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    The first time I heard about WesterosCraft was through a YouTube video showcasing a build. The time when I considered joining, however, was through the r/GameOfThrones GRRM Subreddits list. I thought it was an awesome project, and that's when I decided to join.

    Harry Potter (of course), The Chronicles of Narnia, The Elder Scrolls (an rpg, but it is one of my favorite universes)

    Season 1
    Season 2

    SANSA STARK, her story is so compelling to me. She did everything right, she was mild-mannered and did her needlework, but because she wasn't willing to accept the harshness of the world, she trusted the wrong people and got herself into, well, not exactly the best of circumstances.

    I'm a very artistic person, and I am adept at visualizing how someone would go through their given routine, so furnishing a house or two isn't a hard task. I love creating things from the ground up, and I believe I have a good eye for what works and what doesn't.

    The builds on this server are magnificent. To be a part of something that has grown over years, that has seen people come and go, where everyone is connected by this project, it's breathtaking. To learn from the people who have been there since the beginning, and even those who have been there for only a month or two, is something I very much would love to participate in.

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    Hey! So, this is actually really good, only a couple things i see too off about it.

    1 The daub patterns, while they can be tricky to get looking good, can be improved.

    2 The dark and light cobble dont mix well, outside of jungle/jungleedge biomes i'd use the grey bricks instead with dark cobble

    3 Stair chairs are rarely used anymore, we do have slabs and stools, stools being more upper class but thatch or leather or wood slabs make great seats.

    4 I'd include a shed or something to smoke the fish/store

    so, really good house for a first start! So I'm gonna issue you a challenge or two to get you more familiar with the styles. Please build me a house in the style of White Harbour or Whsprawl and middle class. take note on how the houses and how they're arranged too, good luck!
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    Okay, thanks for the feedback. I'll make those changes and build a Whiteharbour house, then I'll get back to you!
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    No need to alter the app build, it’s just to see your skills
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    Alright, here's a Whiteharbour house.

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    Another great house! only thing that's missing is the occasional halfdoor to help support the roof! normally if you have exposed tile/thatch inside, a series of (in rows 2 high with 1 on bottom 2 on top) 1 halfdoor 2 step 1 air 2 slab 1 air 2 slab 1 halfdoor 2 stair
    so you shall receive a final challenge jsut to be sure. please do a a middle class house with a profession of hatmaker in the style of Fairmarket. ask around if you are unsure which are which
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    Here is a middle class hatmaker's house in the style of Fairmarket.
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    this is also a great one! a lil fun thing to represent hats is to use the tiled roof tips, cause they kinda look like pointy medieval hats :D one thing, always try if you can to cover the brick/stone top of walls on upper levels. sometimes it's impossible to do, but other than that, i think that you are pretty up to date with our standards. everything else will come with time as you accomplish your probation. So, welcome to the team! please read over this and have a blast! congrats!
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