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  1. This Monday I’m getting my tonsils/adenoids ripped out of my throat and I wanted to know if anyone else has had it done recently- and if they have could you maybe tell me some of the foods you ate? Google says “soft foods” but there aren’t that many listed and I really don’t want to eat popsicles for a week.
  2. Had my wisdom teeth out recently so its probably similar...applesauce, soup, pudding, smoothies, soft fruits (peaches etc), mac n cheese, all are good options. You probably will feel good enough to eat harder/tougher foods after a few days as well just make sure to chew alot.
  3. Sweet I love me some mac n cheese, thanks duck!
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  4. Just a side note, you probably want to avoid anything you need a straw for. I was told to avoid straws when I got my wisdom teeth out, so it's probably similar.
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    To build on lemon's post, it is vital you avoid straws because the suction can rip the blood clot off, thus increasing the chances of infection.
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  6. I ate really soft tofu based items. Sometimes that made be able to enjoy certain Chinese food since they contained tofu. Sometimes I ate rice with soup. Icecream was fabulous along with lots of Jello. Spagettios and overcooked pasta (so super soft) were okay at points.
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    ramen will help. its food and solidly noodled
  8. It’s T-Day today gonna leave in about 20 minutes. Thank you guys for all your suggestions it was VERY helpful ilu guys <3
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    Still alive? How did it go, don't leave us hangin' Amm ... :eek:
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  10. Lol everything went just fine- it went quick only about 25 minutes. Waking up from the anesthesia though took almost an hour (kept going in and out of conciseness and was talking about unfertilized ostrich eggs apparently??)

    It’s day two right now and my throat is pretty stiff but I’ve been downing my liquid Vicodin lol. So far I’ve had tons of applesauce and pudding. I tried having some Mac and cheese last night but it was waaaaaay to difficult to swallow :( so I’ll probably try it in a week or so.

    Again thank you guys for being supportive and giving me lots of advice :*
  11. I'm sure he heard a lot more that he probably didn't want to repeat ;)
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  12. I ate loooots of icecream when I had the same surgery :D
    but I remember it took quite a long time to be able to eat nroamlly again... hope you're good now haha!