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Apply to help build the WesterosCraft MMORPG 'A Game of Blocks'

Application for MMO Team Position

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WesterosCraft MMO Development Applications - Terms and Conditions
Thank you for wanting to contribute to WesterosCraft! Before you continue, please take a couple of moments and read through these application guidelines.

Before you apply:
  • Read A Game of Thrones or watch the HBO show Game of Thrones. Expert knowledge of the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) world is not necessary (except: Writing Application), but a familiarity with the locations and characters is preferable.
  • Read the "Rules" page on our Wiki. You can find it at http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Rules
  • Check out builds on the server, specifically the newer builds. This will give you an idea of the standards for the server and let you become accustomed to how it operates.
  • Set up an account on our website, this is important if you want to contribute on our forum.
  • Become familiar with the community. Say hi in-game or on the forums.
  • Get familiar with how the MMO Development Team works by reading this introductory thread and following the links to your area of interest.

Application Etiquette:
  • Do not ask questions about the application process in-game and refrain from messaging us about it. The directions are all listed here.
  • Give us 1-2 weeks to reply to your application. If you had no reply after 2 weeks, feel free to send an Email to westeroscraft.applications@gmail.com
  • Take your time with the application. Try to show your best side.
  • If you have a friend who is a member of the MMO Development Team, include their name in the application.
  • At the very bottom of this page, put the phrase "Valar Morghulis" or your application will be ignored.

Tipps for your application:
If you answer our questions with one sentence answers, we will assume you aren't very excited about joining, and that you haven't put that much effort into writing a good application. Remember, there is no such thing as writing too much. If you demonstrate a passion for the ASOIAF universe and an eagerness to help us out, it will look good.
I have read and agree to the abovementioned terms and conditions.
Personal Details
We would like to get to know you a little.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
Which timezone are you in?
Please provide the answer in the form of GMT± X
What is your Minecraft username?
Are you currently a builder on WesterosCraft?
Tell us something about yourself:
What do you do? What are your hobbies or interests?
A Song of Ice and Fire
How extensive is your knowledge about the world we aim to recreate.
Which books have you read?
Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings
Storm of Swords
Feast for Crows
Dance of Dragons
Winds of Winter
The Hedge Knight
The Sworn Sword
The Mystery Knight
The Lands of Ice and Fire (map book)
The World of Ice and Fire
Check all that apply.
Which seasons of the TV show have you seen?
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Check all that apply.
Who is your favorite ASOIAF character and why?
Where did you hear about WesterosCraft (please be specific)?
Please explain why you would like to contribute to this project.
What is a unique skill you can bring to the project?
How do you want to contribute?
Tell us what you're good in!
Quest Writing
Textures (GUI, NPC or Entity Sprites)
3D Modeling and Animation
Sound Engineering
Music Production
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