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    Hi all! I won't be able to build until june, but i thought I'd make this thread now to avoid confusion. Look forward to building with all of you!
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    First house at:
    /warp rvkeath
    -1461 46 3957
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    Vertechs Builder

    Second at:
    /warp bandallontown
    -9178 59 20467
  4. Hello Vertechs Ill be your probation leader, in the upcoming month we will require you to build atleast 5 houses, if you run into any problems, be it ingame or real life make sure to notify me and Ill make sure to adjust the duration of your probation accordingly. If you have any questions feel free to contact me ingame or by this thread, I will try to walk you through your builds whenever we meet on the server, however atleast till the 18th Ill be using this thread to leave all the feedback on your builds!

    Good luck and i am looking forward to meeting you
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    Thanks for taking up my probation! I will probably be pretty busy with work for a few weeks, but I should be able to do at least 5 houses just fine.

    Third house at:
    /warp ball
    -6272 51 18948
  6. 1st house - A very solid build overall, the only thing I would perhaps change is the spread of the fish/herb/meat blocks, Try to have them in one location rather than sprinkled around the house.
    - do not use plowed soil/soul sand in a regular dirt gradient, instead use mud
    - the net over the firewood inside is bit meaningless

    Otherwise I like it

    2nd house - Pretty much perfect, the only recommendation I can give is to replace the table drawer for bench drawer block, since that one doesnt have the metal handle and would fit better in a lower class house

    3rd house
    - have the carpet in one piece, it will look better and make more sense (dont be afraid to have it cover almost all of the floor)
    - do not have storage blocks on places that are hard to get to (via ladder etc...) and limit them to 3-5 per lowclass house (exts included) unless there is more specific reason for them.
    -single piston tables are very unstable, having only one leg, id recommend using something simple instead of them (slab with 2 halfdoors, crate, etc...)
    -having the sausages hang on a horizontal rope rather than a diagonal one would make it look better and allow another item to hang next to them

    Exts: try to use up more of the yards area, right now its mostly grass with very small amount of veggie patches. Increase the amount and size of the patches
    - make sure a path always connects to them

    Otherwise well done!
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    I think I fixed everything on the list. Someone fixed the interior on the 3rd house already, but I will be sure to remember those notes in further builds.
    Nearly done with fourth house, sorry its going so slowly.
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    4th house at:
    /warp glham1
    x:-6777 z:-6631
  9. Hello Vertechs looks like your probations time limit is up and you are still lacking a house! Is there any specific reason you did not manage to reach the required number, do you need an extension or did you lose interest in the server? Please let me know! So we can adjust accordingly!

    cheers simba
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    Still very interested in becoming a builder, sorry, work has been taking up more time than expected. I'd like an extension if possible, hopefully things will slow down after this week and I can build more.
  11. Sure no problem, extension granted for as long as you need!
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    House 5 at:
    /warp whiteharbor
    1841 68 -2881

    hopefully can do a couple more small ones this weekend
  13. Unfortunately I can no longer be part of the server for some time, therefore I am unable to review your house, I would kindly like to ask @Emotione11 to finish your probation period with you instead of me.
    My deepest apologies,
  14. Sure thing! I'll take a look this weekend.
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    Sorry to hear that Simba, hope all is well.
    And thanks emote for picking me up!
  16. Thank you emoticone for taking Vetechs up! And dont worry Vetechs I am fine.
  17. Hey Vert, sorry I got a busy stint before I was able to look, but the White Harbor house looks really cool! I only have a couple pointers (on a couple challenging parts of doing diagonal houses):

    - The garden door, from the inside, looks a little odd with the full block hovering over it. Best thing to do is to just use an upside-down stair block above the door, facing inwards (so it looks like a regular block on the outside).

    - On the second floor, there's a window block right where the wall staggers, so you can see the through it on two sides. I would try to reorganize stuff a little so that doesn't happen.

    Your 5 houses seem quite good though, so I'll promote you asap! Welcome (fully) to the team :D
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    Fixed the window as best as i could without adding new walls, i think it looks ok though.

    Yay!! Thank you for the promotion, I'm very much looking forward to building with y'all more.
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