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    A Probation Thread for P_Tesla.
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    A small fishing house

    X: 2935 Y: 38 Z: 991

    /warp newkeep
  3. Hey Tesla I'll take over your Probation! Hope you'r enjoying your time so far. Your application homes were really outstanding so I see that you'll probably have it easy for your probation!
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    Whale Oil Worker House

    X:2432 Y:45 Z:-1998

    /warp briarwatch
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    Cheese Maker

    X: -6280 Y:39 Z:18979

    /warp ball
  6. Hey Tesla, first off, good job on your first ever house! Here are some points of feedback but they're mostly minor things:

    -The rafters on the first floor are lacking consistency and are a bit odd next to the stairs well. Try to make them work logically and fit to a nice pattern.

    -The cabinets open up to a block of wood? They can't place anything in a block of wood! Use upside down stairs instead

    -Bread was an expensive food item for a fisher, especially a whole loaf.

    -This fisherman has lots of utensils, pans and knives were super expensive in medieval times. I usually suggest just a single set (block) of something at most for a poor house.

    -I put them there for you to more easily understand but at the top of the stairs it's usually nicer to have wattle railing than leaving it completely open.

    -The stairs themselves are odd with the final stair to the top jutting out into the room where it is. Push it back one so the stair that turns is against the wall. Make that stair it connect to the bottom more. aswell too. It feels kinda unsupported where it currently is.
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    Fixed the stairs, and as a result, the rafters have been fixed. Got rid of the bread. Got rid of the cabinet all together cause I wasn't happy with the scale of it. Re did the kitchen area and replaced the utensils with more storage.
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    Ale Merchant

    X: -5048 Y:45 Z:15195

    /warp broomham5 (Village south of the warp)
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    Three floor Tenant Wine Seller at Bottom, then Middle Class Tenants above.

    X:-365 Y:83 Z: 24805

    /warp hellholt2
  10. Whale Oil house

    I have to post this despite you fixing and adjusting it already.

    -Random netting, think about the "why" in everything if your putting something somewhere think why, if your answer is "to fill space," "because it needs more" then dont place it. Always consider the reason.
    -Missing dirt paths, these are important! Anywhere anyone my tread cosistenly needs to be surrounded by dirt!
    -Lots of food and utensils

    Lastly you built in a area not yet open, if you see glass in an area that creates a border like the one west of this house, then it means that area is open and ready for builders to come build in. This house is outside that zone :).
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    I apologize, I was not aware of the glass border thing. Should I nuke the house and build something else then?
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    Lower Middle Class house

    X:-9213 Y:48 Z:20451

    /warp blackbarhall
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    Lower Class House

    X: -7239 Y: 41 Z: 15247

    /warp brandybottom

    *Note the rear yard was not done by me, it was already done by someone else.
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    Lower Class farming village 4 houses.

    X: -5955 Y: 39 Z: 17126

    /warp wbold
  15. Cheese Monger House -
    Little Critique on this one so great job!
    I recommended to redo the room upstairs as it felt almost too empty, so the storage idea was a nice touch.
    Removed the false Cheese sign altogether
  16. Ale Merchant in Broom
    Just a reminder, dirt would fall so keep it supported somehow! And ensure no dirt blocks are exposed under stone blocks :D
  17. Hellholt
    -Forgot the place for them to cook on the 3rd floor! D:
    -Try to consider how things would be in real life and if it doesn't seem practical to do in real life, don't do it in game. Candle on a soft, rounded woven basket? Doesn't seem safe!

    Welp thats your last probation build. I feel as if I didn't say much but you seemed to have learned very quickly and had very good start. As a reminder to what I said yesterday, keep looking on how to bring the place to life more and bringing your own style into builds. Bring that character of you into them and that'll be what makes your builds unique and good.
  18. Hey Tesla, after coming across one of your builds again in broom I noticed the roof was off, this is my mistake for not catching it however, we often prefer the "T" shape roofs rather than the L where it curves at a corner. I suggest having it so that the home has 3 gables rather than 2.
  19. Additional feedback provided in the form of Melons on your Brandy and Bandallon homes :) You've improved!
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    Logger House

    X: -6799 Y: 52 Z: -6621

    warp: glham1