Almanach Expansion + Abilities, Region, and Religion

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    Abilities, Region & Religion

    As per the usual, I will begin by addressing the different categories. I will describe what they mean to me, and how they impact the world. I will then follow up by delving into each of the different categories, dissecting them and adding to them.

    Abilities (character-wise): Refers to the power to do or act physically.

    For WesterosCraft, abilities are what define our characters. Abilities are special enhancements we have on top of our basic skills. For example, a skill would be Combat. An ability would be a certain action or maneuver, like an overhead cleave that does twice the damage if it lands.

    Abilities will be earned by unlocking and purchasing them. The player must reach a certain skill level to gain access to new abilities such as an overhead cleave. Players are then able to visit NPC’s of the corresponding skill to “Learn a new ability”. The vendor will ask for some sort of payment - i.e. a favor(quest), gold, an item, etc. After payment has been received, the player will have “learned” the new ability and may now use it. I am currently thinking of how we will explain this to players. WIth the custom launcher, anything is possible. We could have a character menu that shows your stats, as well as shows your abilities and how to use them.

    DISCLAIMER: Some skills ARE borrowed from McMMO, some are my own. Also, names will be applied to those that are lacking of good names. This list is always being updated too. Thanks!

    Abilities List Sorted by Skills (this will for sure be expanded)

    • Combat (Swords, axes, bows, daggers, etc.)

      • Heavy strike (overhead cleave)

      • Regular strike (default combat ability)

      • Quick strike (stab)

      • Slash (swinging motion)

      • Charge (head on strike)

      • Weighted Pullback (extra power for bows)

      • Hip Quiver (faster fire rate for bows)

      • More to be added as I brainstorm
    • Survivability

      • Healing (quicker healing)

      • Health (total amount of health)

      • Eating (ability to eat different things normal players can’t)

      • Medicine (ability to help others+yourself heal)

      • Cold Resistance (see bottom of thread)

      • Disease/Infection Resistance (see bottom of thread)
    • Speech

      • Literate (ability to read+write)

      • Haggle (better NPC deals)

      • More to come
    • Crafting

      • Simple Crafting (ability to craft items such as backpacks, impromptu weapons/arrows, basic furniture, basic food, etc.)

      • Advanced Crafting (ability to craft better makeshift weapons, advanced furniture, warmth devices[see bottom], and better packs, better food)

      • Expert Crafting (ability to craft all furniture, low level weapons, better packs, better warmth devices[see bottom], herbal medicines[see bottom], best food
    • Gathering

      • Luck (chances of finding extra of a resource is increased)

      • More to come
    • Forging (armor includes shields)

      • Basic Smithing (ability to create leather armor)

      • Basic Smithing (ability to create chainmail armor)

      • Advanced Smithing (ability to create iron armor + weapons)

      • Expert Smithing (ability to create gold armor + weapons and apply low tier enchantments to weapons and armor)

      • Master Smithing (ability to create diamond armor + weapons and apply high tier enchantments to weapons and armor)
    • Armor Skills

      • Light Armor (grants protection bonus to anyone wearing a full set of chainmail or leather armor)

      • Heavy Armor (grants a protection bonus to anyone wearing a full set of iron, gold, or diamond armor)

    Region: Refers to an area a player is located in

    Regions are quite simple to explain and set - in fact, GoT already did this for us. Regions are certain areas of the world such as the North, or the Stormlands. These are areas that are separated by economic prosperity, cultural differences, and religious differences. They are controlled by different parties and have their own pros and cons to being in them. For example, it snows in the North, if you don’t like snow, thats a con. But different (new term - completely original and my idea) R.O.’s (Region of Origins) grant different bonuses. For example, if a player originates from beyond the wall, they are more likely to learn certain skills such as Survivability quicker than they will learn Speech skills. Whereas the opposite, players from King’s Landing will learn Speech skills faster than they will learn Survivability skills.

    Regions can be very safe and very unsafe for players as well. Players that come from rich areas of the world, such as the Crownlands, will most likely not be welcomed beyond the wall. The style of life is completely different. This is called culture. Each region has its own specific culture that is special to it. Players will be much safer in areas where they fit in as opposed to areas of differing views.

    As previously stated, the factors that determine a region are as follows:

    • Climate

    • Culture

    • Religion

    • Wealth Distribution

    • Political Power
    All of these factors are to be considered when determining regions and the bonuses they offer.

    Religion: Beliefs, values, and morals upheld by a party

    If GoT has taught us anything, it's that religion plays a big role in Westeros. Each region has a set of beliefs it follows. For example, the North (WInterfell, etc.) believe in The Old Gods.

    This site gives us all the information about religion in GoT...

    We are able to use this to further immerse our players by letting them choose what they believe in. We all know religion is a great cause of many things. From war to peace, religion has a hand in it all. Players will be able to decide on what religion they like, which will help shape where they want to live. It will help them decide if a certain conflict is worth fighting, or if a certain destination is worth traveling and risking their life.

    We have to get the little things right for this server to succeed - and while religion isn’t little, it is easily overlooked. Every extra aspect we add goes into shaping our characters and helps to completely immerse the players in a world they create.

    Survivability Extras: These are follow ups to the abilities in the Survivability skill set.

    Weather should play a factor in our character lives. For example, you won’t see people walking around the North in nothing but iron’s too cold! The same goes for not seeing someone wearing full fur robes in Dorne! I would like to see a system of hot/cold mechanics that are determined by the climate, and of course, the weather (rain, snow, sun, etc.)

    Diseases should also be a part of WesterosCraft. From common illness to GreyScale, disease will add a great deal of immersion to WesterosCraft. They are treatable in most cases with herbs and medicine. Though some, like GreyScale, certainly mean death for most. These diseases would be contracted by battling creatures, eating bad food, infections from fights, etc.

    I am thinking about creating a post that details how I would like to see character creation go down. I know it wasn’t asked for in the Almanach, but I would like to put it out there.

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    Hey, great stuff!

    I have a few suggestions for the skills that a player can learn, mainly forging and some aspects of crafting. Why are these learnable? Forging is hard, and making good quality steel takes years of practice. Same goes for crafting furniture. Wouldn't it make sense that an adventurer would purchase their stuff from a vendor rather than make their own weapons and armor?

    I'd personally split it up like this:
    • Survivability
      • Rural
        • Crafting
        • Foraging
        • Cooking/eating
      • Urban
        • Crafting
        • Gathering
        • Cooking/eating
      • Resistance
        • Cold resistance
        • Heat resistance
        • Poison/disease resistance
    • Health
      • Healing/medicine
      • Total amount of health
    With crafting being stuff like arrows, rucksacks, shelter, makeshift weapons, makeshift armor, (siege weapons?) and anything that can be realistically expected from an adventurer. Splitting urban and rural survivability would allow players to focus on certain areas; someone from Kingslanding would have a good survivability in cities but not so much beyond the wall, and vice versa.

    That said, really digging the Regions of Origin concept.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your comments and suggestions very much! I think I may have confused you a bit when it comes to the system of skills and abilities! I'll try to explain it better here...
    Every player has skill levels. The more they do something in that category, such as combat, forging, etc., the higher level they become in that particular area. The abilities, such as Expert and Master Smithing are unlocked to the players as they level up the forging skill by practicing it.
    I hope that cleared it up a little! My hope is that this will allow players to create their character however they want. Players that want to make a living creating weapons and armor will hopefully focus on that skill and ability set, while those interested in combat will find themselves in combat scenarios trying to rank that skill up as well!
    You are very right that most players will opt to purchase gear/supplies/furniture from vendors. However, if we take a player that lives beyond the wall, they don't have available to them what would be available to players living in King's Landing. Therefore I am hoping that the crafting skill tree and it's abilities will come in handy for people like that!
    Again, thanks so much for your feedback! I truly appreciate it and you gave me a different perspective and a lot to think about! Thanks!!
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