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  1. Hey, This is my first project house Keath
    Hope I don't forget about anythink and I'm open on feedback.
  2. I do model for the village\small town
  3. Enah

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    hey fun, so, been going over your plans for the lands here. i would have more farmland focused along the river, with possibly a couple fortified farms that can serve as hf's if needed. would also like to see a small village/large hamlet on that northern part fo the river close to the twins. now, for some of the rural style, i'd go for a large barn/house combo. the germans have a house style like this, where the barn, storage and house are all under one roof. a town this far north and this close to the twins would probably be fairly poor and i hope t not have many luxuries in the houses. i very much like your lowmid and low class houses, the fence/gate detailing is nice and seems appropriate for the region. the castle is really charming, it's defensive, has a good proportion to it and carries itself well, though i would not have glass in the castle, nor in any building except maybe the sept. so, i might come up with some more critiques or suggestions, but atm i'm digging it.
  4. My new map for the lands
    I try to include everything that Enah was talking about.

    Black - roads
    Red - castle, watchtower, holdfast
    Blue - rivers and streams
    Yellow - settlements
    Green - forest, wood, tress
    Dark grey - pasture
    Cyan - fields
    Dark red - border
    Purple - single farms
    Dark grey star - ruins
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    alright, everything looks good to me, the styles are consistant with that area of the riverlands, it's decently populated, poverty level is on "fleek" as the kids say. so, i approve with the condition that i may change anything at anypoint for the good of the project and the leader's fame and infamy
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    Okay hio Fun! The houses and lands seem good, however I have a few quarrels with the castle itself.

    Click here first!

    1. Okay so you've used a solid section of simply stone blocks, I'm not sure if this was intentional but I feel that this is too contrasting with the other blocks in terms of texture.

    2. I'm not entirely sure about the outer wall, I know this is from your inspiration but It seems kinda cramped how you carried it out, also I don't think the buttresses along the wall are needed. (Open to your opinions on this one)

    3. You've used stone bricks on the palette, however you've used it so sparsely that it just clutters the original pallete further, take a look at the imgur pics to see how to do it better.

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    I also have some notes on the roofs, but I think it’d be best if I gave you examples in game.

    Just notify me once you’ve adressed the above response and I can show you some good roof techniques.

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  9. So, now i start work on terrain.
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  10. Warp keath is open for building.
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    @Nomorefun_ Seems to be going well! Will need to build you a house :D
  12. I know this be very long time since when i start working on my project. And now i think this is time to overview what I did.
    So this is map with regions of Keath land: [​IMG]
    1. Done in ~75%, to do finish all WIP house, finish castle, finish roads and main square, do some little work in forest.
    2. Done in ~30%, only i have planed main farm and some fields, do 60% of forest, have location for 3 windmills and for brewery and roads, riverbank of Green Fork.
    3. Done in ~60%, i have to do a lumber camp, finish forest along road to Charlton and do some work along stream on the outer side of forest.
    4. Done in ~10%, this part is mostly new and i will soon open the village to build, i have to do many works with my holdfast and the hamlet upon, I have planed all fields and pasture so this will be quick.
    5. Done in ~35%, this is mostly forest part of my land with 1 small hamlet and 1 cabin of hunter. I have to add more trees and open the hamlet to build.
    6. Done in ~40%, I did the ruins of castle and land nearby my main river also i have left some work with my river village,
    to do i have plan all fields and my farmlands and riverbank of Green Fork.
    8. Done in ~30%, i had planed half of fields and big farm. Mostly to do rest of fields, planed small farm, riverbank of Green Fork.
    7. This is a nice river island and i think about add on it a monastery, some thing like quite island of course smaller and less important, but that serves like medieval hospital, holy place and centre of science in region.
    They are my idea for this: [​IMG]
    I plane a water mill on the island but here I have a question whether in this place mill can be ?
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  13. I think mills were mostly used for making flour, so maybe have it on the other side of the river, nearer to the fields?
  14. Enah

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    The mill location on the island is impractical due to the actual scale of the world were recreating. There’s no bridges canonically to the isle so they’d have to ferry across what could maybe a mile wide river.
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  15. OK, thanks for feedback, so i will do only small platform for boats. I also think about do small herbs garden and graveyard on the island.
  16. EStoop

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    If you're going to put something on the island, I advice to have it follow the island's form and cover it entirely. Placing a square-ish building on the island like that looks odd and out of place. Keep in mind that an island in a river would at least partly flood when the water level rises, and settlers on the island would take precautions to stay dry.
  17. So two weeks go and this is my summary what i have done in this time.

    1. Just don't to much, I only finish 2 houses, all roads and I reset gradient on the castle and I need help with this to make it look good.~ 80%
    2. This is part with I mostly work, I planed all fields , painted all roads also I plan do a forest with lumber camp on the end land between rivers,I will open 4 houses south of town to build today.~50%
    3. Only add some trees along stream, and add road to the camp.~65%
    4. In this part I have planed everything, add more pastures to the holdfast, do plain between pastures of holdfast and pastures of village, very soon open village to build.~40%
    5. I do some work in hamlet, and I will today open houses to build.~45%
    6. Add roads but I don't know if I should do fields, pasture or let it to a plain. Also I will open rest of houses to build in river village today.~45%
    7. I will let do the septry for later time when I will have mostly done rest of the lands.
    8. I plan the small farm complex in the north edge next to the knight tower done by Polopolo, I add plans fora wind mill and miller small farm, also I have planed all locations for fields and pastures.~50%
    So this were 2 busy weeks and i do some progress, I need help with gradient for castle so if anyone want help I'm very open for it.
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  18. So I do summary of my project today because is 31 august and I have one month to start my study on University and I want finish my project to this time.

    1. Only castle to finish and some houses but minor things.
    2. I must do shores of the rivers, finish forests, make brewery at the moment i have only test, make houses of farmers and finish big farm.
    3. Only i have to do small area of cut trees, north edge of my border and terrain along river.
    4. Finish holdfast which be rebuild, hamlet upon holdfast, farmers village, do a vegetable fields, and lake.
    5. Finish forest and wicker hamlet.
    6. River village need still some houses also fisher hamlet, terrain between ruins and river to finish.
    7. If someone have any nice inspiration for septry on river island, or want do it I will be very grateful for that.
    8. Vegetable fields, big farm to do and small farm to finish.

    I have request to mod for removal old warps and adding new warps on my land. I putted note blocks with name of new warp in place where they should be.
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  19. I have made a little change in look of my castle, I find some more pics of original castle and I need more space for solders and armoury and upped walls.
    There are pics of the castle:
    I'm very close to finish this project, forest are done, keahton is finish too, I work with details.
    I still need to finish my hamlets and I please to do houses in warps keathhamlet 1,2,3,
    also i need inn along road to Twins in fvkeath.
  20. Hey, this was very long time and I do some progress on my project.
    Since I start studding in big city and I travel every day there i don't have too much time in week, only a little in weekends. So the lands stay very not touched for long time.
    I'm very happy that at the moment all houses are done or be done by me.
    I want thank everyone who help me with this project.
    I do list with things which are still to do.

    1. The castle: I work on it very slowly, I not have idea for two rooms so if anyone have idea can tell me in game.
    2. Farm1: I do it from some time and it go in good direction.
    3. Fisher hamlet: All houses are done, to do fisher staff and boats.
    4. Farm2: It will take me some work on it but the barn is done and labourer's houses too.
    5. Brewery: Only shape is done, also my plantation of hop is to do. Also windmills are to finish.
    6. Fisher village: Fishing staff to do, finish the vegetable fields and do boats.
    7. Sept at island: Mostly done I want add graveyard and add plant at shore.
    8. Farm3: Only shape is done rest to do.
    9. Farm4: Same situation like at top.
    10. Farm5:Only Barn and vegetable gardens to do.
    11. Holdfast and hamlet: To finish not too lot things to do.
    12. Farm village: Farmers houses are done, I started the inn and have milk industry shape. I have tannery area to do, and barn is to do.
    I hope I will finish every things to end of this year.
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