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    The interwebs

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings
    Storm of Swords
    Feast for Crows
    Dance of Dragons

    All of the above

    Ironmanthing is my favorite character of all time... as for the books, Jon Snow. Who does not love a teenage edgelord with a giant direwolf?

    I used to be a Mod here.

    I know how to plan and lead builds, especially large server builds.

    Something, Something, Jon Snow nothing... Also I built on a flat world. Fight me (except for you Banty).

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  3. rejected from builder, rejected from LIFE

    ayup Gal, great to see you reapplying! Your house seems quite up to quality and I don't have any major issues, so I'll reapprove you! I just have a little bit of pickier feedback you might want to keep in mind for the future though:

    - I'd strongly advise against these sorts of "mini-gables" on houses- like 9 times out of 10 it looks better to do a slant roof going perpendicular to the main facade. Sort of like on the left side of this image (IK that particular house is pretty high-fantasy, but you get the idea). People still do the "mini-gables" on occasion, but it looks kinda ugly IMO and people don't do it as much anymore.

    - I think this room of the interiors could use a bit of work, it just seems a bit too wide-open and clunky. I know it's a tavern, but there's nothing necessarily wrong with splitting a tavern into multiple rooms if it helps with furnishing. Ammika and Nuggets made a lot of very nice taverns around White Harbor which you might want to take a look at for examples.

    Other than those things you seem to be all set, so welcome back to the team! :D (you'll have to ask a mod in-game to make you builder again).
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