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    From a top 10 minecraft builds video on youtube many many moons ago

    Discworld, LOTR, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Kingdom Come Deliverance, The real castles all around where I live.

    All of the above

    All of the above

    Tyrion Lannister, because he is powerful, clever and tactical. But because he is often underestimated and overlooked he has developed far more humillity than similar characters such as his father and Petyr Balish. So his climb to power whilst still personal is also seemingly for the greater good. And when his wits dont work, he can still get his hands dirty.

    I have a degree in Physical Geography and have a good knowlege and keen eye for; biomes and ecosystem interaction, landscaping (natural and human), reasons for settlement location and growth, transportation networks (roads, rivers, aeoropl... I mean Dragons)

    I have been wandering the server on and off for quite a whlle in my spare time. In my travels Ive noticed places that dont link up to the road network, landscaping potential, and people struggeling with the tedium of planting trees and fields, and other big picture little touches that make this world so great.So I thought it would be quite nice if I were in a position to help out with these things where I can. I understand your process is very much buildings orientated, and that Im unlikely to be a prolific bulder, but thought perhaps my knowlege could be usefull for environment detail, road networks and landscape aspects of the project?

    You know nothing, Jon Snow

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  2. ps. I apologise in advance for the poor quality of the screenshots, I gave up trawling my computer for them and took a photo of the screen instead.
  3. Hey Sajjetta,

    Thanks for the application! I'm glad to see someone who's more interested in the terraforming and planning aspects of the project, we always need more people like that. We actually have a position called "Editor" who take up tasks like that, though we want people to have some building experience first before going for Editor. But you'll be able to start learning WorldEdit and Voxelsniper if you're interested, which are the main tools Editors use.

    Anyways, your vineyard is really cute and seems like a great start. Since it's a larger build, I'll just give some of the main feedback I noticed and then give some more specific styles to work on:

    - For the wall here, I would use sandstone wall blocks rather than the stairs - the holes look a little bit odd.

    - Avoid using trapdoor blocks in furnishings- the texture doesn't fit very well with our other blocks (it's a bit outdated), and also guests can come along and toggle them to mess up furnishings. Instead, use one of the "half door" blocks which are pretty much the same thing, but better.

    - Use the custom "piston extension" block rather than vanilla pistons here. Also, the cyvasse tables (sticky piston) are meant to be a board game which is more or less specific to Dorne.

    - You might want to use a subtle gradient (can represent corrosion) in some of the plainer walls, such as in the room in the previous point. Either way, gradients are an important technique in some builds so I would check out /warp gradient on our server, it's a very helpful resource.

    - A good rule of thumb is to avoid blocks which contrast badly: really dark blocks next to much lighter blocks. For example, oak wood next to spruce wood, dark cobble next to normal cobble, etc. So in this cellar, for instance, I would use a lighter brick type for the stairs and all (probably sandstone or something).

    Also, for future reference: screenshots are stored in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\WesterosCraft\instances\WesterosCraft-1.11.2\screenshots. If you're on a mac, just replace the beginning part with Library/Application Support. If you want to make it really easy, though, you should try downloading puush.

    For your first challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp woodwright. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and good luck!

  4. Heya, cheers for the feedback and tips. Yeah, I was presuming youd need a good period of building before I was let loose with any kind of terraforming activity.

    Ill check out woodwright and see what I can do once my lovely weekend of late shifts is through.
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  5. I've built a Bakery, with ingredient store room at the back and a bedroom in the roof (possibly a bit too spacious, but hopefully middle ages sparse enough)

  6. Images are looking much darker on my ipad than they were in game, let me know if you need lighter ones :)
  7. Hey Sajjetta,

    Very lovely work, your house would fit in perfectly in Woodwright as far as I can tell :) So I don't really have any feedback except for the following pointers:

    - I would recommend getting comfortable with the roof style with no overhangs on the front/back which is found in Woodwright (even though some houses do have overhangs there). It's pretty common in rural, standalone houses, because when you look at a house with roof overhangs from the side it can look really awkward sometimes. Like the roof is way too big for the house.

    - Some rooms I think are a tad bit too empty, but it's really not a huge issue. Just a matter of adding a couple small details, maybe some thatch or something.

    Anyways, for another challenge build, try making a middle-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket. The style here's a bit more involved so make sure you take some more time with it, but I don't think you'll have any problems. Good luck!
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  8. Hi Emote, thanks for the feedback. I put a no overhang roof on this one, had to start it a block higher than the roofs start in actual Fairmarket so that the attic was walkable.

    Outside the chimney wall was built as if theres an adjoining building, so no windows. The brick weathering probably could have been tweaked more? I put a woodshed and a small garden in. Downstairs is a Butcher shop. 1st floor is a main bedroom (the half four poster bed shelf combo could probably be arranged better) and a back bedroom with loft ladder. The attic has storage and a rough hay bed for a fifth occupant.

    Hope you like it.
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  10. Hey Sajjetta,

    Lovely work on this house! You've more or less nailed the style, I have a few points of feedback to give though:

    - Though I told you to practice the no-overhang style, Fairmarket is one exception :p Most houses there have overhangs, because it's a town build and the houses are all side-by-side. Usually you just want to follow the established style and/or see what looks the best, there's not a clear-cut answer unfortunately. But you have the right idea down.

    - Blue slate isn't in the FM style, make sure to use black slate instead. It's a super common mistake, so not a huge deal.

    - This side of the house could use some patches of brick (the larger variant) just to break up the monotony a little bit.

    - The bed cover here is a bit awkward, since it doesn't appear to connect with the opposite wall due to the windows.

    Other than those things though, your building quality seems completely up to standards (and you'll learn more in probation), so consider yourself approved! Ask a mod in-game to promote you to NewBuilder if it doesn't do so automatically.

    Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here:
    And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server; a probie leader should post on your thread within a week and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses for the next month, in which case you'll be fully promoted if there are no further problems.

    Welcome to the team, I look forward to building with you! :D
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  11. Thanks again Emote, yeah I wasnt convinced by my bed cover either :)

    Ill set up the thread and get to building.