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What are the ranks of the server?

  • Nobuild: Exactly what it means, these members and visitors do not have any permissions to alter our map. This is the default starting rank.
  • NewBuilder, [N]-Builder: Also called Probation Builder, or Probie. They have permissions to build, but are required to meet certain requirements. An experienced builder assists them during their first weeks of buildership.
  • Builder: The server's workforce. They create most of the content by hand.
  • Builders with Editor Lite, [E]-Lites: Builders can apply for limited WorldEdit perms to use for terraforming heavy operations at their own projects.
  • Editors: These are builders with permissions for WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. They handle minor worldediting requests as well as large terraformings
  • Moderators: Handle the administration of the server. They reply to builder applications, organise and moderate content creation, serve justice and officially represent the community.
  • Coders: The technical backbone of the server, they maintain the complex workings 'behind the scenes'
  • Administrators: The founders and captains of the server, they are in control of the finances and hardware.
Jul 25, 2017
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