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  1. A thread for all my probationy goodness...
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  2. My first house is up in Stackspear -6299,8350. Its an orchard workers house sleeping four. Already done a second pass on it because I was going to post here when it was approved, just realised thats not to helpfull for a probation leader to give feedback on though, sorry :)
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  3. Numero dos is a hunting cabin in Mistwood. Still working on it but /mistham3 then follow the path to 7607,19905. For a look.
  4. Hey I'll be your probation leader. I do my probations in the form of in situ feedback with melons then a summary on here. Please be careful where you build as some areas may not be ready yet to buid :)
  5. Hi Otty, I'll keep an eye out and make sure locations are good to build on. Will also circle back round and check for melons.

    Nummer Drei, is up in Whiteharbour. /wolfsgate /sheepsgate 2401,-2831. Farmhouse sleeping six.
  6. Soo, we went to a lot today, and welp, a lot to summarize here. I may do it in the next couple of builds to summarize issues here but since this was one-one and your first build with my review we will, I'll pass on summarizing it here. :)
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  7. Cheers for the help last night. I already know my whiteharbour flowery side gardens gonna need toning down a wee bit =). The non planted parts of the field are currently mostly grass, I will dirt and gravel them up some more too.
  8. House four, a miners house in Hawthorne Hamlet 5 (-2120,12680). Kitchen, dining room and store room downstairs, couple of bedrooms upstairs.
  9. 5. Herbalists house for one. /warp Graves (-8840,20670)
  10. Gone of the 3rd house together and rather in depth

    I have your fourth house critiqued. READ MELONS IN SITU <3 For now, while you're a probie keep consistent to a single running style before becoming more independent on stylist changes to someone's build. The roof switch was unique and I would have either just done the "barn roof" or the 45-degree roof. The more you follow the steps of others, the more you know when its smart/safe to deviate from the style.

    While it is used around Hawthorne be careful of your use of "messy" thatch roofs. They're considered dated if not done carefully.

    Your yards are improving but still have some to go. They're most people's low point. I've left a few bits of critique that pretty much go over what I discussed before. Good job on the use of space though, probably the best so far.

    Avoid 2 block high room. Hard to avoid with lofts but yeah, 3 is always preferred. It's a "try to avoid" comment.
  11. House 5 was approved by Enah and therefore I rather not critique it as it withheld the standards of someone else. It may have also indicated change made by the builder you did not implement yourself.

    2 more homes are still needed.
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  12. Cheers Otty, I'll check out the melons and adjust when I'm on later, and scout out another build location.
  13. Number 6, low class basket weaver for two. Next door to build number 5.
  14. #7 Waterman east side, boatmakers house, Ottys seen it. Too far away to check the coords...
  15. Well, I forgot what I had said about these houses, I had thought I had responded on this forum saying I was confident for you to move. SO, sorry mods I thought I had sent the feedback on here as I was meant too!


    You're ready to move onto being full builder when you month is up. You've improved exponentially and listened very well. When your month is up, request a mod move remove your [N] and allow you to select a plot to work on. Before moving onto bigger projects it is required to do a hamlet or a holdfast. I always push to not follow in my steps and slow down before moving onto big projects. Don't do as I did and hop in immediately. Once you commit yourself to a bigger project it tears your gut out, rips your soul in half and will consume your waking being until it is over. When that project is over, you will look at it and cry every time you fly by and have the desire to nuke it. You will reapply to redo it a year or two later and maintain the same regret when it's over again. Some projects will never be complete, they will take more time to make than a film, and the tunnel will seem dark no speckle of light. Harvest Hall, Hawthorne, Fairmarket, Wickeden... Ask these builders and they will tell you their sorrows.

    ... TL;DR Big projects aren't as cool as they seem, they're hard work commit when you think you're absolutely ready to do so.
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