The Rookery - July 2017 Edition

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    Welcome travelers!
    From the diligent masters of the (soon to be built) citadel comes the first edition of the rookery, although still a work in progress, it is sent out in hopes of reaching the farthest corners of the known world. Made available to Guests and Builders, Coders, Moderators and RPG management, it seeks not only to inform about novelties of builds, the RPG and staff but also to entertain. Secure yourself a copy, and supply ample feedback.

    New Additions:
    In the past months, several new builders have joined our ranks!
    Here they are listed below:
    Tobyey [N]
    ZoSo_666 [N]
    He_who_is_red [N]
    An_escaped_duck [N]
    oOiOoMajic [N]
    GangstaCat [N]
    Kruemmel0409 [N]
    Blauerflo91 [N]
    Rattelz [N]
    CashBanks [N]
    Cl0udkid [N]
    GreyJedi [RB]
    Along with all of these builders, very recently eriklessiass has also returned after a long period of absence, he was the leader of Crowsnest which in its time was one of the peak builds of the Stormlands.

    As we are now roughly half way through the year we see that plenty of projects are still being started and completed.
    The Wall and Beyond:
    Westwatch by MDMeaux = Approved
    Crasters Keep by JustCallMeJack = Completed
    The North:
    House Wull = abandoned
    In lighter news however, traction is once again picking up on SMP’s White Harbour after the completion of the Red keep /warp whiteharbour and grab a plot!
    The Riverlands
    House Terrick by Arkilstorm = Completed
    House grell by Mamorb = Approved
    The Vale
    House Wydman by Boliiid = Approved
    The Iron Islands
    Wait, what?!?! We actually have a region completed, you must be insane!

    The Westerlands
    House Peckledon by Birdman7 = Completed
    The Crownlands
    House Blount by MDMeaux = Completed
    House Cargyll by Ertylink = Completed
    House Rollingford by Andy_Jones = Approved
    House Edgerton by 7JG7 = Approved

    The Stormlands
    House Wylde by Aslan = Completed
    However Aslan has now been allowed to also do the Rainwood section of House Wylde’s lands, hopefully it’ll look amazing. I have 100% faith in him….

    The Reach
    House Yelshire by Andy_Jones = Completed
    House Hastwyck by JMP007 = Completed
    House Westbrook by _Simbaa_= Approved

    Flooded with tourists as Northern Westeros gets their beach towels ready!

    King’s Landing Completed! (At least pretty much)
    After a tiresome 2 years of hard work on Kings Landing it has finally come to a close.
    This effort was largerly achieved by Thamus, Dragons, Wolf and Infinity who lead the final charge on the red keep. However we must not discount the work of every builder involved. Over 175 builders were involved in Kings Landing.

    Check out Kobe and Lucia’s WesterosWalks on King's Landing!
    WesterosCraft Walks Episode 72: King's Landing Part 1 | Welcome to Kings Landing
    We have just recently updated to 1.11.2 version of minecraft and so far although we’ve had some struggle it seems as though our coders, special mention to Mikeprimm have worked very efficiently in ironing out these bugs to allow for the best playability for both guests and builders alike. This is a big step forward for the server.
    Another exciting thing that coders have been working on is the new Westeroscraft custom launcher. Spearheaded by Dan Prime we’ve seen significant progress towards a new launcher. He is currently on holiday but has organised launcher desingers and coders to be able to work together. For a long time the launcher has been described as temperamental with many not being able to access the server without having to post a support thread, so this is certainly very exciting to see in the works.
    Further Information
    An example of a potential design by infinity.

    Thank you for reading this month's issue of The Rookery.


Discussion in 'News' started by geeberry, Aug 16, 2017.

    1. Wazgamer
      I would love to continue the rookery, and I was working on making it into a more presentable thing rather than a forum post, however as of current i really don't have the time to continue it sadly, so if anyone can take it up feel free!
      Here's some concepts I came up with. [​IMG][/IMG]


      I'm not a design student so don't get mad at me but I enjoyed playing around with InDesign :p
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    2. geeberry
      Those are freakin dope
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    3. nubcaker
      This is such a cool idea. Will be awesome to keep up this way.
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    4. Wazgamer
      Thanks, I could squeeze it in but I'm not up for taking risks with school back under way and InDesign be expensive for a student D:
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    5. Copper
      Well, an update...

      My computer died, so I won't be able to get hold of those draft newsletters I made for you, Waz, until I can hunt down my backups. Gimme, say, a week?

      In the future though, if someone would like to produce content for the newsletter, I'd be more than happy to volunteer to do the editing and compilation. Not sure I could juggle both, though.

      ...oh man im yellow halp...
    6. Wazgamer
      It's cool cooper! Thanks for the drafts though would be great to see you collab with whoever writes it, I could continue to do so if I have free time at weekends but I'll need to get back to you on that. If not though, I think the newsletter is a great way to involve our entire community so anyone willing from nobuild, coder, builder and mod feel free :)