Can't log in the WesterosCraft launcher

Discussion in 'Support' started by _Fede13_, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. _Fede13_

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    Every time i open the WesterosCraft exe it asks me to enter my minecraft username and password, but, for some reason, even if i input the correct credentials the launcher contiues to tell me that they are incorrect. I tried to change both username and pass from the mojan website, but the problem reappeared. I really don't know what could be the problem, considering that i used to play on this server and the log in system worked just fine.
    I hope you can find what's the problem.
  2. Enah

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    have you tried relogging into vanilla minecraft first, then into the launcher?
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  3. Dan_Prime

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    If you've tried to log in too many times you may be temporarily blocked from logging in again for several hours. The block would only affect your IP. Wait a bit and try again, or turn on a VPN if you have one.

    If all else fails feel free to try out the new launcher which is in alpha testing.
  4. _Fede13_

    _Fede13_ Nobuild

    Thanks for all the replies. Yes, i've tried to log in vanilla first, but nothing changed. I'll try the new launcher. I managed to enter the server anyway by downloading all the mods and texure packs and using the minecraft launcher.