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    I saw a Westeroscraft Walks video on youtube, when i was looking for inspiration for building my castle in Minecraft.

    Well, i like i've read the Lord of The Rings, and have just started on the first A Song of Ice and fire book (game of thrones) I like the LOTR movies too.

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    All of the above

    Jaime Lannister perhaps, or Tyrion, in fact i like most of the Lannnisters, because they are elegant and have an awesome sigil (i miss Tywin too). i like Olenna Tyrell too, she is really cool. And the Arryns are nice too (In this case i mean the house and not the actual characters at the moment.)

    Well, i really think you have so many builders, with so many skills that i don't have anything you really have already, but i know a bit about medieval defenses, and why they where invented.

    I have seen many of your builds. And i really want to be a part of this amazing community. Your server is perhaps one of the best i have ever seen, and you really care about the attention to detail.

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    Hey blackper, I’m gonna have to ask you to update this app with minimum of 6 screenshots of a house that could fit in our world. Otherwise I would have to reject the app as we have no way to determine your skills.
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    Here you go, i have made a house.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Alright, sorry for how long it took me. So first off here's the list of issues and possible solutions :D

    1 The daub and Wattle pattern is far too messy, good examples can be found in Fairmarket and Bbtown

    2 Your main rooms are very empty and large, while many medieval houses were often singular rooms we do tend to make 2-3 rooms in a house this size, with semi-large rooms. Take a look across the server, many different house and room sizes can be found.

    3 Your ceiling is one of the better ones I have seen from a builder app, though it's still not hot stuff. Beams run the shortest width of a room, wo if you have a room of 5x7, the beams would be 5 long. We also tend to avoid clunky beams like halfslabs in normal houses, opting for a slab-stair-stair-slab method.

    4 The fence-carpet table and using trapdoors for anything but trapdoors is a tad outdated. We do have a nice table block or the piston tops, and halfdoors make great head and footboards, and we even have 4 or so types of shutters to choose from. Also, most houses would have one chest for clothes/blankets within easy access of the main living space.

    5 This is the first house I've seen that has it's own shrine, cute, but Westerosi prefer to pray in the Septs in the South.

    6 Back to the ceiling and daub, interior walls tend to be wooden or plaster/daub without the wattle, as irl they would cover it fully inside, typically whitewashed which allowed more light to reflect inside.

    7 Windows of fences are better than a peasant having glass! Personally I don't like fences in windows, but it is an acceptable window so coolio.

    8 Try to cover the stone of lower floors when possible, unless you've got stone vaulting on the floor beneath which would give the upper floor a stone floor.

    9 Defintely come on the server and check out /warp ikea it has many examples of building/furniture methods.

    So, thsi mgiht seem liek a lot, but it will all become more easy as we go along. So imma issue a series of challenges to get you up to our current buildings standards. Please build me a house in the style of Kings Landing Sprawl, aka any type of house outside the city walls of kings landing. Good luck!
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    Ok i tried making a house. Let me know if there is anything wrong with it, This house is supposed to be a middle-class butcher's house, where he lives with his wife. And let me know what you think of my little shop.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Enah

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    Ok, so
    1 You're using the plank wall blocks, which for the style are not included. They make the house feel ungainly and clunky. Fences work just fine, and are in the style of sprawl.

    2 Far too much blood. the butcher would try to save as much blood as possible to make blood sausages or even pudding out of

    3 This butcher actually is butchering too many types of food it seems? There were specific butchers for cows/pigs and chickens. Fish were just deboned or fried whole or something equally tasty.

    4 again the trapdoor thing, a carpet would be great to be used as the shelves in the closet-thing, with a slab of wood or another carpet atop. also, try to not leave multi-sided blocks such as knives or cabinets with exposed sides. halfdoors are your friend.

    5 I'm unsure what's going on with your roof, but thatch doesn't work like that, the two jarring angles are quite, jarring.

    6 The house feels more lower than middle class. Middle class in kl sprawl tend to have 2 story houses, stone foundation daub upper.

    7 where does he store his living livestock and his meat?

    I'd like you to really explore kl sprawl and look at the houses and redo this challenge for me, as I feel you can make it better
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    Hi again, first off, i do understand why you don't like my house that much, i also felt - after i published it - like i could do better, here i made a underclass house for you.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Enah

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    Alright, so the exterior is much better, though you will learn how to roof better as you go. The inside, feels really rushed. I think your previous house had better interiors, to be frank. I know the building learning curve is rather steep in some places, but I think you should take a couple days and familiarize yourself with the next challenge. It's about quality, not speed or size. But while we're here, rope ladders are rather difficult to use.

    So, your next challenge is to build a low class house in the style of White Harbour. The lower classes have the shorter homes, a few good examples are in the southwestern side inside the city walls, good luck and remember take your time and study.
  9. BlackPer

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    i know it's a bit early, compared to what you said, but here is my house, i want you to say if on the right way or if i had gotten the style totally wrong, if you think it's really bad or way too big, i will remake it. here is the pictures:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Enah

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    Hey, sorry i thought this had posted the other day.

    1 you've mixed too many woods together, the style is usually jungle/spruce or just spruce. oak is rarely found near white harbour.

    2 the roof is unsupported still, though you've supports that look like the function, upon closer examination, they arent doing anything and you have a block deep gap where items like the chest are at. when building roof like these, have solid baseroof/wall area with the halfdoors spaced out, then the stairs, then halfdoors, and repeat. great examples are found in the roof of many a wh house, or even just plain covered up completely inside is fine

    3 thatch/furs like beds and the carpets should be the dark version, as its more akin in appearance to wolf or deer skin.

    4 the house is a good size, especially for a wh peasant class house.

    5 as far as i can tell, there's no shutters on any of the windows, which is a big no-no in wh, as its colder than the rest of the seven kingdom's main cities.

    6 a chimney in the attic seems overkill, all heat rises, and the attic would trap it and keep the people warm.

    7 there's no food storage in the kitchen area, and the long counter/table thing is not a normal item a peasant would have. they'd sooner jsut cut on a barrel top or on a dining table they/carpenter made .

    8 i'm still unsure what the wall blocks are for? few if any use wallblocks apart from doorways/damage detailing in the style.

    9 the stormlands chimney/hearth should be winterfell granite or grey stone

    10 i really do feel you rushed this again.

    so, i'd like you rework it, study the look of the wh peasant houses, such as those in the southwest corner of the main city.
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    Hi again, it has been a while, but i really needed a break. to answer one of your questions, those wall blocks at the outside was my attempt to add a sense of depth, didn't really work out tho, works on castles in some cases, but not on houses clearly. I have made this house, where i pretty much took and improved on the other house, i'm not saying it is ann improved replica tho, it has a bit of a different layout, as you are about to discover, but it is still vrey simular.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Enah

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    Apologies for the late reply. Alright, so, I had actually planned out a large reply and I had debated whether or not to approve this. Sadly, I feel that while you have definitely grown in your building skills, I don't think you are just there quite yet. I really was torn on this decision, because I can see the potential but it's just out of reach. Best thing to do, if you will still be interested in joining, is to walk through all the newer places being built, check out the houses, see how structures are done, and even watching people build is a great help. Again, I don't like to deny people builder, but I think with a bit more practice you'll be able to just breeze through the application next time, if you still want a next time.
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    Okay, so... Should i just build a house when i think i'm ready on this application or should i make new application next time?
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    Make a new app :D