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  1. MyrOrion|Orion

    MyrOrion|Orion Nobuild


    The Netherlands

    Well.. an early concept of King's Landing was used in the video of a Dutch Youtuber a 'long' time ago.. so I got interested and downloaded the map and flew around KL not knowing what it was. Later on I read the information on the page and started watching the series and reading the books.. to sum it up.. I 'heard' about it on YT

    LOTR, Hobbit, Percy Jackson (books), Vikings

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings

    All of the above

    Sansa Stark (Oh boy, having a hard time not to spoil..). She went through a lot of stuff and she managed to stay 'positive' and find the happy moments in her live. As the show goes on you see her grow up and see her get traits from the people around her, her character development is amazing and later on.. you even see a little baelish

    My stubborn attitude.. I don't quit till the job is done, and I won't give up on things so easily (you can put that in a bad and good way now I think about it). I am also quick to solutions and I plan things out till the littlest detail (only if I did that in school). I may be an introvert but somehow I am also sociable, I am able to make a network in no time what could be useful..

    I would like to build here to learn from the others and get more experienced with the styles that are shown on the server. From the Sept to The Wall, everything is unique in a way and thus a good lesson. I am a reasonable builder myself, but you will learn new things everyday and I think this server will provide the lessons 'we' all need

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  2. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Hey I will review this after work ASAP
  3. MyrOrion|Orion

    MyrOrion|Orion Nobuild

    Thanks mate, take your time ;)
  4. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Ok, so, after reviewing the house i have a few major critiques on it.

    1 The chimney melts into the hillside? This is really strange, and I don't know anywhere on earth where thsi occurs, unless the chimney has collapsed and the stones scattered. The chimney is also far too massive for the house. Usually 1-2 blocks will suffice, and historically chimneys were a sign of wealth.

    2 Stone doo-dads and extra decorations. Stone supports on a wooden house seem rather odd and are definitely an outdated stylistic choice on the server.

    3 The wheat in the fenced in area is far too small to really be useful as a crop. Wheat needs a good amount of land to actually produce enough grain to make flour.

    4 The sunken muddy area around the house is different, but I'm failing to understand the concept or reason. Let me know what it's about

    5 Logs, you have logs and log supports everywhere. The server's standards are that logs should be used for trees, or in rare cases really wide ceilings/castle halls.

    6 You have several lanterns lighting the exterior areas and many candles, both of which were expensive, especially to peasants. Also torches are something only castles typically would have. And another thing to add, candles should never be stuck on walls. It's unrealistic and looks very vanilla. A table or surface or on iron chains or fence (for fancy places) work nicely but again, too many as they are costly

    7 The fireplace and mantelpiece are nice

    8 I dn't know what the second furnace is for, the one wedged between tables. It also seems to have no where for smoke to go?

    9 Your peasants seem to have a spider problem.

    10 the ceilings are very flat. upside down stairs and slabs make great ceilings with supports, which is a common choice on the server and it's not bad to look at.

    11 Glass windows for a lower class house, such as this one, are a big no-no. Glass was very expensive, even by the 1400-1500s it was costly, and people who did own glass windows usually took them with them when they traveled (lol silly tudor folks) Simple openings work wonders and feel really quaint. Examples are (outdated) fences to represent the wooden slats, or a 2 high hole with a slab up top and a carpet on bottom, or even the dornish carved wooden deco block work well.

    12 multisided blocks should have most sides not used covered up, typically halfdoors work well.

    So, while this might seem to be a lot, it's not. So, what i want you to do is go and study the styles at byrch. And build me a simple cottage in that style, low class. Go forth and create!
  5. MyrOrion|Orion

    MyrOrion|Orion Nobuild

    Thanks for the review, and damn never have I seen so 'much' critique on one of my builds (don't worry, I'm not offended. I can pack a punch). Let me explain some things for you (not smooth talking it).

    Number 1; If you look closely, you can see that the surface underneath the firewood is stone. I extended it to the chimney, maybe not the best idea as it looks like it has blended into the hillside.. but.. there ya go.

    Number 5; I am basically used to using logs as support pieces, they add a nice touch to it but I'll fly around King's Landing (Fleabottom) and Wintertown to look at some examples to improve and look for alternatives.

    Number 8; Where did it come from, where did it go? :3 (Sorry.. it's.. it's the autism ;) )

    Number 4; The place is mean to be terraformed a bit to make it more blend in or there should be better forest biomes *looks at Microsoft*

    Number 9; Who are they supposed to call? (Having a hard time not making a Ghostbusters refrence here.. or.. did I already fail myself?)

    That's about it really.., I hope this clears some things up. But I'll do my best to make an even better build in the near future.

    Again, thanks for the review

    -=Winter is coming=-
  6. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    are you still interestwed in becoming a builder? I'm going to close your application in seven days time without a response.
  7. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    this is application is now closed. please feel free to reapply at your convenience if you still choose to at any point.
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