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  1. Heres our app for House Glenmore by me and Cl0udkid.
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  3. Hey cl0ud and Jedi, I'll give this a more detailed look in the next few days! Regarding the tests though, I'd work on trying to get as far away from the more outdated North styles as possible, for instance mixing wood types too much, excess logs in houses (unless it's a log cabin ofc), too much of the rope log block where it doesn't make sense, excess spikey-ness, etc. If I catch you in-game I can show you in more detail what I mean. Also, I think I'd like to see a slightly more complete test for the main keep, perhaps with one side of the stone facades done).
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  4. I for one am very excited to see another build getting started in the North :D
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    Alright Emote thanks for the feedback. We thought it would be something positive if we stayed closer to the outdated North styles since we didn't out a out of place looking project but seems we were wrong about that. Let's hope we will see you in game and discuss more about it, in the meanwhile, we will be working more on the keep.
  6. I think it would be really cool to add a whisky distillery and peat bog in the area. The name Glenmore reminds me of the scotch Glenmorangie. Distilled alcohol is not really mentioned in the books, but it wouldn't be too ahistorical for someone to be distilling whisky. It was known as the "water of life" and was commonly used for medicinal purposes.
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  7. It is mentioned! There is supposed to exist a type of rum in the world called black tar rum:
    When I was still a mod I was planning to put a distillery for it in OT.

    Sugarcane in westeros is likely imported tho. I suppose this may be grown on the Summer Isles.

    Remember that for whiskey you'd need arable land for grains (hops, barley, wheat, rye, etc).

    I think it is very much possible despite not having been mentioned at all.
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  8. Finally got a chance to look over the rest of the app. I think my main issue was the tests, as I already described. I don't really see any reason for you to limit yourself based on the surrounding builds; after all, it wasn't done for Winterfell or any of the other recent Northern builds, such as Moss. In fact, if you're willing, I wouldn't mind if you updated the hamlets directly surrounding your lands to ensure a better transition.

    The other thing I'd like to see is some more complete surrounding area plans. While you obviously don't want your region to seem over-cluttered compared to the rest of the North, I'd like to see some more complete plans for farmsteads (like those in Winterfell), terraforming ideas, etc. One thing I might suggest is actually making some rills, which are essentially networks of small gullies left behind by creeks and streams. Try to think of some other ways you can make the surrounding areas more interesting, as parts of the North are rather empty. You might be able to expand terraforming to the rills area in general if you come up with a good concept & are willing by the end of the project.

    I like the idea lemonbear proposed as well.
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  9. If we're trying to fill up empty space in the North, it might be interesting to include some ringfort remains. These ringforts would've belonged to the First Men before being abandoned and grown over.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Cl0udkid

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    Thank you Emote, we will plan everything with Jedi, we will also think about the whisky distillery and we will be updating the document as soon as we will be testing more, till then we appreciate any feedback and more suggestions, thank you everyone for the ideas and thank you once again Emote for the review of what we have until now!
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  11. I'll definitely add these to the Wull lands thanks.
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  12. I would think that barrows may also be more abundant across the north outside of just the barrowlands!

    Just another idea if you need to fill space!
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    Sadly me and Jedi decided to withdraw this application due to uni semester exams, we thought it would be less time demanding, this thread can be locked and achieved.
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  14. I want so much an "unlike" button... :(
    but that's life, and we do understand your decision, we all have irl priorities :)
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    No worries, we might pick it up again later if nobody will do it till then! :D
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  18. Hey Gray,

    Apologies for keeping this waiting so long! The new app looks quite good to me, I'm not seeing anything I would drastically change. Just a couple points though:

    - It seems that the castle location is at the base of a hill, whereas the test you made is flat. That's not necessarily a problem and I really like the new castle design, but what are you going to do to adapt it to the sloped ground?

    - I still think you should try to add small rills as part of the project. Cl0ud is an Editor (or E-lite?) right? It shouldn't be too much effort to add some all things considered. Either way though, just make sure to not skimp on the terraforming/land development, since much of the North is pretty boring right now.

    - I wouldn't mind it if you updated Stumpfield and included the southwest part in your borders. You could also expand a bit north as well and include rillscabin5. It would be good to make the style cohesive at least on that peninsula (the two rivers forming a good enough border between the new and the old).
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  19. Hey emot,
    Regarding the feedback:
    -About the castle,we are aware that we build it flat yet the place we will attach it is a hill,thus we will just copy it and extend the parts where it sticks out and/or make some parts of the castle go underground (thats just 1-2 blocks not much).Therefore it will not look flat as well as we will fix the ground inside the walls to match the outside if necessary.

    -We know that the north looks boring rn so we will ungrass and regrass the whole region more interestingly,we will add minor features around the lands to make it more interesting and not boring (like homeless people's thatch tent thingies ,carts etc etc). Also we would like you to draw on the map some possible locations for rills as we could not decide where to put them.

    -We made a new map that includes Stumpfield and rillscabin5.We agree to remake those warps to match our style.

    -Also as we expanded our northern borders we thing its a good idea to extend the north-western forest by a little bit.
  20. Heres our updated map ( )

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