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  1. Cyrus

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    Im 16 years old.

    I live in Germany.

    I was always looking for a server like this to get some new building ideas and then my friend told me about that server.

    I watched LotR/The Hobbit and played Skyrim.

    I haven't read a single book, because I was never into reading.

    I currently watching the end of season 1 and will continue watching it.

    My favourite character has to be Jaime Lannister. I love, that he is slightly arrogant but a glorious fighter. Also he is a really good looking dude, to be honest.

    -I like building a lot
    -I'm a creative person
    -I have a lot of freetime
    -I can build in a team

    I'd like to build on this server, because I always wanted a server like that. It would be an honor to be part of this team and build together with other builders to create unique and great structures. Also I admire the big structures, which already exist on this server.

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  2. Hey Cyrus,

    Thank you for the application!

    Your house seems like a very good start, you seem to have a pretty solid grasp on our style already. There are a number of issues I have to give feedback on, though most of them will be pickier things (so don't be discouraged if it seems long!). Here we go:

    - Don't use terrainsets for actual buildings; the terrainsets are reserved for "natural" uses and typically don't look very good in manmade structures.

    - I would use a little bit of the "plain brown daub" block to simplify the daub & wattle slightly- you can see examples of this around KL or other builds. It's typically framed by the normal daub & wattle blocks.

    - I wouldn't use oak and spruce wood right next to each other (i.e. in the roof) just because the light and dark contrast a lot. A better combo would be jungle + oak, or spruce + jungle.

    - The stone pillars on the front here are a bit unecessary; usually we try to avoid adding detail for the sake of detail like that. Try to add detail through planning & layout, and if you still feel like it looks boring after, try playing around with more immersive/realistic details (e.g. firewood shed, clothesline, etc.) or natural features (e.g. foliage).

    - Avoid making "bubble yards": that is, a yard where the walls don't really have a well-defined shape and are just arranged in a blob. Instead, try to make the walls of your yard straight or diagonal. Also, for such a small yard you probably don't need stone walls. Maybe try doing a wattle fence border instead.

    - Another thing is that you should avoid using specifically wheat in house gardens. Due to how wheat is harvested, it's kind of pointless to grow it in small amounts rather than large fields. Instead, use vegetables (radish, carrot, cabbage, etc.) in your house garden.

    - Some of the interiors are way too empty, for instance this room. Also, they wouldn't have that much food just hanging around. Most of the food would be in storage somewhere (cabinet, root cellar, etc.). When planning interiors, I highly recommend you plan out rooms, stairs, etc. before even adding details and furniture. Make sure you have an interesting and proportional (i.e. no super large rooms) floorplan first of all. Then give each room a purpose, and think of what the average medieval peasant's life would be like and what kind of furnishings they would need/use. Place furniture in a way which is realistic and/or aesthetically pleasing, but never just to fill space.

    - Make sure to have rafters under your ceilings as well, for support and avoiding flat ceilings. Usually this is done with rows of halfslabs and/or upside-down stairs and/or wood plank wall blocks. You can find plenty of examples of this all over.

    - I recommend using dark thatch instead of light thatch here, just because the light thatch contrasts a lot. Also, similarly to what I said in a previous point, try to avoid what we call "crate spam", i.e. using crate blocks just to fill up space. An attic would probably be at least somewhat organized, and if it's large enough could probably even have a bed or beds for some of the family members. Otherwise, it's best to leave an attic "tastefully empty"; having some sparse storage, some thatch on the floor, a cobweb here and there.

    Again, sorry for swamping you with feedback! Overall your house is a great start. Feel free to ask if you have any questions on what I wrote above. Make sure to visit resources on our server such as /warp furnish and /warp gradient as well, and just study /warp kingslanding and other recent builds as much as you can. Once you're ready, for a challenge build please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp woodwright. Good luck!

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  3. Cyrus

    Cyrus Builder

    Okay, I'm done with the middle-class house in that style. I got some fresh ideas and I hope you like the house.

  4. Hey Cyrus,

    This new house looks great, you've made a big improvement. I don't see much wrong, just a couple quick things:

    - I'd make the upper floor one block taller; the roof feels a bit too low which makes the facade seem a bit too cramped.

    - When using slate rooves, you want to try your best to make sure the ceiling is completely covered on the inside, since individual slate tiles are really heavy. With thatch it's less of an issue due to the way the strands of thatch are interwoven (though you still do need rafters for that).

    - It's a little redundant to have the central fireplace and also the furnace in the kitchen. They would probably just use the main fireplace in the house to cook food.

    - Also, the kitchen furnace appears to be missing a chimney.

    For your next challenge build, I'd like to see a middle or upper class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. Good luck!
  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Builder

    Here is your nice whiteharbor middleclass house. :)

  6. Hey Cyrus,

    Thanks for the update! The new house looks pretty good overall, though there are a few larger issues this time. I fear you might be trying to rush a bit too much- I know you're trying to get the houses done before you go on vacation, but there's not really any harm in taking some time in building houses. Our server isn't going anywhere anytime soon, that's for sure ;) But anyways, here's the feedback I have for this one:

    - The roof doesn't match the WH style; yours has dark cobble whereas the houses at WH use either bedrock, basalt brick, or black slate.

    - The gradient needs some work. I highly recommend checking out /warp gradient before your next build, it's super helpful. Basically though, you want your gradient to "smoothly" transition from one block to another- so no noisy/random block placement, no darker blocks right next to much lighter blocks, etc.

    - The interiors seem pretty good overall, but when you use workbench / cabinet blocks, such as here, you need to make sure to cover up all the sides except for one. Since it doesn't make much sense if a cabinet can open on two sides. People generally do this by putting half door blocks covering the other sides of the cabinet.

    - With the brick slab in the window here, I get what you're trying to do, but imo it doesn't work because it still seems like heavy stone in a wooden part of the building. I'd just leave the window a 1x2 hole in the wood facade.

    - Avoid using bookshelves and pen/paper blocks in anything except the wealthiest households. In real life medieval times, literacy was extremely low (less than 1%). Even many nobles weren't completely literate, which is why they often used stamps with their house sigils to sign documents.

    For another challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp wickenden. Again, remember to take your time! And feel free to ask if you have any questions along the way. Good luck!
  7. Cyrus

    Cyrus Builder

    Here is the middleclass house in the wickenden-style. Hope you like that better than my messed up WH house.

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  8. Hey Cyrus,

    Thanks for the update! Sorry for taking a while to get back, I got a little bit of a busy stint. But you're on vacation atm so it shouldn't matter much. This new house looks a lot better! Here's some feedback I have (mostly minor stuff):

    - The chimney appears to have two openings at the top (the arrow slit and the wall block at the top). Just use one of the two options for a chimney. Also, cut down the smoke coming out of the chimney a bit: an ordinary house fire would barely make any smoke, so just one or two smoke puffs usually suffices.

    - Avoid having "small stone brick" directly touching cobblestone, as you do in the garden wall. Those are just two blocks where the light & the dark contrast a bit too much. I wouldn't have the small stone brick slabs in the wall at all, actually. Use cobble slabs or something.

    - When you have a door facing the inside, make sure the material under the door matches the outside material, rather than the inside one. In this case, replace the stone under the door with dirt/gravel.

    - Avoid using pressure plates like this, it's just unnecessary & probably not great to have vanilla redstone blocks lying around except for when they're needed.

    - I think you should rework this room; perhaps it's just the angle but it seems quite cluttered/spatially awkward. Also, you generally should avoid using warm-climate fruits (the ones currently in baskets) in more northern regions, since fruits don't keep well. But in the next block update we'll be adding baskets of all the other fruits/vegetables so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    Anyways, great work otherwise! For a tentative final challenge build, please make a middle/upper-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket. Keep in mind the style there is a bit more complicated, so take your time on this one. But I'm sure you'll do fine with it. Good luck!
  9. Cyrus

    Cyrus Builder

    There it is :)

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  10. Hey Cyrus,

    Great work on this house! I've looked through it, and really don't have any major concerns. It seems like it'd fit in Fairmarket quite well.

    So, consider yourself approved! Ask a mod in-game to promote you to NewBuilder if it doesn't do so automatically.

    Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here:
    And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server; a probie leader will post on your thread and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses until the end of the month, in which case you'll be fully promoted if there are no further problems.

    Welcome to the team, I look forward to building with you! :D