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  1. Hey, This is my first project house Erenford
    hope you like and get some feedback and approval ;)
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  2. Great looking app, I like it.
    Definitely have parts of the forest redone, and try to make it match what has been done at Grey for continuity.
    The keep test is charming, good work on that.

    Everything looks worthy of approval, no major issues.
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  4. Hey, if you want to mess with forests in Grey, that's fine with me.
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    Planning on making the forests consistent with Lolliston ones, I don't think Erenford needs the coniferous type though only the temperate, will blend this into grey forests or redo parts of grey forests to transition.
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  6. Just a lil bump for pizza's approval :)

    So in meantime I have got my castle to final stages now, theirs a link below to see my castle and give me any feedback if you see anything your not sure about ;)
    thank you
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  8. Oi Majic, just an aesthetic recommendation. Make the castle floors a different texture from the walls. Makes it look more realistic and less uniform. Floors would be dirty, after all.
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  9. ^thank you, yeah I forgot about that haha; will make it a different texture.
    (at the moment them servants are cleaning the floors to make them spotless xD)
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  11. Enah

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    /me hypes slightly more
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  12. Hey :), just an update to show the mods, as I haven't seen either of them in game.
    Working on top left or north west area of erenford ( most populated area)
    here is a detailed update to my fields in north west, have sent to waz my editor :).[​IMG]
    also the village layout and idea below, you can visit the village in more detail if you do /warp erenford or erenfordcastle.

    and here [​IMG]
    so i just wanted to check in on your thoughts as i will open the village if its ready ;) which I'm thinking its starting to :D
    also the village is built along the kings road so some traffic would go through
    thanks for reading this, majic.
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    Hey Majic sorry for my absence.

    Everything looks good to me. This is purely pre-emptive (i.e. I'm, not saying you were going to but just incase), but make sure at such a small scale the fields only have paths between them. I do wonder if the northern 'carrots' field (just beneath the NEW PATHWAY text) should also be a wheat field, to avoid making the wheat seem too cramped. If you're unsure about anything, make sure to talk to your editor waz about field making. Often editors can come in handy for plotting fields - having done it themselves many times. I think generally my main concern is the scale, but again talk to waz.

    Otherwise looks good. I love seeing the castle onsite, its so neat!
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    Didn't see that originally but I think it wouldn't be a bad shout to change that field to wheat.
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  15. cool thank you Howy,
    yeah ill refrain from making really small fields and will change the slightly, i also said to waz that he can change stuff if it looks wrong or a bit weird.
    I sort of tried to go for rectangular fields similar to lolliston and fair market but i can change it with waz in game, also the fields i didn't feel needed a path though them as they all have entrances around the side as the main path in the middle is used to access the middle fields. also there there should be room around each of the fields and left space for headlands and around the fields for people to walk around the fields to weed and allow horses to plow or harvest

    thanks for feedback howy
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  16. Yeah just an update my mac died yesterday so am going to have it fixed :\ hopefully tomorow

    So erenford
    The warps are in place for the miniprojects and main area todo is the forest.

    The big forest that covers my lands which is being done by waz :p should be main focus as i would like this part done as cloudkid said he would do erenfordhamlet2.

    Here’s a list of miniprojects todo :-
    Erenfordhamlet1 - open for app (farming hamlet)
    Erenfordhamlet2- open for app (logging hamlet)
    Erenfordfarm2 -open for app
    Erenfordmine - open for app but this will be alongside wazgamer because he is lead edit of this project and this area needs abit of we :)

    Check the area before planning :) also make sure you have read the original application to notice some details about the location such as the amount of houses and other buildings that i would like included in the area,

    Also any feedback would be great at this stage of planning, as im not to sure is there should be any septrys or some small holdfasts but that may be to much as the lands are quite poor so ill leave that up to a mod ;)
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  17. Looks great magic!
  18. thanks duck :) yeah going quite slow at the moment do want to get back to it though

    Also new extention to the lands north of the border - where i would like the small watchtower to be in veiwing distance to the tower castle as to inform anything that is approaching from the north, gives abit of time for villagers and castle to prepare themselves

    Also trees on that side of the river will help with the next project to merge better with erenford
  19. As I have been more active lately the village is close to completion with all the plots completed and most of the details now done I have also mostly completed the farmstead west of my castle, The castle i am now working on and hopefully it will not take long to finish it :)

    now thats cleared up, I would like todo a slight land extension to the north seen here below

    on this extension i would like a small holdfast tower to guard the north of the village from anyone from the north it could also house peasants from the village to hide there if they were ever attacked. also on the right side of the extension will be the continuation of the forests that waz will do which will thin out as it gets closer to the streams.]

    Here are the plans for the small holdfast, it is similaresque to the castle which i sort of wanted :p also spoke to waz and would like it to be on a semi smaller hill so he would we that terrain :)
    cool thanks!
  20. If I may speak, it could be better that you 1st finish the lands you already have to do, and then we could talk about extensions.
    We have had the same answer to other people asking for extensions.
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