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  1. Hey, the original thread is 10 pages long (on the old website), so I won't unfortunately copy/paste it all...
    Though, I'll try to copy here the most important informations, the application itself but also in the comments, especially all the discussion around the terraforming of the Mander's delta.

    - old app
    - new app
    - thamus' required terraformed area
    - plans for the terraforming of Mander's delta
    - final map, after reviews of Thamus and myself
    - inspirational photos for the town

    And now, last message:
    I'm glad to announce that uffering's village is now open to build! [​IMG]
    It's located at /warp uffvillage, there are example houses flying above.

    Thanks for building there!
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  2. Hey,
    2 mini-projects left for application!
    - 1 farmstead (/warp ufffarm1): just north of the village, a simple and classic farmstead.
    - 1 manor (/warp uffmanor1): it is used when Lord Uffering and his family travel to the lands, and as a refuge if the castle is attacked/taken; so it is currently unoccupied and the building should show that. It's a fortified manor, so try to make it half HF - half manor (more comfortable than a HF, but that can resist attacks).

    Here is the map of the different locations. The black doted lines area approximative areas allocated to the respective mini.

    Feel free to ask me for help if you need for your application! :)
    Thanks for reading,
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  3. Hello ,me and Cl0udkid are testing for /warp uffhf2. Here are some pictures of the test which you can also view at /warp grayjedi (go up) . Note that the hf has very defensive walls due to the fact that it is protecting the pottery hamlet nearby (which we will also apply for). Also note that the second cart in the road is leaving the pottery hamlet full with clay as the hamlet has clay pits.It has nothing to do with the hf like the one at the hf yard.Thanks
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  4. It also is protecting the bridge and the Ocean Road going just down the HF ;)
    Anyway, approved for me
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  5. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    This is approved by me also!
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  6. Cl0udkid

    Cl0udkid Builder

    Here is for the hamlet close to our holdfast.
    https: //

    Just remove the space after https: for some reason posting the whole link gave me an error or something.
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  7. Thanks for applying you 2,
    I'd juste like to change a bit the layout, so the clay pits are in a flatter area:

    Except that, if you agree with the new layout, I approve!
    I leave you the hamlet part, but as told in game, I will help you with the pottery and clay pits part :)

    Concerning the pits, I've given Jedi&Cloud FM and riverlands' ones as insp (and irl stuff).
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  8. Cl0udkid

    Cl0udkid Builder

    Yes Eld, no problem, we actually wanted to place the clay pits on a flatter area but we were worried that they would be too far from the hamlet, however it looks good on your layout, so there is no problem with it, we agree.
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  9. Then approved for me!
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  10. While the description is good, the plan is somewhat mediocre. I'd like to see more effort put into communicating the placement of the houses, yards, gardens etc, and a more detailed description on the workstations/ sheds required for the clay pit.
  11. Cl0udkid

    Cl0udkid Builder

    Yeah, Eld sorry about that, but after speaking with Gray, I fear we can't do it right now since our college semester is starting, we thought we could do this before it starts, but seems like it's getting complicated and I fear we can't do it.
  12. Okay, there's no problem about that!

    I re-open the hamlet to application then! Feel free to ask me for any questions or details.
  13. I need a new approving mod, in Tham's stead.
    I'll really miss you @Thamus_Knoward , as the one who pushed me so much to make the terraform of Uffering look what it looks today. As many have said, your criticism was always extremely constructive, detailed and precise.
    Thanks for all!!
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  14. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

    Approved, really love this project so far and see no reason for your good work to stop :D
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  15. jmcmarq

    jmcmarq Builder

    I did this app for the manse, i hope u like it!

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  16. Enah

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    hey eld, what's with the new castle changes? i warped and saw no castle but found a church?
  17. Hey enah,
    Yeah I'm gonna redo the castle (not in a very close future, but still), and maybe redo at least partially the town/island.
    But I'll surely keep everyone informed when I come close to this!
    The old castle is juste flying, west of the island.

    @jmcmarq, after working on this with you and Waz, I'm approving the manor. Just need Waz or Emot's approval, and I'll copy-paste it! I'll be in charge of the surroundings, as part of the terraforming I'm making at Uffering.

    I'm also opening 2 new small settlements to build:
    - a hunting hamlet, with a very cool style of huts made by Waz, at /warp uffhunt1
    - and a farming hamlet, very classic, at /warp uffham3
    They both are in the area N/N-E of the Uff's bay. I'm trying to finish this area, terraforming and all :)
    This post is also a reminder for the hamlet open to application at /warp uffham2, a pottery industry hamlet.
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  18. Wazgamer

    Wazgamer Lord Paramount of The Riverlands Maester

    I'm happy to approve JMC's manor after going through it with both of you in-game.