[APPEAL APPROVED] Project Application: Dreadfort by Banty & SMP

Discussion in 'The North' started by SMP, May 20, 2018.

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    Plan & Canon | Tests found @ /warp dreadforttest

    We're appealing to redo the Dreadfort under Clause B (Banty told me to say this so don't roast me if I look like a fool.)

    Canon justifications for a redo:
    1. The great hall's rafters are not stained black (made of smooth stone and spruce planks).
    2. The great hall lacks walls lined with torches, let alone skeleton hand torches.
    3. There is no postern gate, let alone one near the Weeping Water.
    4. There is no ground to speak of for the eastern merlons to cast a shadow on, nor are they visible from the entrance to the dungeons.
  2. I would also like to note that the main gate is such that the portculis can only be lifted 1/4 of they way.
    The bridge across the river looks High Valyrian like Dragonstone and that's quite weird an not canon.
  3. No it won't be a server build. Yes I still have Crag. Yes I will finish Crag before we actually apply.
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    The mod team has voted in favour of the Dreadfort Redo appeal. The normal application process may now go ahead!
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  6. SMP

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    Well uh, that's basically our app in the OP as well, so...
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    When the week is up for the crag's wait period, you have my blessing. Go forth and flay the weak. so, i do also approve of you doing the "saving", nuking and beginning of terraforming of the old project.
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    Approved, bare in mind the one week period and wiki article for the crag! Goodluck!
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    The project was post-approved on the Sunday, so I'm happy to let you guys start now with DF as I realise SMP clearly has nothing to do and Banty's a busy boi, good luck :D
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  11. Enah

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    As am I, may the skins of our enemies hang high from you flagstaff!
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  12. Some gross flayed skin tests. Was thinking they could be like the clothesline block where it's a flat 2D texture in the center of the block, the skin would be on hooks that could connect to the vertical chain block.

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  13. Enah

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    they should look more leathery and brown. Skin becomes leather after a while, maybe take inspiration from the images one gets when googling “flayed skin”
  14. Yep, had done a google for pig skin since that's considered pretty analogous to human, I guess the tests above are pretty "fresh" but yeah I'll try some older ones.
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  15. Don't the boltons have a wall tent made of stark skins? Also, if its an untreated skin, it will not become leather. but then, anything hanging on hooks will be in the process of being turned into a trophy as what isn't would be given to the dogs.
  16. Had a few more cracks at the flayed skins. Consensus seemed to be that most of the skins on display would be old, so I recoloured most of them to look more tanned/preserved/leathery. I still like the idea of having the option for some "fresh" skins for the dreadfort's occupied torture dungeons, so there's still a few, and the face, string of ears and noses is fun.

    On the suggestion of @Emotione11 I'm thinking it would be most practical to model them the same way as the banners - 2D and off-centre. I added some nails so they look pinned to the wall/whatever surface they're on.

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  17. Enah

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    Not gonna lie these would revolutionize tanneries
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  18. I find the textures a bit too macabre even for me. No face maybe?
  19. We need more faces... And Feet.
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  20. Yeah we were thinking that to avoid the issue of outdating tanneries/butchers we might need even more distinctly human features...
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