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  1. My app
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  2. Wazgamer

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    Just to note that you’ve only just finished your last project and you have to wait a week before starting a new one. So feedback won’t be delivered until then.

    Thank you :)
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  3. And that you haven't been post-approved, so you're technically not done with Glenmore
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  4. Hi I would like to withdraw this app for pemford,some stuff have come up :c
  5. EStoop

    EStoop Peasant of Oldtown Builder

    I think it might be wiser to avoid doing projects directly around Riverrun, since as far as I know there are plans to redo the castle at some point in the future (I think wazgamer is testing?). This would avoid situations similar to Oldtown-Blackcrown/Threetowers, in which projects got partly removed in order to fit in with the server project they are bordering.

    The same goes for other serverprojects we already decided to do a redo of.
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  6. Wazgamer

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    Stoop does make a valid point, Riverrun redo will be a while off so it could indeed be a situation where we have to nuke parts of the Pemford area, for river re-terra. I won't stop you from going forward with this project, but this is definitely a concern of mine. If you were to go ahead, I'd be tightly managing the project aswell.

    You could move this up to the Lychester area, and finish that project? Lychester keep is complete, but there's a lot of land around there that hasn't even been touch, due to the unorganised projects on the server when Ollie made Lychester Keep.
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  7. Enah

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    I thought Lychester was actually surrounded by unihabited land?
  8. i really cant proceed with an app right bc i might not have my pc for 1-2 weeks so..
  9. Wazgamer

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    this is why we need a dislike button
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