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    I heard about it on Tumblr, specifically a post showing the difference in King's Landing from 2014 to 2017.

    The Inheritance Cycle, Chronicles of Amber

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    My favorite is Daenerys because of her strong moral compass and how she takes no nonsense from anyone. She is unafraid and has three cool dragons, and she constantly tries to do what is best for her people. She's super powerful, you do not mess with Daenerys, and it's both from her material assets as well as the loyalty she commands.

    I've had some experience with a large build before and in the past I did some digital art, so I have some experience with composition, balance, and color theory (not that color theory is particularly good when you're painting with blocks I suppose).

    I really want to contribute to a coordinated build. I like having a goal, and I like the idea of contributing to a whole. That's what drew me. And after exploring on the server, I also like the level of detail in everything, and the sense of place in every location is very strong.


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  2. Hey hehehe,

    Thank you for your application! Your house seems like a pretty good start to me, and while it's not quite up to server standards just yet, I think we'll be able to get you there pretty easily. I'll jump right into giving some feedback on your initial house:

    - The exterior layout seems mostly pretty good. Stylistically, however, the logs in the roof don't really make sense. You should try to avoid using log blocks in houses in general, since they usually end up making the house seem overly messy/clunky.

    - It also doesn't really make sense to have daub & wattle for such a small area of the house. In this case you should just make the entire house out of wood. Try not to mix oak & birch wood randomly either, instead you should make the house entirely out of oak wood, and add large patches ("blobs") of birch wood where the wood is deteriorating. The key thing is avoiding a messy look.

    - Avoid having corners like this in house rooves. Try making it "T" shaped instead.

    - The interiors are not too bad, the only thing I have to say here is to point out the same issues listed above: you should avoid using log blocks in houses, and try to avoid a messy look as much as possible.

    - Make sure to have actual rafters for thatch (and slate) rooves as well.

    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions on the above points. Before continuing, I'd recommend taking a closer look at some of the houses around /warp kingslanding and /warp sprawl. Also make sure to check out some of our resources, such as /warp furnish and /warp gradient, if you haven't yet.

    Once you've done these, for a challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp sweetport. Good luck!

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    hehehe426 Builder

    Alright! I fixed the original house, that's the first three pictures in the album. The rest are pictures of the challenge build.

    I have to say, I like how the original house looks with the feedback incorporated. The logs were only there because I said to myself, "I feel like a material like thatch is supposed to have some sort of support, but I don't know how that works." Which rafters solved. And I KNEW the house corner looked weird, but didn't know any way to improve it. Tried adding logs, but it looked ugly.

  4. Hey hehehe,

    The first house looks much better now! When in doubt about things like thatch support, always try to do research to see how they would have done it IRL during medieval times, and then try to replicate that. I will give a little more feedback though, if you don't mind:

    - The house seems just a little bit too plain now- that doesn't mean you need to adjust the house itself, but rather the next step is to incorporate the house with it's surrounding area. Granted, this is a little hard to do with building in random vanilla terrain. But things like a vegetable garden, foliage, barrels, wheelbarrows, clotheslines, firewood holders, etc. will go a long way to making the house seem realistic and lived-in.

    - Keep in mind also that in many of our recent styles, the roof overhang on the front and back of houses is cut off, so the roof only goes right up to the wall. See kings landing sprawl for an example of what I mean.

    - The shape of the corner is still slightly awkward- when I said to make it a "T" shape, I would also recommend extending the wall itself out 1 or 2 blocks.

    Here's some feedback on the sweetport house:

    - Overall you did an excellent job on this house! You especially have a knack for interiors I think.

    - The gradient on the house could, in principle, be a little better. With stone gradients, you want to start with one base block, and then add another block in continuous blobs near the base, or where corrosion would most likely occur. So you end up with a smooth transition with no noise or harsh contrast. There's a good tutorial for this at /warp gradient (on the right-hand side).

    - The thatch carpet here is a little oddly long. Also, for open fireplaces I like using the ash block (mycelium).

    - Floating herb block here. At the very least I'd use a jungle hopper block above so it's attached.

    - Avoid using bookshelves or book variants of cabinet blocks in ordinary houses (such as here), due to how extremely low literacy would have been during the setting of ASOIAF. In real world medieval times, even most nobility were not literate.

    - With the rafters on the first floor, be careful cutting them off to make way for the stairs, since it kind of defeats the purpose of rafters to have it unsupported on that side. Sometimes it's a bit tricky to get the stairs to work along with rafters, just try your best to plan them simultaneously.

    For the next challenge, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. Good luck!
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    hehehe426 Builder

    Alright! Again, the first three pictures are of improvements to previous builds. The rest are of the build! I wanted to make something with a more complex floor plan to challenge myself.

  6. Hey hehehe, loving the improvements on the two previous houses! They look perfect now. Here's some feedback on the White Harbor house. I like that you're getting to the point of experimentation with your interiors.

    - Try to work on the vines a little bit- you don't want these to be patchy, instead you want large continuous patches of vines. Think of the way vines typically grow on houses.

    - Be careful with 2x2 windows in Northern styles (and too many windows in general), due to the climate having a lot of big openings in the exterior is a perfect way to freeze to death during the winter.

    - The square-ness of the door here is a little awkward, but it's a pretty easy fix: just put two upside-down white cobble stairs at the top.

    - The section here is also a little strange- mostly due to the blockiness of it, the way the single block of spruce wood on the left sticks out, and the way the plaster seems to hover over the cabinet doors.

    - Try to do something to cover the plaster in the floor here.

    Other than those things, I'm liking it! For a tentative final challenge, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket. Keep in mind the style here is a bit trickier than the previous ones, though I'm sure you'll have no problems. Good luck!
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    hehehe426 Builder

    Okay! Sorry this took so long, I had a bunch of stuff to do and for a while didn't know what I'd do for part of the interior.
    I like how this one turned out! The houses in Fairmarket are so varied.

  8. Hey hehehe,

    Thanks for the update! Don't worry about the delay, there's no hurry :)

    Anyways, I think the interiors in this house came out nearly perfectly! I don't really have any feedback at all there.

    I do have a qualm with the exteriors though: the daub & wattle on the house doesn't appear to have been done correctly for the FM style. In particlar, you have a lot of horizontal rows of "daub wattle white frame", which doesn't really look so great in daub & wattle patterns. I'd take some more time to study how they do the exterior facades in Fairmarket, especially the daub & wattle.

    I'm not going to have you do another challenge, but also it's important to get a hang of daub & wattle as best you can, so before I give you the green light I'd like you to rework the exterior of your FM house after studying the style more in-game. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    hehehe426 Builder

    How about this? It seems that the "plain white daub" block gets used sometimes as opposed to stacked rows of "daub wattle white frame", but I also tried to have less instances of the latter in the first place.

  10. It's better, but not quite there yet. I suspect you set yourself up for a difficult time by making an even-width house, but it should still be manageable.

    Try to rework it to break up the awkward "square" of plain white daub and 2-wide daub/wattle frame rows in the middle. My tip would to be to start the pattern by having diagonal frames in the middle (to deal with the even width) and then go from there.
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    hehehe426 Builder

    How's this one?
  12. Perfect! Now you've definitely got the hang of it.

    Sorry for putting you through the wringer there, but consider yourself approved! Ask a mod in-game to promote you to New Builder if it doesn't do so automatically.

    Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide
    And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server; a probie leader will post on your thread and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses until the end of the month, in which case you'll be fully promoted if there are no further problems.

    Welcome to the team, I look forward to building with you! :D