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    A very long time ago I saw a picture of king's landing on the internet or it could have been a short clip on youtube(long time ago).Anyway this made me interested and i started locking further and discovered westeroscraft. Sadly had i problem with getting the launcher to work and could not fix it for about a year. so i had to be happy with watching the westeroscraft videos. until not so long ago after many tries when i changed some mojang thing and got it to work.

    Not really, i like a swedish fantasy book series about a temple knight by Jan Guillou but apart from that no not exept from game of thrones.(i like to read more historical and factual books)

    Game of Thrones
    Clash of Kings
    Storm of Swords
    Feast for Crows

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    This one is hard and i like several but if i had to chose one it would be Tywin lannister. This is due to several reasons such as Charles Dances outstanding performance of the character. but the character himself i find very interesting and that he is perceived as a treble and monstrous person because him having to fight the starks(most peoples favorites and POV characters) due to his children's terrible mistakes. the way he interacts with other people and commands respect and his history is also things that makes him my favorite.

    I am going to be honest and say that i am not an expert builder(mediocre) but i have been interested in game of thrones for a long time and especially the buildings and castles. I am good with working with others and is open to critic.i like interior design and do what i am told to do. I like planning, researching and thinking over stuff

    I am very impressed with the server and is a big fan of game of thrones(especially castles and buildings) i would love to be a part of the community and a big project like this and contribute to it and at the same time improving myself in building and other criterias required.


    you know nothing Jon Snow
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  2. Hey edson,

    Thank you for the application! Your northern lumber workshop is a really nice start, and I love that you tried to base it off of some real-life inspiration.

    Only feedback I have on this one is that I normally advise against using full log blocks in normal houses or buildings (except for actual log cabins), since they generally look kind of clunky and messy. It's not quite as bad here though because it's just a rudimentary workshop. But I would still recommend playing around with log wall blocks instead.

    For a challenge build, I'd like you to make a middle-class house in the style of /warp woodwright. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and good luck!
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    hello thanks i will, sorry i haven't responded yet but i could not find this place
  4. No problem, what exactly do you mean though? You couldn't find woodwright?
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    no just my application=)

    Here is a middle class woodwright house that i have been working on:
    I found it a bit hard making rooms, do you have any tips on what should be included and how i could best divide up rooms and spaces.
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  6. Hey edson,

    The new house looks really nice! You more or less have the woodwright style down, though there are a few issues which I'll address here:

    - I would remove the thin log block supports in the exterior of the house, they're not really necessary and are seen as kind of an outdated/messy detail.

    - On this side of the house, you should also make the roof have a straight slope, rather than curved at the top (i.e. avoid the "bell" shape).

    - You should try to get comfortable with the style of roof which doesn't have overhangs on the front & back of the house - there are a number of ones like this in woodwright. Though there are also ones which do have overhangs like the one you made. The no-overhangs style is used frequently in more rural houses because a standalone house with overhangs can look very awkward from the side (where it seems like the roof is a lot larger than the house itself).

    - I agree that you could divide into rooms and spaces a bit better. Usually my process is something like the following: 1. Plot the exterior shape of the house in wool (and some placeholder stairs for roof). 2. Plot interior walls (if house is large enough to have multiple rooms) and floors with different wool color(s). In particular, think about where you're going to have stairs between floors. 3. Now that you have rooms, you can add windows and other features to the exterior of the house. 4. Label each room with its purpose(s), thinking about what arrangements make sense (i.e. kitchen is probably either in the same room or next door to where they eat). 5. Complete the exterior, adding whatever more details you need to make it look nice. 6. Complete the interiors, adding furnishings appropriate to each room's purpose. Try to look up images of medieval rooms online if you need inspiration. Usually by this point you don't need to add a lot to make the interiors look nice, just some tasteful placement of detail in each room so that it doesn't seem too messy/random, but also not too empty. It is ultimately just a matter of practice and experience though.

    - Make sure to have rafters under your ceilings for support, and so it doesn't seem too flat. Usually you can do this by using upside-down stairs and/or slabs and/or wood plank wall blocks. You can find plenty of examples of this in pretty much any recent build.

    - Try not to make thatch carpet too patchy or sporadic, instead lay it out in continuous "blobs". I think there's an example of this in /warp furnish, in the NONOS section at the very end. Also, don't mix light thatch and dark thatch, they contrast too poorly.

    Other than these things, you've done good work! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions. For your next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. Good luck!
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    i will, thanks for the advice
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    Here is my white harbor middle class house.

    i used a bit of overhang on the roof because other houses in the area had them. but otherwise i followed your advice and it worked very well and became much easier to make rooms, thanks;)
  9. Hey edson,

    Thanks for the update! Your house looks pretty good overall (especially the interiors), though there are a few main issues I'll give feedback on. With a few fixes it'd fit nicely in White Harbor.

    - The gradient on the house is the main issue. We usually go by two principles when doing gradients: (1) Make the transitions smooth, rather than randomized/messy, and (2) Avoid having two blocks next to each other which contrast too much ("salt-n-peppery gradients"). For example, the light grey stone and the light stone in your gradient contrast too much. Try putting "faint light grey stone" between them to transition better.

    I highly recommend you check out /warp gradient on our server so you can see it visually.

    - Related to the first point, but you're using a few spots of white plaster in the facade, which seems a bit odd and contrasts really poorly. Not sure if it's an accident or not.

    - In the chimney you're using some plaster keystone blocks (i.e. the little patch of white plaster). Make sure you're using the variant of brick that doesn't say "Plaster" when you select it in the inventory.

    - Whenever you have a slate roof, you need to cover up the entire thing on the inside (since slate tile is very heavy and needs to be supported). Usually we do this with upside-down wood stairs and half doors.

    - The fireplace would look nice if you put some ash blocks in front of it. Also, I might change the fireplace material to a darker brick type, the white seems really bright there (not a huge issue though).

    - No need to have pressure plates in the window, we generally avoid those unless they're being used for redstone.

    Again, feel free to ask if you have any questions :) For the next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp wickenden (middle-class are the ones with white or red daub&wattle). Good luck!
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    okey thanks for the feedback:)
    i must have forgot to change some of the plaster blocks when changing the walls
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    Hello now i have built a wickenden middle class house. In the first foto i have a bit of overhang with the roof but the other houses in the area where i looked did not have it so i took it away, what do you think should i have kept them on? what they did have was overhangs on the second floors which was what i also did.

    I also used some logs on the backside as support but i don't know if they fit in and if so do you have any tips on how i can make the exteriors not so flat.
    anyway here is the pictures:)

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    hello Tomorrow i will be going away for a week and will not be able to build or apply for that time so is it poosible to take a break and take upp this in a week?
  13. Perfectly fine! I'll get to giving some feedback on this house in the meantime.
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    okey thanks
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    hello now im back
  16. Welcome back! Sorry, I forgot to give feedback on the previous house. I'll do that ASAP.
  17. Alright, gave the wickenden house a look. The interiors are really good and I don't see any issues there! My main feedback is on the exterior of the house (which is pretty good overall, just a couple big things throwing it off):

    - The primary issue is the randomized daub & wattle pattern, which is a big no-no. Daub & wattle should be done in consistent patterns, and usually symmetrical. I highly suggest you study daub & wattle patterns a lot before making the next house.

    - Remember to have shutters on windows.

    - I know the roof overhangs at wickenden are a little inconsistent, but in general unless it looks better to have an overhang I would go without it. The reason I kept a few overhangs at wickenden is pretty technical: for whatever reason the contrast between black slate and red daub & wattle looked bad without an overhang.

    - The stone gradient is better, but still needs a little bit more work. Try to make a clear (but smooth) transition from one block (river cobbles in this case) near the bottom to another block (stone in this case) near the top. This is just me being picky though, overall it wasn't bad.

    Good work overall though, I think you're pretty close to meeting server standards. For the next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket. Keep in mind the style here is a bit more complex, but I think you'll have no trouble if you take your time. Good luck!
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    thank you i will, although i have started school after the summer and will have a lot less time on my hands.