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    Hello! Probation thread for me, I guess.
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  2. hehehe426

    hehehe426 Builder

    First House:
    Low Class House
    /warp broomham2

    [X: -5043, Z: 15196, Y: 45]
  3. Hello there "Pie," I am very excited to have you join our team. This experience is what you make it, make friends, work hard, have fun and stick around as this server is ever evolving. I will take up your probation. You'll probably need to ask around for some potential build spots and ensure to pay attention to our details and logic.

    Here is the review of you first build
    -The chimney lacked texture/color add some lighter stone at the top
    -We typically prefer the look of grown crops, you do need to bone meal here and there
    -Slabbed or hoppered Clothesline is considered outdated to most as it looks topheavy. Use wood carpet instead.
    -Nitpicky but poor people didn't have a lot of utensils, usual reserve the utensils to one block
    -Good job on maintaining the style of House Broom
    -Good Job on dirt placement and gravel mix
    -Good job on the simple interior design and logical thinking

    Good luck on you next build!
  4. hehehe426

    hehehe426 Builder

    Second House:
    Low Class Fisherman House
    /warp rvkeath

    [X: -1475, Z: 3909, Y: 36]
  5. hehehe426

    hehehe426 Builder

    Third House:
    Low Class House
    East of /warp uffvillage

    [X: -5825, Z: 17748, Y: 42]