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Welcome to WesterosCraft

Our mission is to recreate the universe imagined by author George RR Martin in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) as accurately and precisely as possible within the confines of Minecraft, in an effort to custom create a world which will be the stage for a roleplaying game. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times. To accomplish this we use online forums ,this wiki , a dynamic map , teamspeak , a custom launcher , and the Song of Ice and Fire books in addition to hundreds of online resources that we use to learn as much as possible about the world we are building. Most importantly, we are a community of people dedicated to both our loves for Minecraft and the ASoIaF series, and use this project as a way to explore our relevant interests.

The Guide

This guide is an effort to compile any information you may need on your journey through WesterosCraft. From details on our custom launcher, to frequently asked questions, please use this page as a resource for any information you may want!

Game Launcher


Windows Version (MD5 hashcode 7bc325f6cc5b08d327c8b8d072f0c96f - updated November 30, 2014)

Linux and Mac version (MD5 hashcode 7db454b5d41c49fddd3f7b922f4036d1 - updated November 30, 2014)

Why A Custom Launcher?

WesterosCraft decided to migrate to a forge based server about a year ago. This decision was made for two primary reasons:
  • Vanilla minecraft has far too many restrictions that prevent us from making the best world we can. One of the examples of use of this is the multitude of custom blocks we have (parchment block, shovel block, crates of fruit, barrels of water, etcetera). We were running out of meta datas to add blocks to, so we decided to make this transition.
  • It allows us to complete freedom in terms of MMORPG modules, plugins, and modifications.

How To Use:

The custom launcher is pretty easy to use, and is designed to be that way. Download the appropriate launcher for your OS. Open the application, and enter your Minecraft username and login (the launcher in no way sends this information to us, and we have no way to access it). On the left of the launcher you will see our production server logo; click on it, and click update in the lower right corner. Be sure to cross over to the "Progress" tab to see when you are done updating! Once complete, click "Launch Minecraft." It will log you in right to our server! Easy!

If you don't want to use our launcher, no worries; Here is how to access our server using the vanilla Minecraft launcher.

Manually building the Westeroscraft Custom Client

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use the Technic Launcher, If you don't want to use our launcher, no worries; Heres how to access our server using the vanilla Minecraft launcher.

WesterosCraft Custom Client as a Technic Launcher Mod Pack


WesterosCraft Resource Pack - Terms of Use

The WesterosCraft Resource Pack is a remix of Dokucraft, Doku TSC, FyreUK, John Smith, Misa's Texture Pack, and other custom textures. The sound effects are from Soundjay.com and Pond5.com, either paid for under an Attribution 3.0 license or considered in the public domain.

Permission is granted by the authors to use and/or edit any original WesterosCraft Resource Pack art only if credit is given. Do not use for commercial purposes, including adf.ly and other url advertising.
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

Useful Warps

WesterosCraft utilizes a warping system to quickly get around the map. To warp to a location, open up your chat box in game and type "/warp location" with no quotes. You will be instantly transported! Here is a list of common warps with breif descriptions.

Coming soon!


Various jobs someone in Westeros might have. Use these as inspiration for building themes in your castles and villages.

Learned Occupations

  • Academic: scholar/sage
  • Astrologer: studies and interprets the heavens
  • Cartographer: studies and makes maps
  • Historian: an expert and recorder of history
  • Philosopher: an expert and student of thought
  • Architect: a master builder
  • Ascetic: a wandering hermit/septon/septa
  • Barber: a surgeon, dentist, bloodletter and haircutter
  • Barrister: a lawyer
  • Bureaucrat: a local political figure
  • Engineer: a builder of roads, buildings and fortifications
  • Herald: an announcer or deliverer of news for a lord
  • Septon/Septa: a priest of the Faith of the Seven
  • Scribe: someone who records/copies documents
  • Almoner: makes sure the poor recieve alms
  • Baliff: in charge of alloting jobs to peasants

Lesser Nobility

  • Adventurer: minor scion of a noble house chosen to wander the world
  • Dilettante: minor scion of a noble house who dabbles in various interests
  • Diplomat: reprentative of teir house in dealings with other noble houses
  • Knight: well trained warrior, skilled with sword and lance
  • Minister: political figure appointed to govern an area
  • Page: a young noble beginning training for knighthood
  • Squire: an assistant to a knight, and preparing for knighthood


  • Armorer: someone who makes armor
  • Artist/Limner: painter of portraits or miniatures
  • Baker: a person who makes baked goods
  • Blacksmith: a person who makes/repairs things of iron
  • Bookbinder: someone who binds books
  • Bowyer: someone who makes/sells bows for archery
  • Brewer: a maker of beer and ale
  • Bricklayer: skilled with building walls/ducts
  • Butcher: a person who cuts and sells meat
  • Chandler: someone who makes candles
  • Carpenter: someone skilled in math and woodwork
  • Cartwright: makes and repairs carts and wagons
  • Clothier: someone who makes garments
  • Cobbler: someone who makes/mends shoes
  • Cook: someone who prepares food
  • Cooper: someone who makes barrels
  • Dyer: maker of inks, paints and dyes
  • Engraver: someone who carves designs into materials
  • Furrier: someone who prepares/sells furs
  • Glassblower: someone who makes glass bottles/vases
  • Smith: someone who works with metal
  • Hatter: someone who makes/sells hats
  • Innkeeper: someone in charge of an inn/tavern
  • Jeweler: someone who makes and sells jewelry
  • Joiner: a maker of furniture
  • Leatherworker: someone who makes/sells leather items
  • Tanner: someone who tans animal hides for leather
  • Locksmith: someone who makes/repairs locks and keys
  • Mason: someone who builds/works with stone
  • Merchant: person who trades/sells foreign items
  • Moneylender: someone lending money for interest
  • Potter: someone who makes pots, bowls, plates
  • Shipwright: a builder of ships
  • Tax Collector: someone who collects unpaid taxes
  • Tinker: travelling peddler who makes/repairs crafts
  • Trader: someone who trades goods over land/sea
  • Vintner: someone who makes wine
  • Weaver: someone who weaves fabrics
  • Toymaker: someone who makes toys for children

Working Class

  • Boatman: helps others travel on lakes or rivers
  • Coachman: helps people travel by coach
  • Farmer: someone who grows/sells crops
  • Fisherman: someone who catches/sells fish
  • Gravedigger: someone who digs graves
  • Groom: someone who tends to animals
  • Herdsman: a keeper of livestock
  • Hunter/Trapper: someone who captures and sells animals
  • Messenger: someone who carries messages
  • Miller: someone who owns/works a grain mill
  • Miner: someone who works in a mine
  • Painter: someone who paints buildings/walls
  • Peddler: an itinerant merchant of goods
  • Ratcatcher: a vermin exterminator
  • Sailor: works on the crew of a ship
  • Seamstress: someone who sews/mends garments
  • Servant: assistant to a wealthier person
  • Maid: a female domestic servant
  • Butler: a cheif manservant
  • Attendant: someone employed to provide service
  • Steward: in charge of supervising servants
  • Stevedore: in charge of loading/unloading ships


  • Bodyguard: someone hired to escort or protect someone
  • Bounty Hunter: someone who pursues criminals
  • Forrester: an archer employed to protect a forest
  • Gatekeeper: someone who guards a gate
  • Jailer: someone in charge of a jailer
  • Mercenary: someone who will fight for any army
  • Soldier: someone who serves in an army
  • Watchman: someone who keeps a lookout at night

Scoundrels/Low Class

  • Bandit: steals by means of force
  • Beggar: homeless person who begs for money/food
  • Burgllar: steals by breaking and entering into homes
  • Pawnbroker: sells stolen goods
  • Gambler: someone who gambles for a living
  • Pickpocket/Cutpurse: steals in a crowd by stealth
  • Procurer: street experts who can attain illegal goods
  • Prostitute: someone who sells their body for sex
  • Slaver: someone who moves stolen/illegal goods
  • Wanderer: a nomad, wanderer or drifter
  • Gongfarmer: someone who empties chamber pots or sewers


  • Acrobat: someone who performs gymnastic feats
  • Actor/Mummer: someone who acts on stage in a farce or play
  • Clown/Foot: behaves in a comical way for amusement
  • Dancer:someone who dances for an audience
  • Fortuneteller: someone who predicts a persons future
  • Juggler: someone who throws/catches object
  • Minstrel: someone who recits lyrical poetry
  • Prestidigitator: a stage magician such as a pyromancer
  • Storyteller: someone who tells stories for enjoyment
  • Puppeteer: someone who presents puppet shows

Inspirational Guide To A Vivid World

These ideas aim to help us all creating an immersive world. These are no rules. Each bulletpoint should be considered critically depending on the context. (i.e. If you're build is in Dorne, extensive gardens or veggie patches are nonsense). Use these with common sense and in stark moderation. Check this homepage for inspiriation and to learn exactly how structures were supported and mechanisms worked: http://www.castlesandmanorhouses.com/life.htm

Small Villages and Hamlets:

  • Stalls, troughs, paddocks for livestock
  • barns
  • sheds (tools, dry elevated storage for food, etc.), chicken or rabbit coops
  • chopped wood blocks (wood piles) below roof overhangs + chopping block with the axe nearby
  • fruit trees, bushes, "wild vegetation" (not big & organized orchards), but several small ones around /near the village.
  • Vegetable Patches, Gardens, Small stone walls or hedges or fences to mark property
  • Compost heaps
  • A laundry place outside the buildings (water barrel if no stream is nearby, and a simple cloth line)
  • Depending on the profession: Beehives, Barrels of ale, Sand on the ground as flour, etc.
  • Cesspit, Gongfarmers
  • Carpenter + woodsaw
  • Logging camp + sawpit
  • Mill (water, wind, tide, animal, manual)


  • Haystacks
  • Yoke, Till, Carts
  • Wheelbarrows


  • Lord's Hall
  • Bower (the Lady's private drawing room)
  • Wardrobe (dressing room, storage for valuables)
  • Bath Room (attached to wardrobe)
  • Knitting Room
  • Feast Hall
  • Minstrel's Gallery
  • Throne Room (later addition to castles)
  • Privies, Chamberpots, Garderobes (the latrine type)
  • Brattices, Machicolation, Arrowslits, Murderholes
  • Laundry Room
  • Meat Storage (salted, dried, smoked, cold) , vegetable vellar, whine cellar
  • Cells, Dungeons, Torture rooms, shackles.
  • Stocks, pillory, gallows, chopping block, Cages.
  • Kitchen
  • Buttery (storage for ale/beverage)
  • Bottlery (storage for wine/expensive provisions)
  • Pantry (storage for perishable foods - no ice for 'refridgeration')
  • Sept
  • Oratory (private chapel)
  • Dresser
  • Stables
  • Granary
  • Kennels
  • Cistern, well, artesian well
  • Training Yard, Arrow range, Jousting lanes, Dummies for all of those.
  • Armory, Guardposts, Head of the Guard chamber, Barracks.
  • Dungeon
  • Maester's Chamber, Rookery, Herbgarden, [Glas gardens], medical supplies, leeching room.
  • Bathhouse
  • Gatehouse
  • Bailey


All downloads are best viewed with the WesterosCraft texture pack.

Kings Landing


The Dreadfort






What is WesterosCraft?

Our mission is to recreate the universe imagined by author George RR Martin in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) as accurately and precisely as possible within the confines of Minecraft, in an effort to custom create a world which will be the stage for a roleplaying game. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times. To accomplish this we use online forums ,this wiki , a dynamic map , teamspeak , a custom launcher , and the Song of Ice and Fire books in addition to hundreds of online resources that we use to learn as much as possible about the world we are building. Most importantly, we are a community of people dedicated to both our loves for Minecraft and the ASoIaF series, and use this project as a way to explore our relevant interests.

What is a custom launcher and why do you have one?

Over the years we found that we were slowly pushing the limits of what a traditional Minecraft game could handle, and decided we needed to develop our own launcher in order to handle our constantly growing needs. A launcher is a program designed to 'launch' an application, such as Minecraft. As long as you have a legal copy of the Minecraft game, you should be able to use our launcher without issue. You can purchase a digital copy of Minecraft here . The launcher enables us to expand our inventory of custom blocks, provide everyone with easy-access to our custom texture pack, and to be able to implement roleplaying elements into the game which could otherwise not exist. You can easily download our launcher here.

I am having difficulty logging into the server, what can I do?

Please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide.

When can I roleplay on the map?

At present, we have completed about 65% of Westeros and it had taken us about three years to get here. Our pace increases with our swelling number of builders and more and more skilled coders, but we estimate it will still be another year before we have a functioning roleplaying game. Here is a link to our list of WesterosCraft Projects.

Can I download the map?

At this time the whole map is not available for download. Though we are protective of our hard work, the main reason we do not offer a download is because our map is too large. It is also not finished! We have, however, provided downloads for some of our major builds, such as Kings Landing, on the 'Downloads' page which you can find the link for in the bar at the top of the page.

Are you going to build Essos? (Qarth, Astapor, Braavos, etc)

While the immediate goal is to finish Westeros, there is a great deal of interest in Essos and its creation. It is more than likely we will create all of Essos, but it will still be quite some time before we get there.

What are the ranks of the server?

Nobuild: Exactly what it means, these members and visitors do not have any permissions to alter our map. This is the default starting rank. Builder: The most common rank on the server, they have permissions to build. Editors: These are builders with permissions for WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. Moderators: Editors who also have administrative responsibilities. They can ban, unban, promote, and demote members. Coders: The technical backbone of the server, they maintain the complex workings 'behind the scenes' Administrators: The founders and captains of the server, all final decisions are made by them.

How do I become a Builder?

Easy, just click this link and read the application guidelines carefully, they are very important. Then fill out the application form completely. As a word of advice, be sure to explore our server thoroughly before submitting your application so that you know what kinds of builds we are looking for. If you do not submit any images of builds, your application will be rejected. This is the rank you must start off in if you wish to eventually become an Editor, Moderator, or Administrator.

How do I become a Coder?

If you have extensive coding experience, please read the guidelines for coder applications in the Coder Applications section of the forums and submit an application.


What can I do on the server?

If you are a new visitor, you are free to explore the server and its builds at your leisure. Unfortunately you will not be able to build until you have put in an application on our forums and been accepted. For more info about this, read the relevant FAQ entry above.

How do I visit a location?

If you know the name of the place you want to visit, type /warp [location] in the chat. Replace [location] with the name of your destination. Warp names are one word only with no punctuation. For example, to warp to King's Landing type /warp kingslanding in chat. If you don't know the name or you are unsure about the spelling you are welcome to ask. A great way to explore new locations is /warp map! To see all of our warps in one place, or just to check out the scale of our map, check out our dynamic map.

The World

How big is the map? How did you get it so big, world painter does make them that big?

The map is currently several gigs in file size. If you're wondering about the dimensions, it's roughly 22,000 x 59,000 blocks. About 806.51 sq km / 501.14 sq mi, the size of Los Angeles.

How did you make the map?

We used a program called WorldPainter to shape the map and do basic terraforming. In-game we use a mixture of hand work, WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to refine the terrain further.

How many people have worked on the server?

Since the beginning, we've had hundreds, but people come and go.

What cities are currently finished?

You can check out all our projects by warping to "map" in-game or visiting our livemap. We have quite a lot of the most famous landmarks done though, including Winterfell, Castle Black, The Wall and King's Landing many of which are going to or currently in the process of being rebuild.

Is the server based on the books or the HBO show?

We're based on the books, but we do use the HBO show as inspiration for our builds.

What book is the the server set in?

The server is set in the interim period between book 1, A Game of Thrones, and book 2, A Clash of Kings. Explore with caution, Westeroscraft has destinations that contain show spoilers.


Where can I donate?

You can donate directly to the project on our Shop page.

Why should I donate?

Running a server of this calibre requires a lot of money to keep it going. If you are a fan of our work and are feeling generous, any donations are welcomed!

What can I get if I donate?

If you donate $10 through the Westeroscraft shop, you can get a custom title in game as thanks! If you want more merchandise, go to Westeroscraft Market! The proceeds from each item sold goes towards bringing new content and exciting opportunities to the Westeroscraft community.