    Good Luck!
  7. VoxerBr

    VoxerBr Nobuild

    Sup Arkil, thanks for the reply, i agree the chimney was a little bit off the style.
    So, thanks for the challenge, it was very fun to learn the style, and then apply on the build.
    Here is my build :

    I hope you liked it !
  8. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hi Vox,

    Nice work on the house! I have a bit of feedback:

    - Make sure you pay close attention to the roof pitch, as you’ve not quite got the angle correct, and it distinctly changes the overall shape of the building. The house is very nice, but just be careful that you get the shape correct for each project.

    - Your stone palette is a little odd. Make sure that there is a progressive weathering effect from cobble, through to larger brick, and then on to the lighter, smaller bricks, and the stone. You shouldn’t have cobble too close to one of the lighter blocks, or you get a jarring contrast.

    - With your daub and wattle upper floor, try to incorporate some plain daub and brownish-white plaster into the mix. Using all wattle blocks can be a bit overpowering, and some areas of plain daub/plaster is a nice way to break up all those squares and diagonals.

    - Nice attempt at an overhang at the side of the house, but make sure that the wooden supports underneath are evenly spaced and all facing the correct way. It looks a bit odd how some of the stair blocks are turned to join with the wall beneath, and others are turned out.

    - Your dormer is a little big. Perhaps look at some of the smaller ones that use half-doors and slate slabs to make it less cumbersome.

    - The vaulting in the cellar could do with some work. Just note that none of the houses in Woodwright have cellars. For city builds, you may be more likely to have a cellar, so looking at White Harbour or Fairmarket for some inspiration for better vaulting.

    - As mentioned before, make sure that you cover up unseen sides of bench or bookcase blocks. The desk you have has books on both sides which looks weird. Also note that literacy in the time period the books are set was incredibly low, and the production of books was a lengthy and expensive process. Private houses would be lucky to own a single book, so having multiple bookcases in a house like this is very unrealistic. I’d personally only have a single bookcase block in a very wealthy house. Paintings are also a bit much for a house like this, I wouldn’t really put any paintings in these type of houses.

    - I’d suggest turning your wine-merchant sign 90 degrees, in order for it to face perpendicular to the road.

    A few small issues but nothing major. These usually are picked up in practice.

    I'm happy with your progress at this stage and delighted to invite you to join our team as a probationary builder! Congrats!

    Please start a probation thread in the appropriate sub-forum and a Probie-Leader will be in touch soon. You should post the co-ordinates and nearest warp to any and all houses you build in that thread, for the next month.

    Give either myself or a fellow moderator a poke in game and we'll promote you!

    Welcome to the team!
  9. VoxerBr

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    Thanks ! i appreciate the feedback, the challenge was a little bit hard, because you said High class, and in Woodwright i only found middle classes houses, so i tried to make a little bit more grand, and the stone pattern was a little bit hard to figure it out, but was very fun to practice.
    And thank you, for accepting me.
    Looking forward to do some projects together.