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    USA / Malaysia

    Youtube videos, specifically the one that interviewed Pizza. I think it was time magazine or something like that.

    Elder Scrolls series

    Game of Thrones

    All of the above

    Bronze Yohn Royce, the most honorable man in the Vale. Plus he has badass bronze armor

    I am eager to learn from the build team here, and I think I have a positive attitude. Other than that, I am not a very interesting person.

    I fell in love with westeroscraft the moment I first entered the server. I love the idea, I love the aesthetic, and I love the community most of all. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, especially if I mention I am considering applying. And I feel that I can lend a

    you know nothing jon snuu
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    I changed my name on minecraft a week ago to Alexiad98, but forgot to change it on the forums (if that is even possible).
    Just saying to clear up any confusion. Thanks.
  3. BSGProdigy

    BSGProdigy Nobuild

    Uh its been about 9 days now....
  4. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hey Alex

    Sorry for the delay in us getting back to you. I’ve had a look at your house and have a bit of feedback:

    - Firstly, the daub and wattle looks a bit weird touching the floor from the front. Consider extending the foundation at least a block higher all the way around the building.

    - Your roof overhang could do with some support underneath. This can either be the same block as the roof material upside down, creating a nice diagonal, or a lighter wood.

    - Inside the layout of the rooms is a bit strange, and the use for the room cannot be determined. Try not to use both types of thatch carpet in a single room, as the checkerboard pattern looks bad. Try to think of the light thatch as rushes on the floor, and the dark thatch as fur rugs.

    - The food blocks you’ve got in the house seem to be suspended from a chandelier, which is impractical and looks very strange. Chandeliers really should only be used in high-class or noble housing, not a daub and wattle house like this. The food would all be kept somewhere cool and dry in a pantry near the kitchen.

    - The windows have no discerning features besides being holes in the wall. Windows are best achieved by placing a wooden slab in the top of the window, and a wooden carpet block at the bottom, then allowing you to place shutters over them.

    - Your ceiling lacks supports, which it would certainly need in order to stop the roof from caving in. Take a look at the attics of houses in /warp fairmarket for good examples of ceiling rafters. You should never be able to see the underside of any block that makes up the roof; they should be covered by internal supports.

    All together this isn’t a bad build but could do with a little work. For your first challenge build I’d like you to build a middle class chandler’s house in the style of /warp whiteharbour. There are few chandlers in the city to take inspiration from. Your house should have a shop in the front and a workshop and living spaces also.

    When you’re done, post the screenshot album in this thread as you did before.

    Good luck!
  5. BSGProdigy

    BSGProdigy Nobuild

    I'm out of country on vacation for a few weeks starting now, so I'll probably have the first challenge ready early January. Thanks.
  6. BSGProdigy

    BSGProdigy Nobuild

    Alrighty, so I've got a brand new mid-class chandler's house for your viewing pleasure!

    This is home and shop of one of the most respected chandlers in White Harbor. However, he is in his 60s, and so he only takes one or two projects at a time. His loving wife of 40 years lives with him, and she loves to throw parties for her friends, who are mostly craftsmen's' wives. Her husband tolerates the parties, though he is not the biggest fan of them.

    I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I hope you are pleased by my progress so far.
  7. Arkilstorm

    Arkilstorm Dowager Countess of Grantham Maester

    Hi Prodigy,

    Thanks for completing your challenge build! Here's a little feedback on it:

    - The roof style is strange for Whiteharbour. Most roofs have a 75 degree pitch, and yours is 45 degrees with an overhang. I’d suggest you pay a little more attention to neighbouring builds. I assume you wanted to do something a little more unique, for your build, but the typical house style, is that way for a reason. The steeped pitch of the roofs stops snow collecting and weighing them down.

    - Your palette could do with some work on the exterior walls. There’s plaster beside full white bricks, rather than a gradual transition between areas of wear and tear. Have a closer look at some of the surrounding buildings in the area for some inspiration.

    - The large plate glass windows at the front are a little bit much. Glass was incredibly expensive and should be used very sparingly.

    - Inside, you’ve used spruce slabs as rafters for your building, but this can be better achieved by using upturned stair and slab blocks to create both the upper floor, and the rafters beneath. Take a look at the ceilings in houses in Fairmarket for good examples of this.

    - When using cabinet and bench blocks, make sure that only the front side is visible; you can cover the other sides by using other full blocks, or half-door blocks.

    - Your ground floor should be a dirt/gravel mix, or a stone mix, rather than wood. It looks less interesting, and makes the house feel a bit strange, and means you have to contend with a wooden floor around a fireplace (which is obviously dangerous).

    - For your workshop, you could do with some vats of tallow, and some rope, with a work surface. At the moment you wouldn’t be able to tell from the interiors that this is a chandlers.

    - I understand your reasoning behind a large open area, but it’s unlikely that any house in Whiteharbour would have open-plan living. If the family are wealthy enough to have parties, the house would have an entertaining hall in the front, and nothing too ostentatious. Having an open plan kitchen just seems very strange in a medieval house.

    - In your bedroom, the ceiling has no supports, and the small glass windows are odd looking. Make sure to look at the windows in Whiteharbour and make sure you follow the style. Even some manses in Whiteharbour don’t have plate glass windows in every room.

    - Lanterns are also very expensive, and really shouldn’t be employed in private houses, especially in the bedroom. Candles would suffice.

    I think you should take a look at some of the living and working spaces throughout the larger towns and cities and see how people lived and used space during the medieval period. Fairmarket is a great example of structural design, and you can see great examples of flooring, ceilings, roof-building, and rafters. Bitterbridge gives a great example of merchant lifestyle, with it’s great industry along the river. Finally, King’s Landing has wonderful examples of how to use the space within small buildings, for both residential and business purposes.

    Despite all of the above, this isn’t a terrible build! It’s a great start!

    For your second challenge, please build a middle-class house in the style of Woodwright. These are the houses with slate roofs.

    Good Luck!
  8. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Hey bsg, are you still interested? We're gonna give you another week to reply whether you wish to still be a builder before we reject the app
  9. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    No reply, I am henceforth closing this app, but feel free to reapply and pickup where you left off.