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    We are still in need of a style for Oldtown, and I’d like to remind everyone that testing is still open. To give an indication of what we are looking for, I will explain the subjects style, class and palette in this post, which will be focussing on houses. I’d also like to remind everyone of the Oldtown Document, which still holds up.

    In all of Oldtown there will be a staggering total of three styles. While this seems a bit low, style in this case refers to the building period in which a building is build and thus the building methods, architectural elements and layout. The styles are the following:
    • Style I; Early First Men, based on pre-romanesque architecture. These buildings will be the oldest in Oldtown.
    • Style II; Late First Men, based on romanesque architecture. These buildings will be prominent in the outskirts of Oldtown.
    • Style III; Late Andal, based on gothic architecture. These buildings will be found in the more affluent neighbourhoods, as they started to replace earlier houses.
    Class in Oldtown will be slightly different than usual. Rather than automatically assuming a low class house will be tiny and cramped and a high class house huge and spacious, class gives an indication of the state a building is in (old and ramshackle or in perfect condition), the use and size of exterior space and the amount of families living in it (multi tenancy). Of course this doesn’t mean there won’t be small low class houses.

    Due to this, a house which used to be home to a high class family during the Andal invasion, might have fallen into despair and is now home to one or more families of a lesser social status.

    So far, the different classes are:
    • Low class; farmer, primarily found in the outer neighbourhoods and environs. More focussed on agriculture.
    • Low class; worker, primarily found in the inner neighbourhoods. Servants and whatever else makes up the workforce of medieval society.
    • Middle class; artisan, merchants, craftsmen, etc..
    • High class; townhouse, merchants, nobles, etc..
    • High class; estate, very rich merchants, nobles (both affluent and poor).
    Thus far we are still tinkering with the eventual palette. I advise everyone to test in the Pink Reach palette, since this will be the basis (all new blocks, including Oldtown brick, will be made to match with Pink Reach).

    Although canon indicates that “Oldtown is a stone city”, lighter building materials (read: not stone) should still be present. Think about dormers, small extensions, shopfronts and what not.

    So what do we need?
    So far, most tests have been for high class houses. While we appreciate the testing, what we really need is tests for low class houses. The majority of the city will be low class, while a very tiny amount will be high class.

    Ideas and suggestions
    If you have any cool ideas or suggestions, for the styles, classes or the palette, feel free to share them in this thread. If you think a certain block is needed to work something out, also feel free to discuss it here.

    I'm sure I don't need to remind people to tag your tests. I don't care how cool a test is, if there's no clear tag I will remove it (I won't find your tag if it's not above the centre of the test).

    Testing area cleanup
    I will make some space by removing some of the tests. If you don't want your test to be gone by the 23rd of July, tag it (clearly) with a NOTE block.
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    I have reworked my palette for my venice-early gothic inspired houses. they now have a respectable pink reach and grey.
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    Kind reminder about the cleanup (which hasn't happened yet). Will do this as soon as I find actual time to do so. If you haven't properly tagged tests you want to keep with a note utility block, do so right now.

  4. Might be nice if during the cleanup we replaced all the placeholder OT texture pack blocks (purpur, prismarine etc) with their equivalent custom blocks from the latest update.
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    I think people are capable of keeping their own tests up to date, I'm not going to tamper with tests I didn't make myself.
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  6. That's what I meant, if you're telling people to go around putting a Note block on their tests, they can fix the blocks while they're at it.
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  7. I have a key for most of the block replacements at /warp otppalette, btw.
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  8. Tried to mark most of the high-quality tests with a big Note sphere. A few people are on vacation right now so I don't think they can tag their own. @Fin , if there are any specific tests of yours you want to save (I've already marked a number of them), please let me know.
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    I like this style products..Lovely textures.
    When you upload new update?Cannot wait.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Update (per request)
    We're currently working on updating the Oldtown document (link is to the old document), so that it gives everyone a clear overview of the final plans, rules and choices for Oldtown. Some plans will be changed, rules and guidelines are being added and a clear overview of all the professions is being added.

    On the map we (read; Iwan and a number of builders) have prepared the terrain for the city, rerouted the Honeywine and laid out the primary infrastructure.

    However, a lot of work still needs to be done before we can announce an official start for the serverbuild. We're always in need of tests, especially for houses, and there are a number of things we'd like to do before starting, such as plotting the city and building a styleguide.
  11. Loving it!
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    i like it!