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    United Kingdom

    I came across WesterosCraft after I did a Google Search looking for a "Game of Thrones" Style Map of Westeros.

    The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars

    A Game of Thrones
    All of the above

    Arya Stark. I love her character arc from a naive girl from Winterfell to a merciless Braavosi assassin, although I enjoy many other characters and their arcs, such as Petyr Baelish, Eddard Stark, and (of course) Hodor.

    I find that I can very effectively parse photographs, artwork or floor plans into Minecraft, as it's the thing that got me into the game in the first place, the idea of being able to create real life or fiction structures in an easy to use 3D world. I also find that once I have a clear image in my head on what a build will look like, I will sit down for hours at a time just to get it complete.

    I am more interested in building medium to large scale structures as opposed to small objects. Although I'm happy to work on anything from isolated farms to grand castles and keeps. In the end, I seek to help in anyway I can to realize the stuff of dreams, recreating a world as rich as Westeros in Minecraft.

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  2. Arkilstorm

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    Hi Zex,

    Thank you for your application. I've taken a look at your app build and have a bit of feedback for you:

    - Perhaps a few too many chests in a single house. These also look really strange stacked on top of each other, as they float. Chests were expensive to produce and were priced objects in many “middle-high class” houses.

    - I’d also limit the number of cobwebs. There’s just way too many in the roof space. Less is certainly more!

    - Try not to use trapdoors as shelves or decorative objects. We have such a wide variety of blocks which do a better job, and we try to reserve the trapdoor block for it’s original purpose, and movable castle hoardings.

    - The exterior use of fence posts to create detail is very outdated, as well as the full timber structure. I’d definitely advise you take a look at some of our more recent structures on the server to get an idea of realistic building methods.

    - Your stone foundations are also a strange combination of cut stone surrounded by a strange cobblestone pattern. Again, perhaps take a look at the houses in some of our northern projects to better understand how they would have been built.

    - There’s a lot go glass used in this house, which wouldn’t be common in a standard medieval home in the north.

    - Your interior furnishing isn’t consistent with our standards, with many practices that wouldn’t qualify as approvable builds. As mentioned before. I think you need a little more time exploring our server before applying to build.

    After having a look at your application build, I think the best step is to explore our projects and get a better understanding not only of the level we expect of our builders, but also get a better understanding of how we envision the population of Westeros living throughout the various kingdoms. A better understanding of medieval life, will increase your building skill tenfold.

    I’m going to table your application for four weeks, and then ask you to submit another build if you’re interested in doing so. You can use this time to better equate yourself with Westeroscraft. If you don’t wish to wait four weeks, let us know and we’ll close your application.

    Enjoy exploring, and feel free to keep building in Single Player! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message here.


  3. TheZexdex

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    What do you mean by 'table my application for 4 weeks' ?

    Also do you have any suggestions on any specific areas on the map that I could study?


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    A few good areas are Kings Landing sprawl, Bitterbridge, and Fairmarket. In addition, you might want to check out other in progress builds and watch current builders work on things. Seeing the process of building on our server might help you get an idea of what we do and why we do it.
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    'To table' means 'to put on hold', so essentially he said he's putting your application on hold for four weeks so you can practice the style more.
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