Random Disconnections

Discussion in 'Support' started by JackLaysEggs, May 15, 2018.

  1. Heyooo!
    Ever since the new update dropped, I've been having trouble staying on the server for longer than a few minutes. The problem is that I keep getting disconnected at random times cousing me to stay on the server for a short ammount of time before having to relog and then eventually get disconnected again and again :/
    If anyone has any insight on this sort of problem, I would like to ask for guidance ;-;
    Thank you in advance~
  2. IwanDeLarch

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    Please share whatever the launcher logs in between startup and your first disconnect.
  3. It Varys (veries), sometimes it says Timed out, sometimes just Disconnected, other times the Java errors like that An established connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Could that mean there's a problem with my Java?
    I appreciate you leaning forward and gr- helping me :D ~
  4. IwanDeLarch

    IwanDeLarch Lean forward and grab Maester

    The launcher logs its output here: [​IMG]

    Please copy paste the contents of that window to a pastebin and share it with us.
  5. Here's the log output for when I tried logging on not too long before typing this, this time I got disconnected before I got on ;-;
    What even.PNG
    After all of this is a looooooooong line of GL ERROR
    what the fucking fuuuuck.PNG
    So, from reading some bits of the screenshots, I appear to be missing un update? I'm not too well versed in this sort of thing, so I'm not too sure :p
    Any and all help is appreciated :3